Silk Sleepwear: Comfort and Style for Bedtime

Silk Sleepwear: Comfort and Style for Bedtime

Choosing our look of the day also depends on the mood in which we are, and we want to express, the same goes for sleepwear. Opting for silk clothes is an excellent idea, besides giving you comfort, it can also give you a stylish look, worthy of street style.

Wearing comfortable garments such as sleepwear was a styling that was sharpened after the passage of the pandemic, this legacy that Coco Chanel gave us has been a practice of many celebrities and it girls.



One of the most convenient materials for comfortable clothing is silk, this friendly fabric with your skin thanks to its resistance to microbes or bacteria, besides being pleasant to the touch, has an unparalleled fall, so the garments made with this provide immediate styling to the wearer. 

Silk sleepwear is one of the most chosen to wear in daring outdoor looks. Although it seems that as a relaxed look is easy to complement, there are certain recommendations for a winning outfit. 

Tips to wear silk sleepwear and look sophisticated:

Material, this is of utmost importance, it will not be the same result if you decide to style flannel pajamas to a silk one, not that it will not work, but the silk sleepwear, has features such as its fall and the way it adapts to the body. 

  • Shoes, the shoes you wear with your comfy outfit will be your allies at the moment of communicating what you are looking for, it is possible to wear it with heeled sandals, stilettos and even sneakers, in case you want to give it the casual touch.
  • Accessories, as in most of the outfits that we seek to stylize, accessories play an essential role, jewelry, scarves, hats, hats, trendy bags, will make a big difference if you do not wear.
  • Compliment with other garments, if you are not convinced to wear a complete silk sleepwear set, you can always balance with another piece, you have two alternatives to create a number of looks.



There are no rules, but what better than to be inspired by the best practices of fashion experts, celebrities and it girls, rocking the street style with silk sleepwear.

Celebrities who style Silk Sleepwear in the chicest of ways

Some of the celebrities who have dared to wear a comfortable outfit even on red carpets, dictating the way forward to risk wearing silk sleepwear and look chic.

Model Gigi Hadid knows how to wear a classic striped ensemble, the two-piece set, a pair of pants and long-sleeved shirt in green, the element that immediately elevates her outfit, are high-heeled sandals with thin straps. 

Selena Gomez, is another celebrity who has very clear how to change the meaning of silk sleepwear, wearing black stilettos and a maxi robe.



Nina Dobrev, opted for a more formal outfit in pink and details of rhinestones, the crossed shirt had a bow that was tied in a bow on the side, the actress stylized with a clutch bag, hoops and heeled sandals in silver tone.

Recently Billie Eilish posed on the red carpet of the LACMA Annual Art + Film Gala at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, wearing Gucci pajamas, even though the singer went for a total sleep look, wearing a mask and even a blanket from the Italian brand, her choice is a sample of how you can bet on a daring outfit including formal events, as long as you respect the etiquette of the same.


Looks with Silk Sleepwear that you can find at On Post 

In the On Post collection you can find sleepwear ideal for styling into amazing looks, meet the Muun Sleepwear brand.

A great alternative to feel comfortable while spending a quiet day at home and also create amazing outfits is silk sleepwear with an animal print.

Wear Zebra Santorini with wide leg leather pants or a black midi skirt. For footwear, dare to try metallic shoes. 

Wear the complete set, adding a maxi coat and strappy heeled sandals, over-the-knee boots will also make you look like a rock star.



The next option is perfect for your beach vacation, while keeping you cool at the same time, Satorini Bahamas Set, has a tropical print ideal to use as a dual-purpose garment, wear the top of the set as an overshirt, with a sarong or denim shorts. Or wear the bottom of this with a corset top, this alternative will look just as chic if you add the shirt of the set open, add some platform sandals.

On the other hand if you already have your silk sleepwear, and you are looking for accessories, what better way to elevate your look, looking sophisticated with a scarf tied as did the movie actresses of the golden age, the prints of the Infinita Black Butterfly Land Scarf, will make you stand out. Wear it with an outfit in neutral colors, you may contrast it with another print, take it easy and if you still do not feel ready to wear two flashy prints, it is advisable to combine it with plain garments.

If what you prefer is a comfortable outfit from head to toe, basic sneakers are a great bet, Equus Classic White by Alta, will be your allies to wear an effortless look, but with a lot of style. Wear them with a flared ankle pant set.

On-trend clothing and outfit styling ideas only at On Post!

By Katia García

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