The trend of the 90s: Platform Loafers

The trend of the 90s: Platform Loafers

The style of the 90s is the best of this season, platform loafers are invading street style and the most important catwalks.

Platform loafers are the most amazing shoes to wear during the fall, learn how to combine them and take a chance on this look.


The style of the 90s is back with the platform loafers

It seems that it was yesterday when we were living in the time of the 90s and every year fashion returns with trends that our older sisters used or if you grew up during the 90s you surely remember the platform loafers. Let your memory refresh a little, the style of the 90s is synonymous with comfort and simplicity.

A clear example of the fashion of the 90s in pop culture, is the sitcom Friends. A group of friends in their thirties who lived in an apartment building in New York,watching that TV series we realized that the style of the 90s was totally for everyday life, because basic garments were used such as: biker shorts, oversize sweatshirts, plaid miniskirts, tops and t-shirts with fun prints, tennis and the fantastic platform loafers.



The style of the 90s was influenced by musical styles such as grunge and rap, achieving a totally urban and different aesthetic. However, the shoes that became more popular were the platform loafers, they were seen everywhere and icons of the time wore them,such as supermodel Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston and teenage diva Alicia Silverstone.

Fall fashion has surprised us with new proposals to look fabulous during the coldest days,if you want to put aside the heels and opt for comfort 24/7 the platform loafers will become your favorite shoes and you can create the best looks. This season the platform loafers are basic and indispensable in our closet, with them your favorite garments will have a chic and different touch. 

Fashion brands like Prada and Gucci have chosen to create a collection of platform loafers for the fall season and it's definitely love at first sight!




Types of platform loafers 

If you want to start wearing these comfortable and versatile platform loafers, you should know the main features when choosing a pair that suits your personality. Let's start!

Platform loafers always have wide soles, which gives you all the way to wear them and stylized your figure in the same way as heels, but these shoes are more comfortable.

Size of your feet: When choosing platform loafers we must take into account if we use them with thick socks or stockings, that is why we must always buy a size a larger number than we usually use so that they do not stay too tight and hurt us when walking. 

Design: When using platform loafers we will always have an elegant and chic style, we can find them in different colors such as black, white, beige or burgundy color.

Prints and ornaments: Platform loafers have become the protagonists of street style for their versatility in terms of style and prints, if you are looking to change your outfit completely you can look for crocodile and patent leather prints.

Materials: You can find platform loafers in leather and synthetic materials such as suede or rubber, remember to choose comfort first and then style for you to use for a long time.

Chains: The most beautiful thing about platform loafers is that they have these ornaments in gold and silver color. They will make you look modern and sophisticated at the same time.They are also easy to combine with other garments in your closet such as T-shirts, tops and wide leg pants.




Platform loafers the best outfit ideas 

Platform loafers are the must have of this season, today we will give you some recommendations of outfits and style ideas for you to join this trend who love it girls and influencers such as Kendall Jenner and Olivia Palermo.

Outfit 1: If you want to have the style of the 90s you can combine the platform loafers with the Izzie Pants by Lésem and add the print T-shirt Miller by Lavi Majo Lavi. Accessories are important, you can wear a bucket hat in beige and complement the whole look with the earrings Minimalist Linear Pearl by Viviane Guenoun. A small bag will make the perfect match, the Ojo Bag by For Public Display is the best option and will crown you as the queen of style!



 Outfit 2: If you love the sporty chic style you will love this look with platform loafers, you can wear the Black Biker Short by Simples and the Big Oversize in White by Macondia. If you are looking for comfort and a lot of style, the Simples brand collection is ideal for the most fashionable girls in the city.

I keep insisting on the versatility that platform loafers have and you will really fall in love with them as much as I do, as they look amazing with maxi earrings and hoops style. You can use the Doble Plata by Iconique and you will achieve an avant-garde look!



Outfit 3: To have the style of the 90s it is also important to create a colorful makeup you can use shadows in pastel tones, shades of glitter or eyeliner in neon tones such as yellow and blue.If you are looking for a more girly and glamorous outfit, combine your platform loafers with pants Flare Bacall by Kadu that will make a fabulous mix and match with the top Ica Fucsia by Muna The Label. Don't forget to use this beautiful bag, add the Valeria Nude Top Handle by Eva Innocenti and you will be ready to capture everyone's eyes!




Start the autumn season with some amazing platform loafers and the best style, only in On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 

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