Bikini Bottoms: A basic garment for your next vacations

Bikini Bottoms: A basic garment for your next vacations

For many the vacation season is approaching, if the destination you are going to is a paradisiacal place with beach, you will have to pack a pair of swimsuits and with them the bikini bottoms will not be missing, know which are the must-haves of the On Post collection.

We know that the choice of swimsuit is a whole topic, but when choosing this type of sets the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and safe, that is, the probability of a wave can always be high and what we are looking for is not to have any inconvenience with our bikini bottoms. 

Now there is a lot of talk about the beach body and how it should be worked during the year or months prior to the vacation, but we have news for you, you only need two simple steps for the beach body, have a body and go to the beach, if you comply with this you are ready to enjoy. 

If what you are looking for is a swimsuit that highlights your attributes and fits your body, there are certain cuts that favor you according to your complexion for which you can lean, this will depend on whether you like them and make you feel safe, plus if you like to follow trends, you can know the proposals that are booming and be fashionable even on the beach.


Types of Bikini Bottoms to highlight your attributes

Here are some suggestions on the types of bikini bottoms you can opt for depending on certain features of your body, if you are looking to highlight any part of it and how to create winning combinations with them. 

If you consider that your hips are narrow, and you would like to make them look bigger, ruffled designs are ideas to create volume in this area without leaving behind that they look super cute.

The high waist is an option that suits everyone, it is functional if you are short and want to show off your legs, or if you like to show off your curves, this is an excellent option that will define your waist and will fit your hips making you look sensual.

If you are looking for a longer waist, the ideal is to opt for a low waist bikini bottom, whether you choose those that tie on the side or a traditional one.


Bikini Bottoms Style Guide

After these little tips to help you choose your bikini bottoms according to the part of your body you want to highlight, here is the guide according to their characteristics, find your style and look on fire on the beach.

Cut out: This trend also took the swimsuits, wearing a bikini bottom with this design automatically makes it sexier.

High leg: This silhouette that went viral thanks to the Kardashian-Jenner clan is still booming, we can't deny that we love this retro vibe that makes you look sensational.

Tied on the side: This proposal is fabulous, because it adapts to everybody, no doubt this more than a trend is a classic. 

High waist: As already mentioned is one of the options that favors all, you can go for the most sensual or comfortable version, it's up to you.

Thong: This is still ideal if you are looking for a tan with high coverage, it may be tiny, but there are designs for all styles.

Cheeky: High cut in the back, covers more than the thong bikini, this is a great choice if you are looking for something that shows but not as much.

Classic: Sits in the middle of the cheeky cut and shorts, has the same coverage as the panties.

Low waist, these usually go below the hip bone or above it.

On Post's proposal for Bikini Bottoms

At this point you probably already feel the sun on your skin and the sand on your feet, if it's time to pack your suitcase, and you still don't have your bikini bottoms ready, check out the following options we have in our collection.

We are tired of mentioning how wonderful the high waist bikini bottom is, but  LUCIA BIKINI BOTTOM by Carolina Estefan has a plus that you can't refuse, and you will die to wear it. With a print in pink, orange and white colors, it is ideal to wear it as a set or with a top that matches its colors, you will feel comfortable and stylish. 



RAISA BOTTOM by Ola Azul Swimwear is a low waist orange bikini that will match your tan, its components make it adaptable to the body in such a way that you will feel it like a second skin.

Ilora has for you ELLA BOTTOM,  this panty in brown with glitter, makes it an exceptional option, it will make you stand out and dazzle with your attributes on the beach, also low waist, it creates an illusion of a longer waist, its versatility allows you to wear it with different tops creating incredible combinations.

Vacations are a time to disconnect and have fun, so we recommend you always opt for clothes that make you feel comfortable, but more importantly that you feel you, leave behind the prejudices you have about your body, remember that each one is beautiful. Get ready to enjoy the beach, the nature with the bikini bottoms that you like the most. 

Find incredible options of trendy garments at On Post!


By Katia García

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