What is a Casual Romper and how to wear it?

What is a Casual Romper and how to wear it?

Sometimes the terms we find in fashion can be confusing, to avoid that when you hear them you do not know what they are talking about, today we will clarify your doubts about what is a casual look and how you can style it.

Let's start by defining it, the romper is a garment that consists of two complete pieces joined together, but the sign to differentiate it is that it is always short, so it is a blouse and shorts, unlike the jumpsuit that is long or can be found with a Capri size. You can find it in different materials and unless it is denim (which would make it a short overall), it is a romper. 



Now that we have cleared your doubts, you will realize that it is an infallible piece in the seasons of warm climates, for giving us the comfort of a short and avoid that we have to think too much about the top, a complete look in seconds.

We can not discard it for the seasons of the year when the temperature drops, we can also dare to wear it, accompanying it with garments that warm us. 

As we always mention the street style is the best place to look for inspiration to create our outfits, here we will talk about how celebrities and it girls wear the casual romper.



When talking about the casual romper, it is impossible not to mention the name of Taylor Swift, who has declared herself a fan of this garment, wearing it impeccably in formal events or on a casual day, always respecting her style. 

In floral design, adding a belt to accentuate her waist and stilettos, or in satin with rhinestones and embroidered stars, accompanied by a faux fur coat and silver platforms that she wore at the after party of the MTV VMAs this year.

In a more casual look, Sophie Turner wore a romper, with a checkered print in orange and blue, knitted fabric and polo neck, and strappy sandals also in blue.

Another of the personalities who wore this garment was the actress Camila Mendes, who went for a casual romper in pink, in a bermuda length and with lapels, added platform sandals and a clutch bag. 

What we can see in these looks is how this piece is versatile, it can be worn on the red carpet or be our comfortable outfit for a day off. 


Tips for styling a Casual Romper

Now that we know how celebrities wear the casual romper, we will share with you some ideas of combinations that will make you look like a fashion expert.

Belt your great ally, although we can find designs of the casual romper that accentuate the waist, there are some others that become loose, to mark your silhouette, a belt is an excellent choice, while accessorizing your look.

Sartorial style, we observe that the silhouettes of this style are ideal for formal events, if you accompany them with stilettos or high-heeled sandals and straps, will be an excellent match, besides making you look sophisticated.

The boots that are in trend are the cowboy boots, with platform and combat, we recommend you to opt for any of these to create an ideal balance, of course if you like the most daring proposals you can go after the boots above the knee, you will have the chic look that we get with a dress or midi skirt, but with the comfort of a short.

The wide leg pants are booming, no different as the rompers, because if you are looking for maximum comfort plus an extra styling in your figure those of this type are much more flattering than those with tighter silhouettes to the body.

Create the look with a Casual Romper

The casual romper is an excellent option for outdoor or cocktail events, if you are considering buying one, or you already have one, and you need inspiration, here we will describe a total look of the  On Post collection, these garments are available on our website. 

The main piece of our outfit is Stella Romper, in white color, made with 100% mulberry silk, it has an open back and crossed straps. This material makes it a sophisticated design.

For footwear, we selected Analía Gold Sandals, with a wide and comfortable heel of a height of 6.5 cm, its straps that adjust to the ankle or around the calf if you prefer, make them a chic sandals, the gold color combines perfectly with our casual look. 



By having a garment that has everything like Stella, we can reduce the accessories to a minimum, or lean towards delicate pieces to maintain a refined look, in this case we have chosen Gabriella Chain, a small chain made of bronze and 24-carat gold-plated, the elegant touch is given by the small natural pearls that accompany it. With an adjustable design, you can wear it as a necklace or bracelet. 

As a final touch, giving the touch of style, we will add Poncho Chamaya, this hand-knitted vest poncho, in sand color, besides giving you a light coat, it will give your look distinction, wear it with a dropped shoulder to elevate the outfit and if you feel it lacks a little more, mark your waist with a belt with details in gold tone.

Find this look with the casual romper in our collection, tips on how to style your outfits and more trendy garments at On Post!

By Katia García

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