How To Style Wide-Leg Pants

How To Style Wide-Leg Pants

Perhaps the summer is almost over, and you're feeling like you need to change things up in your style. You like the clothes you already wear, but want to try something else. Why not try a pair of wide-leg pants?


This pant style is embedded in history. Ever since the Oxford Bag pants popped up in the 1920s, the fashion world has been enchanted by the wide-legged silhouette that promises both comfort and style.

You’ve seen Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid rock wide-leg pants, so why shouldn’t you give them a try too? After all, not only are they super cute, but they are also in style right now, extremely versatile, and will work with every body shape.

Wide-leg pants come in many different colors and patterns. There are wide-leg jeans, sweatpants, slacks, soft pants, etc., making them wearable throughout all four seasons. Another perk to wide-leg pants is they are also universally flattering in that they can cinch in your waist and elongate your legs.

Another great thing about wide-leg pants is that they can be styled with a lot of different pieces of clothing. If you are considering going out and buying a pair of wide-leg pants, I’m here to help you figure out how you can style those amazing pants.


Styling Wide-Leg Pants

One thing for you to keep in mind is, depending on what your preference is, to try balancing your outfit. You might want to wear a more form-fitting top with wide-leg pants to make the outfit more proportionate.

Of course, you can also wear loose-fitting tops with your wide-leg pants too. Their versatility makes them match flawlessly with different tops, knitwear, jackets, and shoes.

Here are some ideas for you:



The Classic White Tee

A plain T-shirt will work well, whether knotted in the front, tucked into your pants, or on its own. A white T-shirt like Sientochenta’s Camiseta Vandana Blanca or a shirt with a graphic design would be perfect to pair with any color of wide-leg pants.



Crop Tops

A cropped T-shirt would work well with wide-leg pants, too. For example, pairing this Crop Top Incana Crema Jaspe by Sientochenta with a pair of high-waisted bootcut pants with an alluring wide leg would make for a memorable casual summer outfit. 

If you want a dressier summer outfit, then try pairing a floral crop top with neutral bottoms in grey or black. Add in a flat sandal or low-heeled pump, and you are an instant trendsetter. 



For a sultry nighttime look, you could pair a plunging V-neck bodysuit with some black or white wide-leg pants and some gold or silver jewelry to accessorize the look. Bodysuits are great for creating the illusion of a perfectly tucked shirt every time. Of course, I do love the French tuck, but a sleek, straight silhouette is just striking. 

For a stylish, chic party getup, try this Bowie Manga Larga by Kadu with a pair of black wide-leg pants. The form-fitting bodysuit works well to balance out the flared hems of the pants, and you can add a pair of black or red pumps to further elongate your legs and elevate the ensemble. 



Oversized Shirts

If you like the look of an oversized shirt with your wide-leg pants, then you can wear something like the Lirio Shirt by designer Camila Sarmiento. This gorgeous blouse can be either tucked or untucked into a pair of dusty pink Dona Pants. I love how the Dona’s hip pin and flowing bow add a little something extra to totally refresh a traditional silhouette. 



When it comes to styling wide-leg pants with knitwear, I just can’t get enough. Cardigans and pullovers are great cozy, stylish layering pieces that go with almost any pair of pants. 

A classic, cable knit pullover like the Chompa El Paraíso from Blanca Pukara’s line is a staple piece that can be worn with wide-leg pants. French-tucking this knit into wide-leg pants is a subtle way to add some dimension.

Cardigans also work well with wide-leg pants. Wearing a slightly fitted, open cardigan over a T-shirt or tank top tucked into wide-leg pants makes for a simple, stylish look for fall or winter. 

If your cardigan buttons up, like the Lima knit from Iris Arco Knitwear, you can button it all the way and wear it as a shirt by either French or fully tucking it into some white, black, or beige wide-leg pants. 



You can never go wrong by pairing a jacket with wide-leg pants. A fitted, bright jacket like this Lucie piece by Pamela Stevenson would be the perfect fun pop of color if paired with some black wide-leg pants and a black ankle boot. 

If you have a pair of leather, wide-leg pants similar to the cropped Teodora Pants by Balanka, why not have some fun and pair a fitted, cropped leather jacket with them? This bold, biker chic combo will certainly catch everyone’s eye.

Of course, if you prefer more traditional pieces like a trench coat, pea coat, or utility jacket, you’re in luck — those match effortlessly with wide-leg pants. After all, you will most likely be wearing jackets during the colder seasons, so make sure you’re comfortable and warm!




Fortunately, you can pair almost any kind of shoe with wide-leg pants.

In the fall and winter seasons, you might opt for wearing boots. Whether your pants are more of a cropped length or full-length, wearing an ankle boot is an easy way to dress up your look. Ankle boots allow the flowing hem of wide-leg pants to shine while still making a statement of their own. 

Something like these white Catalina boots by Elán is a chic way to dress up an all-black ensemble. The leather detailing and silver star announce their presence but would never dare to steal the show. 

Since wide-leg pants already elongate your legs, why not add to the illusion by wearing some high fashion pumps? A royal blue pump or a silver platform wedge would add some literal and figurative height. Wide-leg pants love a neutral shoe but gladly welcome a joyful pop of color.

If you like wearing flatter shoes, then loafers, mules, and slip-on sandals will take your ensemble to the next level without adding any literal height. For example, in the summertime, a comfortable option would be to wear a colorful slide sandal similar to Elán’s Emilia Emerald with linen pants. 

Sneakers, either casual or athletic, are also closet staples that work well with wide-leg pants for a more casual vibe. Think of pairing a chunky, white athletic sneaker with a fitted white T-shirt tucked into black or tan wide-leg pants for a laid-back yet stylish vibe. 



Wide Open Opportunities

There are many reasons to try wide-leg pants as the next step in your fashion journey. Not only are they some of the most comfortable, flattering pieces of clothing that you’ll own, but they are also some of the coolest and easiest pieces to style. 

You can either go for red carpet bold or magazine-cover-sleek with wide-leg pants — the opportunities are limitless. Try out all kinds of tops, sweaters, jackets, and shoes with your pants. Remember: your style should be something that excites you and makes you feel confident.



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