3 Outfits to wear with Chunky Sandals

3 Outfits to wear with Chunky Sandals

It is true that fashion trends return over the years and one that has fascinated us are chunky sandals for their comfortable style with wide soles, and today you will know how to wear this fabulous footwear with other trendy garments and accessories.

Remember the Y2K fashion? It never ceases to amaze us and has brought us back the chunky sandals, those incredible and versatile shoes that continue to appear on important catwalks and fashion shows of renowned brands.


What are chunky sandals?

Who doesn't remember Y2K fashion and all that urban glamour of those days?The it girls of that time imposed trend and style with garments such as cargo pants, tops with fun prints, belts and pants at the hip that were popularized thanks to red carpets and realities of MTV starring the diva Paris Hilton and films like Mean Girls that marked an entire generation.



As for the shoes there was an invasion of Mary Jane style heels, with triangular tips, chunky sandals and gladiator style. Currently, we have seen that chunky sandals have been present in recent collections of brands such as Balmain, Valentino and Balenciaga innovating the style of the 00s with a more casual appearance and with ornaments such as gold chains, padded textures and plush, in classic colors such as black and white or more vibrant such as quetzal green and beige.

Chunky sandals have become favorites of actresses and influencers such as Sidney Sweeney, Hailey Bieber and Bella Thorne, but what are chunky sandals really and why are we obsessing over them? Known for having a sporty chic style and also falling into the category of ugly shoes, chunky sandals are timeless and look incredible with other basic garments such as sweaters, turtlenecks, wide leg pants and blouses. There are different types of chunky sandals, today we will tell you the most outstanding that have been seen in the fashion weeks of New York, Milan and London. Let's start! 



Chunky sandals with Velcro: If you are looking for a more risky look on your feet and wear neutral colors, chunky sandals are the best option for you since you will be comfortable and fashionable. These models of chunky sandals can also be found with different types of animal print for example zebra, tiger or viper. To combine them? Bet on a minimal look, a denim skirt, a crop top blouse, these chunky sandals and ready to go!

Chunky sandals with platforms: One of the most outstanding features of chunky sandals is their sole, we can find quite thick soles and in fun geometric shapes such as square, zig zag or rectangular. Chunky sandal models with platforms come in more vibrant colors such as green, pink, orange and blue. If you are looking to look taller and a fashionista outfit this model of sandals will make you steal the attention of everyone in street style.

Chunky sports sandals: If you love the sporty chic style, chunky sports sandals will be ideal to wear 24/7, you can combine them with a maxi bag and a bomber-style jacket to get out of the routine and achieve a super cool outfit!

Chunky flats sandals: If you want chunky sandals for your comfort, but with a more relaxed and subtle design the flat option is perfect for you! You can find them in neutral and neon colors, ideal for going to a party with friends or going to a weekend family reunion without losing style.

Chunky sandals will make you look chic and fashionable, what are you waiting for to have some in your closet?




3 Outfits to wear with Chunky Sandals

The fashion industry is always risky, classic and innovative. That is why they bring us back the aesthetics of Y2K fashion, with chunky sandals you can create a wide variety of looks for different occasions.

The advantage of this avant-garde footwear is that it turns a basic look into an incredible one. Today you will know some options of outfits with chunky sandals so that you can join the trend of the 00s.

Romantic look: We have recently seen that chunky sandals look fabulous with any garment,but have you tried with wide-legged pants? If your answer is no, you've missed out on a lovely outfit.If you are looking for a romantic and vintage outfit, you can wear your chunky sandals with the Culotte Pants Lady Night by Lirio Morelo and the blouse Clara by Blanca Pukara. You can wear natural makeup with shades in pink tones and a matte coral lipstick, add the earrings Gabriella by MIM and the trendy bag Sabrina Pearls by For Public Display. 



Millennial look: If you love current trends, chunky sandals will definitely look perfect with Cargo Pants White by Macondia and the blouse Blue Pfeiffer by Nabel Martins. Wear makeup in shades of frost and shadows with glitter in blue, silver and green colors. The important thing is that you take a risk with your look, you can also add the earrings Long Silver with White Crystals by Iconique and the trendy bag XEEW by Näm you will have a futuristic and chic look at the same time. 



Fancy and relaxed look: If your style is more relaxed you can wear your chunky sandals with wide leg pants, get the look with the Lili Silk Pant by Avila Sotres. Its silk texture will make you look elegant and formal, or if you like chunky sandals with platforms you can combine the Green Iria by Peyola.

Don't forget to add this beautiful Top Mariposa Blanca by Denisse Kuri. You can use gold rings like the Renacer Ring by MIM and the earrings Hoop Xewi 9 by Kuu.



Find your trendiest accessories only in On Post and remember that with chunky sandals you will give a different twist to your look!


 By Melissa Zanini 

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