The Feather Dress: A fabulous style

The Feather Dress: A fabulous style

Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner have used the fabulous feather dress to dazzle on the red carpet, learn how to combine this iconic dress with the chicest shoes and accessories to stand out everywhere.

The season of formal events and New Year's Eve parties is about to begin and the best way to celebrate it is by wearing a feather dress, a trend that has been the protagonist of important collections and fashion shows in Paris, Milan and New York.


What is a feather dress?

Had you heard about the feather dress trend?Today we will talk about this trend with feathers that has been attracting the attention of all fashionistas and designers around the world for some years. This 2022 is definitely the revival of the fashion of the 20s, and we can see this peculiar ornament everywhere and in garments such as coats, blouses, skirts, the stunning feathered dress, also accessories such as bags and hats. Are you ready to learn about this topic?


Feathers have been present since the beginning of the history of fashion, but it was not until the 20s that it had a golden age, the crazy 20s or the jazz age, was a time full of elegance that revolutionized the style of the modern woman. During that time younger women sought freedom and showed it through their way of dressing, in this period they began to develop in other areas of art and culture, an icon of this generation of flapper girls was Zelda Fitzgerald.

Flapper girls were known for challenging the way they dressed and thought, they went out dancing and attended parties where the new musical current sounded: jazz. These girls innovated a style that is still used to this day, they wore slightly shorter garments and the silhouette was looser, the hair was short, they wore small but very flirtatious heels, they combined the coats with beautiful feather dresses in fabrics such as satin and cotton.

The feathered dress has become a new classic that is currently worn in street style and we have seen it in events such as the MET Gala and collections of haute couture firms such as Moschino and Prada. Feathers have been one of the most sophisticated ornaments ideal to wear to important events and that will give a totally different twist to your look,when wearing a feathered dress you will have a mysterious and totally vintage touch. Feather dresses can be found in different materials such as cashmere, alpaca and satin mainly. You can find it in mini, midi and maxi versions, also in vibrant colors such as orange, yellow and red.

Remember the Kyle Jenner dress she wore to the 2019 MET Gala? You can look for similar colors or if you prefer a classic in white like the model worn by Mexican actress Eiza González, you will have that glamorous touch of Hollywood. Feather dresses are considered haute couture pieces so their price is a bit high due to the artisanal process of their manufacture. 


Occasions to wear a feather dress

With a feather dress you will steal everyone's eyes by creating a different, eccentric and at the same time sophisticated look. As we had mentioned before, we are about to start one of the most festive seasons and one of the protagonists of the night is the feather dress. Know what kind of events you can take this beautiful design.





Cocktail party: If you will be attending a cocktail party in the afternoon, you can opt for a feather dress but if the dress code is not so strict you can have more freedom when creating your outfit, you can use riskier colors such as fuchsia or emerald green.

Formal dinners: With the feather dress you will always look spectacular and you can combine it with other accessories such as earrings and rings, if you want to give shine to your outfit I recommend using earrings with crystals.

For a gala: Galas are events that have a fairly specific dress code and always ask you to attend with a long dress, this is where you should wear a feather dress to achieve an elegant look, you can use a small bag to carry your most basic accessories with you. Remember that lipstick and powder are always essential to renew your makeup! 


The feather dress is a luxurious and iconic trend 

The feather dress is a rather glamorous trend and has positioned itself as a haute couture garment that has inspired it girls. If you are looking for a movie star style this dress is definitely for you, plus the holiday season and fabulous looks are about to begin. Today we will give you some recommendations of accessories with which you can combine your feather dress like a diva!

Glamorous look: If you want to wear a feather dress in neutral colors or a cute pearly white, you can combine the high-heeled sandals Leda by Peyola with the trendy and avant-garde bag  XEEW by Näm, the blue color of the shoes will give a more fun and innovative touch to your dress.You can also add earrings Zaphire Soft by Las Meninas.



Look to shine on the dance floor: A leather trench coat is always necessary to give a different texture to our outfit, if you want to take a risk you can combine a feather dress in color navy blue and add the leather jacket Marcela by Balanka. You can also wear the high-heeled sandals  Danet by Peyola with the trendy bag Dancer Black by For Public Display, you will look fabulous! 



Contemporary look: When wearing a feather dress you should know that accessories are very important and that they will highlight your look at all times, you can choose a feather dress in silver and combine it with shoes Moon Night Pump by Galeanna. Another trend that I love are pocket bags in different forms and shapes, use the White Tévari by Malau with the Pom Pom cardigan by Iris Arco Knitwear.



Do not hesitate to wear a feather dress to look incredibly beautiful next season, find your favorite accessories and shoes only in On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 

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