How to wear a Green Blouse like a Fashionista

How to wear a Green Blouse like a Fashionista

If you are a faithful fashionista, follower of neutral colors, but you would like to experiment with bolder colors, get inspired by the shades dictated by the street style, small doses are a good way to start. Let's go garment by garment to start with the incursion of colorful outfits, let's start with the green blouse.

Just as in spring-summer when the color green was present, painting the streets with looks that at some point we would have thought were not possible, making it clear why it is the color of hope, it is here to stay even in autumn. 

On the subject of going out of your comfort zone betting on trendy colors, which are bright tones, our recommendation is to balance the balance, that is, if you are already daring, start with a basic garment, that you know well and do not have trouble getting used to it, because that combination can scare you. We suggest a green blouse, you probably have in your closet at least two blouses that are repeated in design, either the neck, the sleeves, that means that you like that style, and you feel good in it. If you have already identified them, the next thing to do is to go in search of a blouse in the shade of green that most catches your eye and has the characteristics that make you feel comfortable.


How to wear a Green Blouse like a fashionista?

Adding colors to our looks can be a difficult decision, but you already have the first step. Here are some options that you can take into account to make your adventure towards color more bearable. It is worth mentioning that the combination of shades is usually important, and sometimes the strangest pairing, even if it does not seem to work, so the important thing is that you feel confident and bet on your outfit. 



Once you have selected the green blouse that will be the star of your next outfit comes the part of complementing, we will start with neutral tones and basic garments, you can opt for black denim jeans, black ankle boots and a bag, you can lean towards the baguette type, this has been one of the trendy bags that has been the most talked about, hinting that it should be back in our closet. Another option is to add heeled sandals and a leather jacket for a more chic touch. Add the same tone in your accessories and shoes, the less risky version is the one where you go in an almost monochromatic neutral look, maybe in beige, white or brown.

If you prefer to go in small doses, but you like the pop of color in more vibrant tones, our favorite combinations for your look with green blouse are, orange, for example, if you wear an outfit where two pieces wear a neutral color like white and the other two wear green, you can introduce this color, in your bag or shoes, this is just an idea of how you can add this color you can play with the garment to which you want to give the secondary role. It's been a long time since somber colors stopped being the main colors in the fall winter season, other tones that you can resort to if you are looking for a combination of two intense colors, are blue and fuchsia. In a risky mood, you could opt for a total green look, in a mini skirt that allows you to add colored pantyhose, as the mythical Blair Waldorf would do. 



Monochrome in different shades, this particular look we would like to suggest you fluid garments, you could choose a wide leg pants, with a blazer and a loose blouse, or a satin midi skirt and blouse of similar fall, the skirt or pants option is up to you, but the combination of green in different shades raises your star of daring fashionista expert. Remember that there are no rules, you can go for pieces with contrasting or similar textures. 


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If you are willing to explore your creativity, to create looks like an it girl, we would like to propose to you some garments that can elevate your outfit, and you can find them with us!

We don't know if it's the print it has, or the touch of the one shoulder neckline, but the following blouse is for lovers of original patterns. Eden Blouse by Daniella Battle, although its fruity design could transport us to a warmer season, the colors with which it is accompanied, make it an excellent choice for fall, wear it with shorts, loose with a mini skirt and high boots.

Another option of green blouse that you can find, this time with a more relaxed and comfortable style, Green Water Short Sleeve Blouse by Naos, this linen blouse with v-neck, lapels, buttons on the front and an embroidered detail in a yellow tone, is ideal for a casual look, you can combine it with shades like lime green, orange, white or brown.



In case you are looking for accessories to give the final touch to your look, we have the garments with the trendy touch you need. Long skirts are back since spring, it would be a mistake not to wear them in this cold season. The skirt we are going to talk about has peculiar characteristics, black, woven with sparkles, and bangs, the chic alarm goes off with Cosmo Black Skirt by Muna the Label, it could scream outfit for the new year. Pair it with a green satin or silk top and strappy heeled sandals like Galeanna's Fiesta Glam Sandal or stilettos. 



Wear a monochrome outfit with different shades of green with Lesém's Clyde Pant Green wide leg pants. Tailored ensembles or dress pants are on the trend radar, if you don't like to wear it in a formal look add some white sneakers and balance with a chunky pearl necklace like the Chunky Pearls Summer Trend Necklace by Viviane Guenoun, see how Hailey Rhode Bieber wears it.



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 By Katia García

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