What to wear with burgundy dress?

What to wear with burgundy dress?

Parties and events are approaching to end the year, bring out your most glamorous side with the burgundy dress and combine it with the trendiest accessories of the season.

A favorite garment for important and formal events is the burgundy dress, we have also seen the burgundy color in other fabulous garments such as coats, leather pants and bags. If you have an event coming soon, you should learn how to combine it correctly. Let's get  started?


The burgundy dress is a timeless and  sophisticated garment

The burgundy dress is iconic and considered a historic garment that revolutionized the fashion industry to this days. Prominent figures in world history adopted the burgundy color to their garments, from Napoleon Bonaparte to Catherine de Medici.

The burgundy color according to chromatic psychology represents elegance, power and wealth, for many years it has been related to nobility, now it has had an unexpected turn and has positioned itself as a protagonist color of catwalks and important fashion shows.

Burgundy dress should be paired with the right shoes and accessories so that attention is only focused on the dress. The key to wearing a burgundy dress is to combine it with other complementary colors for example: black, fuchsia, red, brown, beige, white, gray and even olive green. One of the advantages of the burgundy dress is that it is known for being a timeless garment and will always look fantastic in both spring and winter, you can find a wide variety of styles and designs that can be adapted to your personality.



It is also considered as a body friendly garment and adapts to the different types of bodies making your curves stand out.The burgundy dress can also be worn for more everyday occasions such as going to the office but with a more casual design, we recommend you preferably wear it for special and more formal events. It will depend on your taste and choice of dress, a clear example of casual and elegant burgundy dress was the one worn by actress Blake Lively in the movie The Secret of Adaline, its velvet texture made this dress replicated on different occasions by other it girls on red carpets and awards ceremonies.

Remember the classic movie Gone with the Wind? Another fabulous burgundy dress was the one worn by the diva Vivien Leigh with sequins, a chew and long silk gloves that made the perfect harmony between the dress and the accessories. Sometimes it can be difficult to combine a burgundy dress, but do not panic today you will know the best ways to combine this elegant dress as an it girl.


Shoes and makeup for a burgundy dress

The burgundy dress transmits elegance in any of its designs, that is why when using it you must create a mix and match in terms of makeup, shoes and hairstyle. Fashion brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Dior have opted for the color burgundy in their collections, and it is not for less that this color makes any woman look fabulous.

Highlight the burgundy dress: The hairstyle and makeup should match the burgundy dress. Lipstick is chosen to match the dress, or a completely neutral color can also make your eyes stand out with a dramatic effect on the eyelashes with many layers of mascara and use shadows in brown or bronze tones.

Jewelry: The burgundy dress depending on the fabric can be shiny or smooth, therefore accessories such as earrings and rings go well in golden and silver color.

Shoes: Depending on the occasion and the dress code of the event you will attend, you must choose the design of your burgundy dress.The shoes that will always look fabulous with this dress, are the heels to have a classic and elegant look. Or if you are looking for a more modern look you can wear high-heeled sandals and in a more informal event you can wear flats and high heeled boots.





What to wear with burgundy dress?

If you are looking for an avant-garde and sophisticated look do not hesitate to wear a burgundy dress, it is ideal to attend weddings and gala dinners. Today we will give you two recommendations on how to wear the burgundy dress with accessories in black and neutral colors. Both options will make you look gorgeous and elegant!

Classic and vintage look: If you love colors like white or beige, you can add to your burgundy dress the high heeled sandals Brina by Peyola with the earrings Flowing Curves by Geo Designs earrings. You can use a more natural makeup with shadows in nude tones and a burgundy lipstick with matte texture, the trendy bags that are being used this season are the pocket, you can use the bag Rio Flap by For Public Display If the event is outdoors you can wear the Munay cardigan by Andiamo Concept. 


Mysterious look: If you are looking for a style of femme fatale, you can wear the high heeled sandals Iria by Peyola with the earrings Black Zirconia Silver Short by Iconique. You can wear your burgundy dress with leather trench coats in burgundy or black color, the following options will make you look phenomenal! Get the look with the Camille and Marcela by Balanka, and the trendy bag Eloise by For Public Display. 


The makeup that will make your burgundy dress stand out without a doubt are the Smokey Eyes, combine it with a red wine lipstick and you will be the protagonist of the party!

With the burgundy dress you will get a movie star outfit, with On Post you will find your favorite shoes and accessories.


By Melissa Zanini 


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