What Is a Maxi Dress: Everything You Need To Know

What Is a Maxi Dress: Everything You Need To Know

If you ask someone what their favorite thing about warmer weather is, they’ll have a lot of different answers. Some will say they love the beach; others will say how it gets darker later; and some will say they get to wear more joyful clothes, such as more dresses. During any season, dresses are a super easy, fun article of clothing to wear that can be dressed up or down. 

There are many different styles of dresses out there, varying by length, silhouette, material, etc. One versatile, timeless, popular style of dress is the maxi dress. Ever since Oscar de la Renta showcased his news-worthy maxi dress in 1968, maxi dresses have been a fashion staple.

Today, I’m going to discuss exactly what a maxi dress is, what you can wear with a maxi dress, and why you should own one (or more) in your wardrobe!

What Exactly Is a Maxi Dress?

For starters, a maxi dress is a long, usually flowy dress that at least hits at your ankles or hits the floor. It can be sleeveless or have sleeves, depending on the style, and some have pockets while others don’t. In most cases, maxi dresses are more form-fitting up top while having a flowy skirt, as well.

Though maxi I love to rock maxi dresses during every season, they are often a summer staple since these pieces are made of summer fabrics such as cotton, linen, and even polyester. A dress made of these fabrics makes for a more breathable, comfortable, and light outfit in warmer weather.

Maxi dresses are extremely versatile as well. This has to do largely in part with the fact that they come in so many different colors and patterns. There are neutral-colored options, such as black, gray, or the white maxi dress from Sientochentais

I love a long dress in a bold color like the red maxi dress designed by Nabel Martins. Maxi dresses are the ultimate sidekick — they take me from day to night to every occasion in between. 

Another huge plus to maxi dresses is while they are some of the most versatile and comfortable pieces of clothing out there, they are universally flattering. One of the best things about these dresses is that they look good on every body type — everyone can have a runway moment, even if you’re just running errands. 

What Do I Wear With a Maxi Dress?

Now that I’ve established what a maxi dress is, I’m about to complete the picture. Fortunately, the possibilities are endless in terms of what shoes, accessories, and outerwear you can pair with your dress.

Here are some of those (infinite) possibilities that I can’t get enough of:


When it comes to shoes, depending on the season, you can really wear any type of shoe with a maxi dress. Some options for you to consider are flats, sandals, or even ankle boots.

If you’re wearing a maxi dress to a more formal event, a great option for shoes would be some type of pump. These beige block-heel pumps by Peyola are the perfect dressy shoe to pair with your maxi dress. The tassel on the back adds a dramatic detail.

If you want to wear something that’s more on the casual side, a classic white tennis shoe or any other type of sneaker could easily work with your maxi dress by keeping the look classy yet casual — a striking twist on athleisure.


One of the most exciting parts about dressing up an outfit is adding bold accessories to your look. With a maxi dress, especially if you are wearing a solid-colored dress, adding bright earrings or chunky bracelets is a great way to spice up your outfit.

I’m talking about something like these Pieza Colombiana earrings by Ojo de Tigre are the perfect addition to a solid black or white-colored maxi dress. Mixing textures is so hot right now, and these earrings fit the bill perfectly. 

Adding gold or silver accessories is another fashionable option for you. This gold, geometric bracelet designed by Onilium is a funky, fun, and beautiful bracelet to wear with a maxi dress, regardless of whether it has sleeves or is sleeveless. This bracelet truly announces your presence in any room — watch out, world!

Besides jewelry, there are other accessories that pair well with maxi dresses. A patterned headband or scarf or smaller, delicate purse are just a few ideas for you if you feel like opting for sleek rather than statement.


Though maxi dresses are often associated with summertime, they can work all year round. This beloved silhouette can be worn in other seasons as well. Pairing a chunky knit cardigan such as this Globo Pop sweater from Iris Arco Knitwear with a maxi dress is a very cute and comfortable outfit for the fall and winter seasons. 

Even something like a lighter knit or a denim jacket that can be easily removed is a great idea for slightly chilly spring and summer evenings. If you want to go a step further, try wearing a leather jacket with your maxi dress for an edgier look. If you want to try another cool spin, pair a vest (whether sweater or denim) with your maxi dress to be an absolute trend-starter in your circle.

Where Do I Wear a Maxi Dress?

The sky's the limit! Thanks to their versatility, you can wear a maxi dress to almost any event. With the right pair of shoes and statement accessories, you can easily wear this dress to any formal event, such as a wedding, the office, or school graduation.

Getting ready for a casual day? Maxi dresses have your back. Throw on a maxi dress to run to an appointment or go out to the grocery store. If you’re lounging in the house, reading in the garden, or streaming Netflix on the couch, maxi dresses can still be your go-to pick. Is there anything this dress can’t do?

Why Do I Need a Maxi Dress?

To state the obvious reasons, anyone would benefit from purchasing a maxi dress because it is a staple piece in anyone’s wardrobe. It comes in so many colors, is so comfortable, and is an extremely versatile piece that can be paired with plenty of different shoes or accessories. A maxi dress would be the ultimate addition to any closet.

Maxi dresses are also no-stress solutions when you’re questioning what to wear. If you need to throw something on to run to the grocery store, throw on a maxi dress! Running late to work? Put on your maxi dress, and you’re good to go! Need to run out to get an iced coffee but don’t want to put too much effort into an outfit? A maxi dress and pair of sneakers are your answer.

Aside from the comfort level, the versatility, and the timelessness of a classic maxi dress, you deserve to feel confident in your clothing. Due to the loving nature of most maxi dresses, everyone can rock them confidently. 

There are so many different colors and patterns to choose from out there, so you are sure to find something that works perfectly for you. Whether you’re looking for your first maxi dress or your 15th, no one can have too many of these iconic staples — it’s fashion to the max.




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