Avila Sotres, a timeless clothing brand with a minimalist essence

Avila Sotres, a timeless clothing brand with a minimalist essence

Mexican fashion is reinvented through Avila Sotres, a brand that highlights the purest beauty of each woman with its timeless clothing line. Discover it!


The Yucatan Peninsula is characterized by its beautiful towns and warm climate, which invite you to relax and find the peace you long for. Avila Sotres was born to help you fulfill this purpose through its timeless clothing line.

The magic of Avila Sotres lies in its minimalist, ethical and durable designs, which we present to you below!


Discover the world of Avila Sotres

Avila Sotres is a brand originally from Yucatán, Mexico and created by the talented Anabel Ávila, who captures all her expertise in the world of fashion in this project and shares it with love and responsibility.

This Mexican brand is characterized by its original designs and natural fiber fabrics that it uses in the creation of each one of its pieces to reduce the environmental impact without sacrificing its minimalist style.




Functionality, sustainability, and style

When Anabel created her brand, she wanted it to reflect her style and ideals. She comments that a large part of her closet is built from clothes that belonged to her mother, to give clothing responsible use and much longer life cycles that allow it to reduce its impact on the environment.

For this reason, Avila Sotres's timeless clothing line has a classic style that can be maintained generation after generation and is made with natural fibers such as linen or cotton, which do not alter the ecosystem.

Similarly, their collections are limited, which means that few products are created to avoid overproduction and waste of materials.



Minimalist outfits with Avila Sotres

Sometimes we think that ethical fashion limits us when creating great outfits, however, Avila Sotres is here to disprove this and many other myths around sustainable fashion.

The pieces of this brand have an elegant and minimalist style, which allows you to create a greater number of looks with the same number of garments. Whether for the office, your vacations, or a weekend in the city, Avila Sotres garments are the best option.


Outfit 1: Elena Jumper

Simple cuts and straight silhouettes will always look good as they suit all body types and can be styled fabulously.

To create this look we suggest the Elena Jumper, which has a loose shape for greater comfort during the day. You can use it with sandals, if you are in a place with hot weather, or you can complement it with sneakers and a leather jacket to use it during the autumn days.


Outfit 2: Irene Dress

The Irene dress has become one of Avila Sotres's best-sellers thanks to its classic colors, "A" silhouettes, and the minimalist style that allows you to wear it anywhere.

This is a piece that you have to take to your next beach vacation because, in addition to a timeless style, it has a cool cut on the back that will help you stay free from the heat.


Outfit 3: Lili Silk Pant

If what you are looking for is a comfortable and casual look, the Lili Silk pants from Avila Sotres will help you achieve it.

This garment is so versatile that you can use it for a formal outfit (accompanied by a white shirt) or casual (with t-shirts, tennis shoes and denim jackets). It all depends on you and your style. Which do you prefer?



With Avila Sotres you don't have to choose between quality and style, because all of its garments are made by artisan women from Yucatan and with natural fiber fabrics ethical materials that respect every part of nature.

The time has come to experience the sustainable style with Avila Sotres!

Find its timeless clothing collection at On Post!


By Diana Mendoza


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