Brown Ankle Boots: A timeless footwear

Brown Ankle Boots: A timeless footwear

Fall arrives and boots take over our footwear choices, in addition to how stylish they make us look, they are comfortable, versatile and cover us from the cold. But their short version is not far behind in terms of making us look fashionable, while fulfilling its function of protecting our feet from low temperatures, let's talk about the infallible allies for this fall-winter, and summer, the brown ankle boots. 

Boots and ankle boots are an elemental garment in our closet, while the brown color has proven to have the presence and personality to create incredible looks that until a while ago we could only believe capable of black, together the brown ankle boots, have the quality to elevate our outfits creating stylish combinations.



Considering them as a basic is almost an obligation, we understand that you may still have your doubts about them, but one of the secrets of a sustainable closet is to acquire timeless garments, although it is not forbidden to have trendy pieces, but you can lean towards the classic designs that you can be sure will continue to be seen in the street style for a while. If you like to take a look at the latest fashion trends, we will share with you some of this season's proposals with silhouettes that have been defending their place in your closet no matter what year it is. 

Western, cowboy boots are on the rise, you may not be completely convinced, in that case you can opt for those designs that have just a touch, such as the heel or some embroidery. 

The elastic booties, fit perfectly on your ankle, a more elegant version.

The platform boots, the seventies looks are still present on the catwalks and street style.

Chelsea boot are another of the proposals that we continue to see, with some differentiating touches such as metallic details or embroidery.

The lace up boots or combat, are also in trend, ideal for the glam rock look.

Opting for simple and anonymous garments makes you can keep it for many more seasons.


How the experts wear the Brown Ankle Boots

Following the principle that the ideal brown ankle boots can be combined with dress or jeans, day or night, fall and summer, without looking like you are repeating, there are fashionista tricks that we can put into practice to have a winning look with them, for that we have celebrities who dare and test outfits that then help us to inspire us following their good practices. 

Undoubtedly one of the qualities that today we are highlighting of these boots, is that they can be worn in summer and autumn, then we rescue some looks of the it girls who wear in summer season, and that work perfectly in these seasons. 

In a floral midi dress, Lily Aldridge wore an autumn look, wearing a floral print dress in red and white, in combination with brown ankle boots. 



Katie Holmes, opted for a similar combination, the actress opted for a plaid dress below the knee, accessorized with a belt marking her waist, and a brown ankle boots with buckle. 

We can't resist the dress and boots sets, Kendall Jenner showed us how to wear the western trend in a sophisticated look wearing a black satin dress and cowboy boots.

Another model who gave us an excellent example that monochromatic looks are a success was Iria Shayk, who wore a dress and leather boots in the same beige color.

Other styling tips to elevate your looks with brown ankle boots:

  • Monochromatic looks in brown are an excellent decision, Miss Shayk proved it to us.
  • Pairing with white can be the best combination
  • Adding golden elements will highlight the outfit 
  • Wear your ankle boots with a blue garment and jeans.


Get your total Brown Ankle Boots look with On Post

Now that you know how elemental they can be and how to get the most out of your brown ankle boots, we have prepared a complete look with the On Post collection, buy it or get inspired by it.

With the rise of wide leg pants, it was almost inevitable to select a cut like this for this outfit, so we have selected IZZIE PANTS from Lesém, these white trousers are a basic in your closet, with high waist, and sartorial cut with darts in the front, is the perfect garment to start this outfit with the brown ankle boots. 

For the top we have chosen two options, so you can choose the one you like more depending on the weather or your style. In case of sunny days or if you are in a warm place, Top Minori Lino by La Bikineria is an excellent alternative, made with French linen, in a design where the back is tied with bows, this top is perfect to show off your back. If instead you like covered garments and loose silhouettes, Crude Vandana Shirt by Sientochenta, is a great choice, seamless in the front and slit in the back, combining style with comfort. 

We have thought of the next piece of the outfit for the days that we need a light coat, but that guarantees not to be cold, Delta Cardigan from Lhasa Fitwear, this midi knit sweater, which fits as a robe, is ideal for the in-between seasons, with a camel color, is the perfect ally of white, ideal for our outfit.



The protagonists of this look are the brown ankle boots, we have opted for The Luciana Sand by Elán, it is cowboy boots style, with a star detail and accessories that you can remove or put on, they go amazing with short skirts, midi, or pants. A versatile shoe that you need in your closet. With this two-tone look, you can't go wrong, white and brown work great together.

Find this complete look in our collection, trendy clothes to create amazing outfits and styling tips at On Post!

By Katia García

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