How to wear a Maxi Dress in this Autumn Season

How to wear a Maxi Dress in this Autumn Season

The fall fashion season brings us back the maxi dress to wear it like a diva on different occasions.

For this holiday season, a maxi dress is the best option to have a vintage and beautiful style.With the On Post collection you will look fabulous.


You should wear a timeless Maxi Dress

We are in one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, autumn and fashion trends are the most anticipated by all fashionistas in the world. However, there is a garment that is totally iconic and that will always give a sophisticated touch to any casual or formal style, the maxi dress.



The maxi dress is a timeless garment that you can wear throughout the year, for spring and summer they are always essential to look very stylish. During the hottest days, but if you want to opt for a different look and trend you can wear it in winter with many layers of clothes such as coats and sweaters.

Today I will talk about the fabulous maxi dress, it is ideal for formal and informal events. We have seen that some celebrities and models have adapted it to their daily style to look sophisticated and incredible in street style.If you have a maxi dress and do not know how to wear it, you can be inspired by the look of it girls like Priyanka Chopra, Selena Gómez and the diva of style Victoria Beckham

Remember that the maxi dress has different styles and you can find it as follows: With necklines, with bulging sleeves, in vibrant colors such as yellow, orange, red or pink, the maxi dress will give you a romantic and elegant look at the same time. 



The maxi dress is a timeless and versatile garment, depending on your personality and style you can adapt it to any occasion and season and one of the advantages wearing a maxi dress is that it adapts to any type of body and depending on the style of dress you like to wear you will look comfortable. Let's start with this fabulous style guide to look amazing with a maxi dress for this autumn season. Are you ready dear? 


Different styles wearing a Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is one of the most beautiful trends to wear this season, if you want a romantic look with a sophisticated touch. I will talk about some styles of dresses that you can find and that best suits your personality.



With openings: A classic design that will never go out of style, is the maxi dress with opening in the leg. It will make you look sexy and glamorous at the same time. You can add gold accessories to give a touch of shine to your look.

Fitted: The satin fabric adapts to the body in a very natural way, if you want to look comfortable with your satin maxi dress you should keep in mind to wear bikini-style underwear and avoid smaller garments, like the Brazilian thong style. You should also feel confident with yourself when wearing this dress, as they make your curves stand out most of the time.

Formal: This type of dress has a more striking structure playing with shapes and volumes and that can become your best ally for an evening event. For the autumn season maxi dress you can use any type of footwear, from high-heeled sandals, stilettos or kitten heels. Or if you will wear the dress for an afternoon with friends you can choose to wear cute cowboy boots, ankle boots or sneakers.

The options are unlimited when choosing a maxi dress, remember that the colors that will be worn the most this season are black, blue, green and purple.Continue swiping down for more tips!


How to wear a Maxi Dress in this Autumn Season

If you’re looking on how to wear a maxi dress in this autumn season and holidays, I have tons of outfit ideas for you below.There are a few simple styling tips you can do to wear a maxi dress during this season and feel totally stylish and comfortable! You can create so many different looks with a few simple things.

Outfit 1: A color that will always make you look elegant and with that classic touch, is black.A black maxi dress that you will love is Venus by Concepción Miranda the long skirt and heart-shaped neckline with puffed sleeves will look amazing and you'll be trendy.

You can combine it with stilettos, kitten heels or square heels like the Moon Night Pump by Galeanna, if you want to shine use the Green Zirconia Silver Long by Iconique earrings, you can add a small bag like the Black Dalia by Malau and you'll be ready for brunch or dinner in the evening.



Outfit 2: A combination that will never fail is using a maxi dress in white such as Agnes by Geraldine García with high-heeled sandals in lavender. You will look very cute when wearing these colors.

You can wear the Pink Rania by Peyola and create a perfect look using accessories of the same color such as the Lilac Quartz Circular Stone ring and the earrings Lilac White Zirconia by Iconique.As we are in autumn you can wear a nice sweater or a long coat.

Outfit 3: If you love the color pink do not hesitate to wear the maxi dress Julieta by Cindy Castro New York, for a more informal look you can wear white ankle boots like The Catalina by Elán.



As the dress has an orange ribbon you can take the Amelia Orange One Shoulder by Eva Innocenti bag along with the Pink Stone Gold by Iconique earrings! You will look fabulous and you can wear it on different occasions.

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By Melissa Zanini 


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