4 Ways on How To Dress Up a Black Dress

4 Ways on How To Dress Up a Black Dress

You’re going through your closet, trying to find something to wear for that date you’ve been looking forward to for the past few weeks. You pull out all your dresses and try them on, but nothing seems to be the right choice… that is until you stumble upon a little black dress. Now the answer is clear: you have found the perfect dress for your night out.


One of the most flattering, classic, and versatile pieces of clothing one could own is a black dress. Whether a mini, midi, or maxi dress; long-sleeved or short-sleeved; casual or formal — it’s an absolute must-have item in any person’s closet

While it used to be that black dresses were reserved for formal events or funerals, that is not the case anymore. Black dresses can be worn during any season and are well-suited to nearly any event, including weddings, parties, and religious services. In more casual instances, you can also throw on a black dress to run errands, go grab lunch or even wear it around the house.

Not only can a black dress be worn casually, but it can also be dressed up. If you have a black dress that leans more on the casual side, there are many different ways that you can dress it up! 

Today, I’m going to show you just how easy it is to dress up a black dress.


Black Dresses and Jewelry

The first and most obvious way you can dress up any outfit is by adding some jewelry to your look. A piece of statement jewelry is the best way to elevate any casual dress. 

For instance, say you have a black linen maxi dress like this Vestido Relámpago dress by Naos or a black mini dress that is chic yet simple. You’re invited to a wedding and want to wear black, but you feel like the dress you currently own is too casual. That’s where you can have some fun and add some bright jewelry to your look! 


What Earrings Go With Black Dresses?

Try wearing a pair of statement earrings. Some of my favorite designers for earrings include Ojo de Tigre and Jetlamode. Not only are their earrings bright pops of color, but they instantly elevate a look to feel more wedding-guest-appropriate. The textures are rich and varied, making it a breeze to transform an outfit in mere seconds. 


The Best Bracelets for Formalwear

If you prefer to wear simpler earrings, like hoops or studs, then maybe you want to consider a funky bracelet. A gold, unique bangle like this geometrically shaped Artitek bracelet from Onilium’s collection is a subtle statement piece that would dress up your black dress outfit.

You could also try a beaded, woven bracelet with your black dress outfit. Something like the Bracelet Tau 29 by Kuu, which has gold in it, or this silver, Two Linear Woven Bracelet 2 from Kuu would also work.

High fashion necklaces are great choices, too. A gold choker those from designer Onilium, a pendant by Geo Designs, or a simple long silver necklace are beautiful pieces that will help dress up your black dress for any event. 

You can also wear one or multiple rings. Rings are wonderful yet subtle additions to help spice up your getup. Cocktail rings are best when going bold, and minimalist stacked rings are subtle while never being shy. 


Black Dresses and Shoes

Another way to make your black dress more “dressy” is by adding a fun pair of shoes. Depending on the particular event and length of the dress, there are many different options.



If you have a black mini dress like Kadu’s Manhattan Mini Dress, there are several kinds of shoes you can wear with it. If you want to elongate your legs even more, opt for a platform pump like the Green Iria pumps from Peyola. Not only will these shoes elevate your look (literally and figuratively), but they are also a nice pop of color that pairs well with black.

A pump would dress up a maxi dress and a midi dress. If you’re opting for a maxi dress, just make sure that the length works with your heel length. If the heels aren’t tall enough, you may need to have the gown hemmed. 



You can also wear luxe boots with a black dress. Especially in the colder months, any color ankle boot or pair of knee-high boots will pair well with a black maxi or mini dress and make your outfit chicer.


Flat Sandals

Heels aren’t the only ways you can dress up a black dress. A colorful, flat sandal from Elán will be sure to make an outfit dressier, such as the Emilia Emerald slide featuring a classic silver heart (or the custom lettering of your choice).

Perhaps you like the same shoe in stunning silver or nude options. The silver slide from Elán has an enchanting metallic sparkle, and you can make this shoe truly one-of-a-kind with the lettering of your choice.

The Elisa nude option is a slightly more relaxed take, with threadwork mimicking an embroidered blanket. Just like her sister shoe options, pick the custom silver letters and spell out how much you love this shoe. 


Black Dresses and Sweaters

As you probably know, sweaters are comfy and stylish layering pieces that can easily be paired with a black dress.

This multicolored, hand-woven Sierra cardigan by Iris Arco Knitwear would pair perfectly with a mini dress for a fun party look.

The same can be said for this Pampa knit by the same designer; with its pom pom design and bright colors, this sweater worn over a black dress would catch everybody’s eye at the party.

You can also try buttoning a cardigan over your dress for a simple yet stylish upgrade to your look. Wearing something like this Lima cardigan over a black mini dress and some white ankle boots is a subtle way to dress up your ensemble.


Black Dresses and Jackets

Like a sweater, a jacket is also another classic layering piece that, when worn over a black dress, will dress up your vibe with little effort during cooler seasons. 


Leather Jackets

An effortlessly cool jacket like a black leather jacket like this cropped, fitted Micaela jacket by Balanka will turn heads when paired with a black mini dress and some knee-high or thigh-high boots.

If you want to wear a printed jacket, the Franca leather jacket from Balanka is the perfect option. Made from cow leather, its cow print would work with your ensemble. 

For some color, you could opt for a red jacket, similar to Balanka’s Camille jacket, and wear it over a black sweater dress in colder weather, or wear it over any other black dress. 


Relaxed Jackets for an Elevated Impact

If a leather jacket isn’t calling your name, you’re in luck. I have a few other options that will fit your checklist perfectly. I’m obsessed with denim, corduroy, or any printed jackets. These traditionally casual options can still be a dressy addition. 

For example, this bright red Lucie jacket by Pamela Stevenson is the perfect statement layer that will make your black dress outfit pop! The Lena jacket from Pamela Stevenson is another stylish, non-leather option that would pair well with a black dress, too. 


The Little Black Dress Is Having a Big Moment

Due to their versatility and the fact that they are always in style, a black dress can be worn anywhere and can be dressed up as much as you want. There are no limits when it comes to dressing up your black dress, so have fun as you style different jewelry, shoes, sweaters, and jackets with your dress!



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