What To Wear With White Pants: 10 Styling Ideas

What To Wear With White Pants: 10 Styling Ideas

You may be familiar with the old idea that white pants cannot be worn after Labor Day. At one time, people used to stick to that old adage, but nowadays, that idea is totally out of style. There’s no need to follow it — fashion is about wearing what makes you happy, and in my opinion, no rules from the 1800s will get in the way of my glowing wardrobe. 

Fashion itself is constantly changing and evolving, and so are the rules. There is no rhyme or reason for you not to wear white pants year round, so don’t hesitate to wear them to your heart’s content. They’re cute and chic, and they even give off a slight Parisian vibe, which is always a fashion plus.

Another advantage to white pants is that, like black and brown, white is a neutral color that can be paired with anything. There are dozens of options to choose from in tops and shoes that you can pair with any style of white pants. 

If you have a pair of white pants or are considering investing in a pair but aren’t sure how to style them, don’t worry. There are so many different outfits that you can come up with for your white pants, so I’m going to dive right in:

Outfit #1: One-Shoulder Showstopper

This first outfit is perfect for a warm summer day. A golden, one-shoulder coral amber shirt with its asymmetric cut would pair beautifully with a pair of high-waisted skinny pants or some wide-legged, high-waisted soft pants like the Raw destination pants from Naos. 

Outfit #2: Flowy Pants With a Cropped Shirt

This next one is yet another outfit that would be ideal for the summertime. If you have a pair of white, flowy pants, like these Palazzo scart pants from Nabel Martins, you could easily pair a black or tan cropped tank top with them for a breezy, comfortable look for the warmer weather. 

You could wear this look out and about during a day trip to the city or the beach. After a stroll around the boardwalk, you’re dressed perfectly to dine at your favorite seafood restaurant. 

Outfit #3: Pants With a Bathing Suit

Speaking of beach looks, these Cala Ivory pants from Ephedra would be lovely over your bathing suit when you first get to the beach. 

You can change out of your swimsuit and slip into these pants and add any colored crop top for an evening on the beach. The linen material makes these pants breathable and also gentle on the skin.

Outfit #4: Elevated Black Top With White Pants

You may be thinking, “I can wear white pants to the beach, but what about an evening out with friends?”

Fortunately, you can definitely wear white pants out on the town, too. If you have a pair of skinny or straight-leg white pants, you can always pair a black top with them for some contrast. Plus, black is a universally flattering color that just screams sophistication. 

An example of a black top you could wear on a night out would be this stunning Remy Blouse from Pamela Stevenson. The statement sleeves (hello, feathers!) and the v-neck of this piece make it perfect for the nighttime while remaining a classic top. 

Outfit #5: White Pants Plus Sheer Blouse

White pants work for date nights, too: If you and your significant other are planning a night out together, you can always opt for white pants. For a sexy, chic look, you could pair this Semi-Sheer Pump Sleeve Blouse by Nabel Martins with these high-waisted Juanita Trousers by Camila Sarmiento. 

To complete the look and add a little bright color, you can even slip into a pair of red pumps to make every moment a runway-ready moment. 

Outfit #6: Printed Blouses and Cotton Trousers

Maybe you want to wear your white pants to the office, and you need to find a blouse to pair with your white work pants. If you have a pair of white pants that are similar to these Izzie Pants, you could wear something like this Printed Blaise Blouse by Pamela Stevenson with them for a cute look for the office. 

Complete your office-chic look with a pair of black (or even dark green) pumps and some gold or silver jewelry, and you’re good to go!

Outfit #7: Open-Back, Puffy Sleeves With Palazzo Pants

Who doesn’t love an open-back top? Especially an open-back top with puffy sleeves in a dark green?

If you are someone who loves both of these things (like me), then pairing a top like Sientochenta’s Blenda Blouse with some high-rise white palazzo pants or some high-waisted white jeans will create a gorgeous, classy outfit that will be sure to stop traffic.

Outfit #8: Monochromatic Ensembles

Monochromatic looks are all the rage nowadays (actually, they’ve never been out of style). Whether it’s an all-black ensemble, a brightly-colored pantsuit moment, or even a look centered around a dress (we see you, Rihanna), monochromatic outfits are here to stay. And you can easily turn your white pants outfit into a monochromatic look, too.

An idea for you would be to try French-tucking an off-white T-shirt into white jeans and throwing a white blazer over the top. To break up the all-white look, if you’d like, you could try adding a colorful pump or boot with your outfit. 

If you don’t have a white blazer but want to layer tops, this Big Oversized White shirt by Macondia would work just as well on top of a white tank top and pants getup.

Outfit #9: White Outfits for Sweater Weather Season

You might be tempted to temporarily retire your white pants for the winter and fall seasons, but you do not need to. White pants are perfect for the winter seasons especially and can be paired with many coats and sweaters.

Going off of the monochromatic theme, if you want to be cozy but also try your hand at putting together an all-white getup, you might consider pairing a white pullover like this El Paraíso Sweater by Blanca Pukara with some high-waisted, wide-leg white jeans.

If you prefer to wear a cardigan, something like this Nube knit from Iris Arco Knitwear might do the trick. Still sticking to the monochromatic theme, this piece is perfect for layering over a white top and white pants. Of course, you could wear a pair of white boots to keep it completely monochromatic, or you could add a brightly colored boot to spice things up a little.

Outfit #10: Colorful Knitwear Attire

Since we’re heading into colder months, you’ll have more of an opportunity to pair knitwear with your white pants. Not all your looks have to be monochromatic; wearing white pants gives you the perfect opportunity to wear neutral and bright colors on top. 

If you want to wear a pullover with your white pants, an adorable and comfortable option would be this Terraquea knit by Iris Arco Knitwear. This neutral color block sweater has just a touch of white in the design, but it won’t take away from your white pants. 

This stunning, red La Paloma Cardigan by Blanca Pukara would be a fantastic layering piece over your white pants, and the red-and-white combo would make for a stylish “going out” outfit for the Holidays. 

Make Your Own Fashion Rules!

The color white is an exciting color to wear because it can be paired with anything. From other shades of white to other neutrals to bold colors- white goes with any and everything. 

If you are thinking of trying something new in the way of fashion and are considering hopping on the white pants trend, you should! There are plenty of options to choose from in terms of pants, and you can pair them with any shoe and top you like. The world is your oyster when it comes to fashion, so have fun getting creative with styling these wonderful pants.



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