The best styling tips to wear white block heels

The best styling tips to wear white block heels

Don't panic when combining white block heels, with our style tips and recommendations it will not be impossible to wear with your favorite garments.

White block heels are perfect to combine with any outfit, if you have a casual or informal event with these shoes you will look fabulous when wearing jeans or a dress.


What are white block heels?

Shoes are part of our personality and with them we show who we are and how we feel. Today we will talk about the white block heels. This model of shoes is fabulous and turns a basic outfit into a totally incredible look, making you stand out anywhere.



Who doesn't love shoes? Due to their versatility and great variety of models, they are indispensable in our closet. We can find stiletto heel shoes, platforms, medium heel, square heel and kitten style. If you have a pair of white block heels and don't know how to wear them, do not worry today we will solve this fashion emergency.

Since 2019, white block heels have become a trend in street style as they are worn by the modern divas of our times such as Elle Fanning, Emily Ratajkowski and Millie Bobby Brown. What makes white block heels special and unique, is the shape of its heel, being square it has a thick sole like platform shoes but without the front platform.

Because of the shape of their heels, they are perfect to wear with more formal outfits and you can even go to work with beautiful white block heels to look chic. In a meeting with an important client or if you prefer to wear them with a more relaxed outfit, they also look fantastic with wide leg pants and leather jackets. Wearing the white block heels, they will help you to stylize the figure and beautify your feet with a modern and classic style at the same time.

Remember that you should always choose between style and comfort when wearing white block heels, so you will avoid getting tired and cause a sensation with these iconic and elegant shoes.


Advantages of wearing white block heels 

For you to have a runway look with white block heels, you have to read this article from beginning to end to know the advantages of wearing these shoes who have stolen the hearts of it girls and celebrities, let's start dear!

Comfortable and stylish: If you don't want to wear stilettos or another style of heels, white block heels are definitely the best choice for you. By having a square heel you will avoid getting tired when using them.

Basic and necessary: White block heels have become a new classic to create the best casual looks, you need to have a pair ready in your wardrobe and use them every day of the week.

Keep them clean: The key to success in wearing white block heels is to keep them perfectly clean so that their white color stands out with any other garment and they don't look worn out.

Easy to combine: White block heels are totally versatile and you can wear them with garments such as skirts, dresses, wide leg pants, blouses and accessories such as earrings, necklaces and hats. Depending on your style and personality you can mix and match with garments of the same color or use other vibrant colors such as red or yellow. It is also important to know if you will use them during the day or night, the options are endless!



3 fabulous ways to wear white block heels

If you have a pair of white block heels, you’re in for a treat. They’re the perfect option for dressing up any outfit! From jumpsuits to cute cardigans, white block heels can be worn for work or for a night out. Here are some outfits to try out with your white block heels.

Outfit 1: The white block heels will give a different touch to your look, you can wear the pants  Sumaq by Andiamo Concept and add modern prints. These trousers will look amazing with the white blouse Oasis by Blanca Pukara and the earrings Long Round Shaped Badu by Viviane Guenoun, don't forget to add this trendy bag Black Dalia by Malau and you will look fantastic at all times! 



Outfit 2: Another look that is one of my favorites with white block heels, is wearing the capri style pants Daiquiri by Lavi by Majo Lavi with the white sleeveless blouse Off White Coral by Sientochenta.You can wear the Paraíso Sweater Pink by Blanca Pukara and the earrings Capri by Nefelibata. With this outfit you will have a romantic and also modern look, ideal to go to the office with a lot of style!



Outfit 3: Leather jackets and white block heels will always be a winning combination, if you want to look fabulous in street style wear this chicest pants Agnes by Lésem with the white blouse Juana by Concepción Miranda. As we mentioned before, leather jackets are always essential to create a vintage and modern look to our outfits. You can wear the jacket Marcela by Balanka don't forget to add a trendy bag to look beautiful this season, use the Eliah by For Public Display and the earrings Saleciana by las Meninas. 



White block heels are timeless and you can wear them all year round, find your most chic garments and accessories for this season, only in On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 

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