Kitten heels: The classic and current footwear

Kitten heels: The classic and current footwear

Looking for comfort and style? Kitten heels are essential to create the best outfits and will give a classic touch to your style by combining them properly.

If you love heels but prefer to use a timeless design that is the protagonist of all your outfits, you should wear kitten heels to combine style and comfort.


What are kitten heels?

Shoes and the fashion industry have always been present on the most iconic catwalks and fashion shows of our times. Shoes are essential in our wardrobe and it is necessary to have comfortable and elegant footwear at our fingertips, that is why today we will talk about kitten heels and learn to combine them with other basic garments as a guru expert in fashion.



Did you know that kitten heels have their origin in France? During the reign of Louis XIV, known as the Sun King imposed the first heeled shoes throughout its court, both men and women liked to wear this footwear so desired and innovative at that time, making heels high fashion in the most influential monarchies and families of France.

However, it was not until the 50s that the legendary French designer and artist Roger Vivier made kitten heels fashionable. This famous designer, inspired by the fine arts and the creation of scenographies, began to make the first custom shoes for great artists and dancers of the time such as Joséphine Baker. In the 40s he opened his first store on Rue Royale, one of the elements that distinguished him were his heeled shoes, totally innovating the style of the woman who was looking for a modern style and that to this day is still valid. The most outstanding heels that we can find in a large part of his footwear are the stiletto heels, the kitten heels, the point heel and the transcendental virgule heel.

A lover of elegance and feminine beauty, Roger Vivier had an endless list of muses and customers who were looking for him for custom shoes around the world, from iconic actress Brigitte Bardot, film diva Marlene Dietrich and beloved Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Remember the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's starring the glamorous Audrey Hepburn? From that moment kitten heels became popular among younger girls and the invasion of shoes of this type had a boom until the 70s when platforms became the protagonists of the dance floors.

Why are they called kitten heels? When worn by younger girls, they are called that way because they were considered training heels, the height of kitten heels is 3.5 cm and 4.75 cm, which is considered a fairly comfortable and versatile footwear that can be adapted to any style and personality.


Fashion is cyclical and always returns when we least expect it, designers and great haute couture firms have returned to the classic and elegant style of kitten heels for example the most recent collection of shoes by Bottega Veneta has been inspired by this beautiful design, also the Italian firm Gucci gives a revival to kitten heels to start the fall fashion season in the most vintage and glamorous way possible.

Do not hesitate to use the kitten heels, since in addition to looking fabulous you can spend most of the time wearing them without getting tired. We can find kitten heels in different colors and textures: From vibrant colors such as red and yellow, in neon tones, pastel colors, with ornaments and buckles, with openings, patent leather and the classic in white.The options are endless to be fashionable!


How to wear kitten heels? 

The fall fashion season brings us essential garments and shoes such as kitten heels, leather pants, turtlenecks, trendy bags, miniskirts and the best outfit ideas and styles to wear in street style as true goddesses of glamour.

If you love the classic and fancy style of kitten heels, today we will give you some tips to combine these shoes with your favorite garments,having as main objective to be comfortable always while still looking like an it girl. Let's start!

We had already mentioned that with kitten heels you can spend many hours with them and you will avoid fatigue due to your small heel, whether it's to go to a casual event or you just want to be fashionable 24/7, then you will love these outfits we have for you.

Working girl: If you love fashion as much as we do, you probably want to look amazing when going to the office without overloading the look. You can use the Luciana Skirt miniskirt by Carolina Stefan and the blouse Juana by Concepción Miranda, this combination of colors is classic and will make you look good at all times, you can add a blazer of the same color to create a mix and match with your garments. For example you can wear the blazer Clyde Charcoal by Lésem, Remember that your kitten heels can be of another texture such as patent leather or if you like buckles or studs it will also look incredible! 



As for accessories, a XXL bag will be the best option since you can store the most necessary to perform your daily activities, you can use the trendy bag Lavender Sport Bag by Maralgui and the earrings L’amour earring in black by MIM. 

Avant-garde and classic girl: For the autumn winter season, leather pants will steal everyone's eyes and will be an indispensable garment that you must have to match your kitten heels. By combining them you will give your outfit a touch of the 70s for the leather and classic rock and roll style, you can wear the Marcela Pants by Balanka with the Valle Blouse by Blanca Pukara. If you want all the outfit in leather you can use the Ara by Balanka jacket or if you like the Marcela by Balanka jacket as a trench coat, don't forget the accessories! Use this trendy bag Black Dalia by Malau and the earrings Stud Ichipe by Kuu. 



With kitten heels you will give a different twist to your outfits and you will be in trend every day of the week. Find your favorite accessories and garments only in On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 

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