A Dusty Rose Dress: A cute and perfect outfit

A Dusty Rose Dress: A cute and perfect outfit

If you want to impress everyone with a feminine and glamorous look, do not hesitate to wear a dusty pink dress and turn this color into a new classic.

From day to night, formal to casual, the choices are many and varied when wearing a dusty rose dress. Choosing wisely will make the most of this beautiful color and keep your new staple dress fresh and timeless.

What is a dusty rose dress?

The color pink has transcended over the years and has become a fashion icon, we have seen innovative designs, very feminine and delicate designs to totally avant-garde designs. Legendary divas like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly opted to wear a pink dress and look really wonderful.

It has been an important styling lesson in our days to admire actresses who wear dusty rose  dresses, like Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon and Rachel McAdams. If you are looking for inspiration and start wearing this dress during the autumn winter season, the time has come to make known a little more about this impressive dress. Today we will discover why it is called dusty pink dress.

Powdery pink is a combination of gray and beige that results in an almost transparent light pink color. Depending on the intensity, it can look completely pale or saturated, this shade looks beautiful in different types of light and has become a very popular color in the fashion industry. In 2013 we had an invasion of dusty rose dresses becoming a super important trend and the favorite of bridesmaids.

The dusty rose dress looks great in any length: mini, midi and in its maxi version.It also fits perfectly to all silhouettes and body styles highlighting the parts that you like the most and with which you feel truly comfortable.

Designer Elie Saab loves working with the dusty rose dress and added it to her collections. We have seen bridesmaid dresses, for galas and even in wedding dresses. For girls looking for a romantic style but combining this delicate and beautiful color. No matter what your skin type, it will always look great and by wearing a dusty pink dress you will achieve perfect harmony with the different designs you can choose from and combine it with other accessories to achieve a totally glamorous look. I recommend you wear earrings with pearls or crystals.



Let's start with this amazing style guide to wearing a dusty rose dress like an it girl!

Types of dusty rose dress

With this shade of pink, you can achieve an entirely different style, which makes the dusty rose dress ideal for both casual and informal occasions. Powdery pink is one of my favorites because it not only looks amazing in dresses, it also makes other garments look like skirts, pants, coats and blouses. If you like interior design this color is a great option to make your home stand out.

However, the dusty rose  dress as I mentioned just now has different models. The maxi design is fashionable and is one of the most beautiful to wear this holiday season. Today I will tell you some styles that you can find and that you will surely want to have in your closét.



Dusty rose tube dress: A dusty rose tube dress in a pleasing color is ideal for business meetings or a pleasant evening out. Remember that the tube dress stylizes the figure and accentuates some parts of the body such as the legs, abdomen and hips which makes it a sexy and versatile dress

Dusty pink halter dress: Halter dresses have become a very popular trend and have invaded street style in the most glamorous way possible. These dresses adapt to all body styles and will highlight your curves. Say yes to a dusty rose dress with a halter neckline,  you will find the one that best suits your personality and there are different designs such as: the mini, midi, maxi, with long neckline, wrap style, with strips, in vibrant colors and different shades of pink.

Dusty rose chiffon or tulle dress: A dusty rose pink  chiffon dress will be a great choice for both a walk on the beach and a romantic date at a café. You can find it with bows, satin fabrics, beads or even sequins and wide sleeves, with this style of dress you can join the Balletcore trend that is stealing the heart of all it girls. I recommend you wear high-heeled sandals in neutral colors such as beige or white and a small bag in rose quartz.

What are you waiting for to wear a nice dusty rose dress this season?


How to wear a dusty rose dress

If you are daring to wear a dusty rose  dress you will not be disappointed, this dress in addition to looking beautiful throughout the year is super combinable with shoes in different colors such as black, beige and silver. Don't be afraid to wear this new style, you're sure to love it!

Romantic style: If you are one of the girls looking for a dusty pink dress with satin fabrics to create a unique and romantic style, you can wear the Sena Dress Long by Geradine García. You can wear high-heeled sandals or flats, I recommend you wear the Bubble White by Galeanna with the earrings Fuchsia Rain by Las Meninas, you will look gorgeous! Don't forget to add a warm coat, for example you can wear the Coat Jasa by Jenny Duarte and the trendy bag Rectangular Pearl With Handle by Entre Piedras.



The dusty rose dress is a trend that will never go out of style, find your most chic earrings and shoes for this season only at On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 


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