Sweatshirt: A comfortable garment to a street style essentials

Sweatshirt: A comfortable garment to a street style essentials

One of the garments that most encompasses comfort is undoubtedly the sweatshirt, previously a piece that was considered informal or exclusive to athletes has managed to open the way and hand in hand with current trends, has earned a place in the street style. 

The origin of the sweatshirt dates back to the 19th century in France, where it was designed as a uniform for vegetable sellers. From there, the term Chándal would arise, referring to the garlic merchant, marchand d'ail.



In 1926, thanks to Benjamin Russell, it would become a garment designed for soccer players, as his son, who played this sport at the University of Alabama, complained that the wool sweaters were uncomfortable, but by changing them for soft cotton, the design was so successful that they began to be marketed throughout the country. The hooded silhouette did not arrive until a few years later, thanks to Champion. 

In addition to being a sports icon, the hoodie was also adopted by urban culture, with hip-hop and breakdance fans wearing it as a significant part of their wardrobe. 

One of the first personalities to experiment with less casual looks with the sweatshirt was Princess Diana, wearing it with a blazer and cowboy boots. 

The jump to street style, after considering it an impossible piece to be stylized, came proposals such as Athleisure, which invited us to make combinations with opposite garments, today we can find sweatshirts with different designs to those we were used to seeing, balancing the comfort it still provides but with style. 


Stylish Sweatshirt combinations

If you're still wondering how to style a sweatshirt in a non-sporty look, we'll share with you some ideas of combinations you can create with it and splurge on style.

As a second garment in layered outfits: Wear your sweatshirt over a white shirt and add a leather jacket, sartorial wide-leg pants and loafers. You create a perfect balance. 

Replace the basic t-shirt with a sweatshirt: Create an outfit with this piece and a midi skirt, the extra will be to add a blazer, ankle boots, you will look chic. 



How a dress and boots: One of the celebrities who showed us how this outfit works is Ariana Grande, who has worn it with over-the-knee boots. Add a trendy bag, and you are ready for street style.

Pop of color: We suggest adding a vibrant colored sweatshirt to your neutral-toned ensembles, or if you're a risk-taker, wear an almost monochromatic look in one and contrast the color of the hoodie with another.

Sweatshirt you can get at On Post

As we have observed, the sweatshirt is one of the essential comfortable garments in our closet. If you are looking for a new one, or you would like to know the proposals that Latin American brands have for you of this piece, then we will mention some sweatshirts that you can find in our collection all from Simples, plus a tip to style them. 

Simples is a brand that proposes to dress with style, without forgetting the comfort, using quality materials, their garments are made with 100% Peruvian cotton. It invites living with simplicity and enjoy the little things. With a philosophy that promotes that the simpler you dress, the freer you will be. Keep it simple, keep it fresh and keep it cool.



Within its repertoire, this firm offers us a particular design of sweatshirt, which consists of a polo neck, we can find them in four different colors, this time we will focus on two of them, pink and navy blue. These are unisex garments, which have two buttons on the collar, ideal for wearing with shorts or baggy pants or create bold looks with clothes that might seem opposites.

Navy Blue Sweatshirt, we have thought of a look with wide leg pants and high waist in the same color, combine it with triangular toe heeled boots in white or sneakers, the final touch will be to add a camel coat, these three shades go great together. 



Dare with a combination of bright colors for this winter, wear Pink Sweatshirt with a garment in orange tones, consider a midi skirt, add some stilettos also in pink, you will get a casual chic look. 

Black Hoodie, is another of the designs that you can find in our compilation, with hood and a basic silhouette, create a total black outfit, with it, combine it with a leather jacket and ankle boots of this color.

As a bonus, we have selected three garments for you to style your look in case you already have a sweatshirt, and you are looking for ideas or pieces to complete it.

We know that with the sweatshirt we usually look for comfort sets, so Beta Jogger Pants by Lhasa Fitwear, is ideal to compliment your outfit, its knitted fabric and knit, will create a contrast that works perfectly, dare to wear it with stilettos or strappy sandals with high heels. 

Another similar pants with essential fabric are Sientochenta Denim Jogger, in a light tone, with spring and adjustable straps, the goal of comfort is not left behind, if you have a short sweatshirt, this bottom will be a great ally, add a plaid overshirt and combat boots or ankle boots track. 



Finally, we can not talk about comfort without mentioning the footwear that represents it, Margie Sneakers by Alta, they have a platform with a nineties touch, in white with animal print details, sections in pink, gray and black. Pair them with wide leg pants and your favorite sweatshirt. 

Find your next sweatshirt at On Post, plus many other on-trend pieces and tips to style your looks. 


By Katia García

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