How to wear pearl sandals

How to wear pearl sandals

Sand, sun and pearl sandals are the perfect combination to look like an it girl during your vacations.

Learn how to combine the fabulous pearl sandals with your favorite garments and the most iconic accessories of the season. 


Pearl sandals a luxury footwear

That season has arrived where we seek to look comfortable and fresh, so we are looking for footwear that gives us all those qualities but what will be the option that will save us from that fashion emergency? In order not to continue generating more doubts, today we will talk about the pearl sandals. 



If you love the classic style of wearing pearls everywhere, pearl sandals are the best option for you. Pearls are that trend that will never go out of style and that was imposed by the legendary Coco Chanel with her famous pearl necklace and her most glamorous collection of earrings, we grew up with the style of wearing pearls in our outfits. Our mothers and grandmothers wore them elegantly on multiple occasions, pearls have left us a great legacy within the history of fashion and if we add them to sandals the result will undoubtedly be fabulous! 

Pearl sandals are a timeless footwear that combine elegance and youth, at the time of wearing them you can reinvent your outfit and you will capture the eyes of everyone in street style. Celebrities such as Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez and Elle Fanning this sophisticated trend to their most outstanding outfits. 

The sandal season has made us fall in love! If you are looking for a minimalist and chic outfit, you can find pearl sandals in different styles: with square heels, platforms, with straps, with brooches and also in their flat version. They also exist in different shades of white and neutral colors such as beige mainly, with pearl sandals you can create monochromatic looks and also join the color block trend and combine other basic garments with more vibrant colors for example, you can combine colors such as yellow, blue, pink and red. 

Pearl sandals can be combined with other basic garments such as skinny jeans, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits and accessories such as maxi earrings or trendy bags. According to your personality and style, pearl sandals will give a classic and innovative twist to your look during the sunniest days. 




Pearl sandals the best styling tips

If you want to start using pearl sandals either to enjoy the beach or the city you must take into consideration the following tips so that your feet and your favorite clothes look amazing with them on. Let's start with these fancy recommendations! 

Beautiful and soft feet: When wearing all kinds of sandals your feet will be exposed to all possible climates, that's why we recommend moisturizing your feet with exfoliating creams and making a perfect match with the color of enamel that you like the most. For example, if you are going to wear pearl sandals a nice red enamel will always look bright and classic.

Dresses in all their presentations: If you like the bohemian chic style, you can combine pearl sandals with dresses that you have saved in your closet. However, the look we love so much is to wear sandals with maxi dresses, you will have a romantic and comfortable look.

Jumpsuits: There is nothing more comfortable than wearing a jumpsuit and if you add some pearl sandals you will have a winning combination.

Formal clothing: try to wear sandals in solid colors and that have a well-defined structure; that are simple and elegant sandals like pearl sandals.Your outfit can be solid colors or play with gradients, and try to make them formal harmonious combinations.




3 Ways how to wear pearl sandals 

If you have fallen in love with pearl sandals and want to start using them in your daily routine, today you will know the best options of outfits to make you look elegant and comfortable at the same time.

Summer girl: Sunny days are beautiful and provide us with vitamin D, which will make us look radiant in every way.If you want to have a natural shine and that adapts to your outfit, you can wear the dress Jacinta Ivory by Ephedra with some pearl sandals, and add the trendy bag Minca by Camila Mesar. You will achieve a look in harmony with the colors white and beige, do not forget to use the earrings Sequence by Daniela Millan. 




Vintage style: If you are looking for a total look in white the Oasis by Blanca Pukara dress with pearl sandals will make you look like a diva! To protect yourself from the sun you can wear the hat Grey Jesus by Malau and the earrings Long Silver With White Crystals by Iconique, don't forget to take with you a bag to carry your most essential accessories, for example you can use the Ivory Dalia by Malau,you will have an outfit ready to go to brunch with friends on the weekend. 

Cosmo and sexy: If you love being in the city and are looking to have a look to take many selfies worthy of instagram, you can wear the pearl sandals with the short Augur Arena by Naos and the satin lilac blouse Greta by Geraldine García. Combine the colors that are in trend such as Lavender and Quetzal green, you can use the trendy bag Valeria Green Top Handle by Eva Innocenti and the Gabriella earrings by MIM.



Remember that pearl sandals make you look glamorous in every way and will make your favorite clothes stand out. Find your accessories and trendy bags, only in On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 



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