Mom Jeans: A new modern classic for this season

Mom Jeans: A new modern classic for this season

Forget skinny jeans, the trend of the moment is mom jeans. You're going to want more than a couple to wear them in different seasons of the year.

Find out why they are known as Mom Jeans and why they obsess us so much. You can also create the most elegant and stylish outfits with the garments of the On Post collection, continue reading this article so that you look like an it girl.


What are Mom Jeans?

Who hasn't had more than a pair of jeans in their closet? Today I will talk about one of the most sought-after trends for this season: mom jeans. These pants were worn by our moms and sisters during the 90s, however they have returned to street style bringing us nostalgia for that time, where fashion was comfortable and quite functional.



Denim jeans have been part of our lives since the nineteenth century thanks to the entrepreneurship of Levi Strauss who managed to make the world fall in love with the most revolutionary garment in the history of fashion: denim jeans. Levi Strauss had a retail company selling materials for miners, however he made the first denim jeans with rivets and pockets for daily use for miners and cowboys became a working tool.

Over the years jeans have been reinvented and taken on many styles: from baggy, wide legged, skinny, straight and mom jeans that are stealing the heart of the influencers and celebrities of the moment such as  Hailey Bieber, Lizzo, Dakota Jhonson and Selena Gómez. It is true that mom jeans have been crowned as one of the chicest trends for this season, so I recommend that you do not stop wearing them because during 2023 they will continue to steal looks in spring and summer, as we saw in the Ralph Lauren spring collection.

Mom jeans are those garments that favor all body types and that you can also combine with other garments to create formal or casual looks. But how can you differentiate mom jeans from baggy jeans? The answer is easy, to identify them the mom cut features a high waist and long zipper. 

Mom jeans offer a wide leg and often makes you look taller, and it is a feminine alternative to the more relaxed boyfriend silhouette. These typically come in the classic blue color, black, light blue or sometimes gray or with rips, but they look just as great with a bit of wear.  

With mom jeans you can attend a brunch as a romantic date at night and still look amazing, keep in mind the following style recommendations to achieve a catwalk outfit.


Different styles of Mom Jeans

If you love the style of the 90s mom jeans are ideal for you, they are super comfortable and with their high waist you can wear all kinds of blouses, tops, t-shirts and even turtleneck sweaters. You can find them with folds, conical legs or elastic waists.

Today you will know the different styles of mom jeans that you can find and that you will surely love to complete your looks of the week.



Ripped Mom Jeans: With a total style to the grunge of the 90s these pants come torn at the knees or thigh. They will look fabulous if you combine them with combat boots, stilettos or high-heeled sandals. 

Baggy Mom Jeans: As one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans, the baggy mom silhouette takes your outfit to the next level. Featuring a tapered waist and wider legs, you can complete the look with a tight top and oversized jacket

Black Mom Jeans: Undoubtedly one of the colors that can not miss in your closet is the color black, with mom jeans in this color you can create the most formal outfits and that will raise your look in minutes. You can combine them with blazers or coats to look more sophisticated during the winter season.

Blue Mom Jeans: Classics par excellence, these mom jeans in blue color will become your favorites.These pants will make you stand out anywhere, wearing basic garments such as t-shirts, sweaters or ankle boots. A look that I love when wearing mom jeans in this color, is combining them with a white shirt, black leather ankle boots, denim jacket and gold accessories very James Dean style but catwalk.

Light Blue Mom Jeans:  Add a fresh and summery twist to your casual outfit with a pair of light blue mom jeans. Whether you’re on your way to the office or brunch with friends, this is a timeless option for any situation. 

I recommend wearing it with a white T-shirt and oversized blazer for an 80s inspired feel or with a chunky bright sweater, a nice pair of sneakers and a pocket bag to stay warm and cute. Remember that during the winter you can look fabulous but without freezing, wearing many layers of clothing from sweaters to puffer jackets.


How to Style Your Mom's Jeans

Mom jeans are our best allies when we do not know what to wear and without much effort will elevate your looks. They are also versatile and you can wear them throughout the year in different seasons, but adding your personal stamp.

Mom jeans in blue and black are essential and basic to help us look fabulous if we have a fashion emergency, so today you are in luck because I brought you two ideas with these styles of jeans. Are you ready to succeed in street style? 

Black Mom Jeans Outfit: As I mentioned before, black mom jeans are essential in the closet and will help you in any situation. For example, you can wear the Your Cute Jeans Black by Lésem along with the white shirt Sandra by Carolina Estefan, you will be able to arrive at the office in an elegant manner.



These jeans always look good with ankle boots, I recommend you wear Malévola by Galeanna along with the earrings Ocean by Daniela Millan, and so you don't get cold, put on the coat Sumaq by Jenny Duarte. 

Blue Mom Jeans Outfit: Plans for the weekend and don't know what to wear? Blue mom jeans will always save the day. You can wear them with all kinds of shoes, but as we are in winter some combat boots are a good idea to stay comfortable. I recommend wearing Mariane by Elán with the sweater Olas Black & Ivory by Muna The Label.

To finish this great look, wear the blue mom jeans Your Cute Jeans Blue by Lésem with the coolest accessories such as Romeo and Juliet earrings by las Meninas and the cherry red bag Pensamiento by Camila Mesar. 



What kind of mom jeans are you going to choose for today? Share the style of being yourself this season with the On Post collection.


By Melissa Zanini

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