Black Lingerie: A ritual to embrace our beauty

Black Lingerie: A ritual to embrace our beauty

For many years, there were different taboos about black lingerie, today women decide more freely the type and color of our underwear. Discover how to use it as part of the ritual of feeling confident, empowered and sexy from the inside. 

We could say that the Fetishcore trend is one of the reasons why black lingerie is booming, but to tell the truth for a long time now we have been observing the evolution of what was once worn as protection and hygiene, into an important part of our clothing capable of changing our  mood. 

The underwear, which is worn in most cases and if you like it, almost like a secret, unlike what we had been led to believe, being valid that you practice it, is that it was made to provoke our partner, and that only she could see it, many women wore uncomfortable lingerie just to follow this allegation. Times have changed, the female empowerment has been transforming that belief, thus reaching the point of proposing to dress and seduce ourselves. 



The ritual of black lingerie to feel confident, celebrate ourselves, embrace and admire our beauty, does not have to have a sexual connotation, and the fact that your underwear is sensual or not, does not mean you are less valuable, the concept of this speech is that you feel pretty for you, that you observe how wonderful your body is, and find the lingerie that makes you feel comfortable, a goddess and most importantly, you. 

Currently, there are proposals that suggest us to wear garments that were previously used only inside as outer pieces in our looks, as we always say, this is a matter of taste, it is not mandatory to join a trend just to join, this will depend on your style and tastes.

Black Lingerie as outerwear

Previously we have told you about garments like corset, bustier and lingerie dresses etc. However, there are other pieces that are worn outdoors, having the balance of sexy and elegant.



Garters, we have seen them in more gothic styles, but the proposal that this garment is shown can become tender and sensual, if you like textiles such as lace with bows in the design, wear them with a tweed or leather mini to create a balance. 

Bralettes, the comfortable version of bras, do not have an underwire and can be found in different materials, satin, lace, mesh, etc. Whether you wear them with transparent garments or with shirts and blouses with plunging necklines, not to mention that you can wear them as tops, this is up to you.

Body's, these we can find in different designs, with a touch more lingerie, or as blouses tight to the body, the advantage of these pieces is that its silhouette makes you feel confident. Combine them with jeans or skirts.

Black Lingerie that you will find in our collection

Just as we have reviewed black lingerie, it is as elemental as sexy. There is nothing that makes us feel more confident than dressing up for ourselves, wearing garments that make us feel beautiful, confident and sensual without having to wear them on the outside, discover some pieces you can find in our collection. 



One of the moments we should feel most comfortable is when exercising, finding comfort and support with Top Banff from Lhasa Fitwear. This black bra, with cut out design in the back that gives it a sexy touch, will be your ally in your routine. 

It is understandable that the trend of wearing underwear as outerwear does not convince us all at first impression, but experimenting and daring can give good results, as we always suggest you to start with small steps is an excellent option if you are looking for risky proposals. Try with garments that carry a small tinge of this trend, TYRA KNIT CORSET by Lesém is a long-sleeved black blouse with integrated corset, ideal for cold days when you are looking for a piece with a sexy touch.  Wear it with leather pants or wide leg jeans. 

If you consider yourself an expert in wearing this type of garments, a basic that can't be missed in your closet is ALEX CORSET BLACK from the same firm. This black corset with mountable straps will help you create incredible outfits. Wear it in monochromatic looks or with jeans, no doubt this piece gives us sensuality and elegance. 



Having black lingerie ensures us to have versatile, easy to combine and infallible garments. In the case of swimwear is no different, so we recommend you take  account this color either in a set or invest in interchangeable pieces, such is the case of ORION TOP of Ola Azul Swimwear, triangle design and a metallic detail of the same shape in the center, guarantees comfort and will make excellent match with any other bottom. 

We know that among the most sensual textiles is the lace, its translucent design with fine embroidery has become the material par excellence to give that sexy touch, having a black lace pantie that you like, is comfortable and makes you feel like a goddess will change your mood on days when you do not feel so cheerful TALIA BLACK by La Plume, is the underwear that celebrates and highlights your beauty, made of cotton and lace around, with a delta cut for maximum comfort. 



Suggesting as a ritual to wear black lingerie so that it empowers us and makes us feel beautiful is just one of the options we can practice taking care of ourselves, take care of ourselves and love ourselves. Find the garments that suit you, change your mood and make you feel like a goddess in every way.

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By Katia García

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