What To Wear With Green Pants: An Easy Styling Guide

What To Wear With Green Pants: An Easy Styling Guide

You’ve gone through the dresser drawers and taken a look at all your clothes. You’re going to get rid of a few items, but overall you’re pretty satisfied with what you have.


All of a sudden, your eye catches a folded pair of green pants that you forgot you had. You grab them and can’t help but stare. There is just something intriguing about these green pants. Actually, fans of color psychology say that there’s a good reason fashionistas love the color green — it’s the color of nature. Green is calming, motivating, and makes us feel happy.

The intriguing thing about green pants is that there are many different things to style them with. Because of its various shades, green works with a lot of other colors. Green pants are also a nice diversion from your everyday denim or even your black or grey work pants. 

You can also wear your green pants 365 days a year, styling them differently according to the season, but it seems as though fall and winter are the most common seasons for wearing green pants, particularly for darker hues of green. Lighter hues are most often associated with springtime. 

If you’re holding onto those green pants you found, excited about learning ways to style them, you’re in luck. Today, I’m going to fuel your excitement by giving you ideas on how you can rock green pants!


How Do I Style My Green Pants?

Green pants are one of those items that aren’t going out of style any time soon; there are a lot of things that you can wear with them.

Here are some suggestions for you to consider:


Back to the Basics

You can never go wrong with pairing a basic, neutral-colored top with green pants. A white, black, or grey T-shirt or tank top will always go with green bottoms, no matter what shade. 

This grey Blusa Tiras Hada Arena tank top would also be a good basic to throw on with a pair of light or dark green skinny pants. Add a pair of white sneakers to the look, and you’ve got an easy outfit option for everyday wear. 



For a slightly different spin on a simple black T-shirt, something like Naos’s Blusa Manga Corta Agua Negra shirt would work with skinny, straight-leg, or wide-leg green pants. This linen button-up shirt is a comfortable option to wear in the summertime. Or you can wear it during the chillier time of year with the addition of matching outerwear.

A crop top will work with green pants, too. Something simple like this adorable Crop Top by Sientochenta is a comfortable option that will go with any shade of green pants.

If you have a pair of green, casual, wrap-style pants that resemble Paralia’s Pantalón Creta pants, you could try pairing them with a matching green top from the same designer. This simple wrap top comes in five colors and can be worn in many different ways.



Dress It up a Little

As always, a crisp, white button-down is always a perfect option to pair with any color of pants, including green. Something like this Italian Collar Blouse by Nabel Martins is a classy, chic top that can be worn tucked into hunter green slacks, French-tucked into light green jeans, or tied in the front with some high-waisted, flowy green pants. You could even add some gold hoops and a red lip to the outfit for a little something extra.



A tie-front top is also something you might want to consider when thinking of blouses to pair with green pants. For example, the Lola Top from Anana Store Colombia, which comes in white or black, is a comfortable, stylish top that would look amazing paired with flowy green pants like the Cabo Pants by Maygel Coronel. The high-waisted Cabo pants come in a stunning shade called pesto that are truly delicious, in my opinion. 

If you want to try a more colorful blouse, the Monique Shirt by Pamela Anderson is a gorgeous, fun piece that would pair well with dark green trousers. The dark green notes in the floral print of the shirt will tie in with your green pants, but won’t take away from the rest of the top. 

For a sexy date night look, you can opt for a cropped blouse like this one-sleeved Top Acanto from Paralia. The Top Acanto comes in four colors (sand, black, raw, and shedron). Pair any of these daring shades with high-waisted green pants and a black pump; you’ll be sure to turn heads.


Sweater Weather

If you are trying to come up with ways to accessorize green pants in the fall and winter, look no further than knitwear. Cozy and cute, pairing a sweater with your green pants outfit will elevate your getup.

If you prefer wearing cardigans, this Basic Cardigan from Iris Arco Knitwear is the perfect option for you to wear with green pants. This hand-knit piece comes in six colors that all go with green and can be worn over any neutral-colored top. 

If you’re into statement sweaters, then Iris Arco’s Hanami cardigan would be an adorable, bold piece to wear. Try layering this sweater over a white tank top and green pants. Slip into a pair of white pumps, and you are now rocking an instantly iconic winter party ensemble.

Another staple from Iris Arco Knitwear would be the Pom Pom pullover in white. This lush piece, made from alpaca yarn, is the ultimate layer to wear over olive green skinny jeans or even green, tapered trousers. Either sport a pair of sneakers or some white or tan ankle boots to complete the picture.



Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Depending on the top you’re wearing with your green pants, you still have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to shoes. If it's summertime, you might wear some brown or white sandals, similar to the Elisa Nude slides by Elán, some flat mules, or a pair of tennis shoes. 

In the colder months, you may opt for wearing ankle boots with your green pants, like a Chelsea boot, a duck boot, or combat boots. You could even wear sneakers with your green pants outfit if you prefer. A classic pair of pumps work well when worn with green pants. Whether a kitten heel, stiletto, or block heel, pumps are always a great option.


Evergreen Fashion Trends

In the fashion world, there are plenty of fun pieces of clothing to own, and green pants are one of those things. Whether you have a pair solely for work purposes or just to have to wear anywhere, there are many ways you can style these timeless pants. 



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