The Zimmermann dress: Avant-garde and beautiful

The Zimmermann dress: Avant-garde and beautiful

What is the Zimmermann dress and how to wear it? Get to know the details of this peculiar design and combine it with the most beautiful shoes and bags of the season.

The Zimmermann dress has a style difficult to forget, we can find it with floral prints and many ruffles to have a more dynamic and fun silhouette.


The Zimmermann dress is innovation and love for fashion 

The love for fashion and sisterhood have made the Zimmermann dress positioned as one of the best designs created in the fashion and haute couture industry. The Zimmermann dress is known for being elegant, feminine and made with delicate fabrics such as silk and linen.



The origin of the Zimmermann brand began in Sydney, Australia in 1991. Designer Nicky Zimmerman studied fashion design at the Sydney Institute TAFE Fashion Design Studio and one of her concerns was to create glamorous and comfortable beachwear such as dresses, swimsuits and accessories. During her early days as a designer, Nicky Zimmermann started selling her dresses at Paddington Market, a popular place in Sydney.

Her sister Simone Zimmermann began helping Nicky with the sale of Zimmerman dresses, but it was still a totally new and anonymous proposal. So they decided to start a business together and that's how the brand started with designs for friends and family until it was one of the most recognized brands in the luxury brand market. 



To this day, the identity of the brand retains that youthful, cheerful and sophisticated style to use it also on other more casual occasions. A friend of Nicky's who worked at Vogue Australia was fascinated by the proposal of the Zimmermann dress and the entire collection, Nicky's friend took the proposal to the offices of Vogue and from that moment only successes have been reaped. Finally the entire collection of Nicky Zimmermann was approved and the first store was opened in 1992.

In 2011 the Zimmermann brand began to go global and opened its first store in Miami, Florida. They currently have around 27 stores in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States mainly. Why is the Zimmermann dress so special? In addition to being feminine and with vintage touches to create a romantic look, it is avant-garde and modern at the same time.

The Zimmermann dress can be found with ruffles, textures such as crochet, fabrics such as linen, satin and polyester. The most beautiful thing about the Zimmermann dress is the wide variety of styles they have on their necklines: there is the design with v-neck, Victorian neck cut, with buttons in front or asymmetrical parts. The most common colors of this exquisite dress are neutral, pastel and many floral prints.

Since the Zimmermann brand arrived in the United States it took over street style, celebrities and supermodels such as Beyoncé, Margot Robbie, Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner have adopted the Zimmermann dress as one of their favorites. However, in the UK the most fashionable royals such as the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, They have chosen elegant and discreet designs in white of the Zimmermann dress for important celebrations at Buckingham Palace and visits to the beach.

In addition to Zimmermann dresses, in its collection you can find blazers, skirts, shoes and flirtatious accessories such as necklaces, sunglasses, jewelry and bags to look fabulous and ready to shine on every occasion. What are you waiting for to join the Zimmermann dress trend?




How to style a Zimmermann dress 

With the Zimmermann dress you can create a wide variety of ready-to-wear looks at a casual party, dinner or to go to the office in a glamorous and chic way. Today we will give you some recommendations of outfits to combine with the most trendy bags and earrings with a lot of style. Let's start with these fabulous tips!

Look to shine like a star: If you have already fallen in love with the Zimmermann dress and want to start wearing it, you can wear the Viche Lady Dress by Lirio Morelo with the fabulous ankle boots  Galaxy Boots by Galeanna. Remember that to make the dress stand out, preferably use small and discreet accessories, you can use the White Zirconia Small Petal by Iconique earrings and add the trendy bag Blue Ivory by Malau. You will look gorgeous  and have a cosmopolitan outfit that you can wear in different seasons.



One of the Colombian brands that are choosing to add the style of the Zimmermann dress to their collections is Lirio Morelo, surprise yourself with its innovative and wonderful designs with a wide range of colors and prints that will remind you of the beauty of nature.

Look for a funny afternoon: The Zimmermann dress is ideal for all kinds of events as we have already mentioned before. If you are looking for an afternoon of fun with your friends but with a lot of style you can wear the dress Viche Dress Woking Season by Lirio Morelo. You can experiment with footwear by creating harmony between the pastel colors of the dress and wear these beautiful Bubble Verde Botella sandals by Galeanna.



If you love large and shiny earrings you can use the Roberto by las Meninas earrings and add the trendy bag Blue Swing Bag by Jetlagmode, If the weather has become cold, a sweater will always be the best option to match the Zimmermann dress, you can wear the Musgo cardigan by Iris Arco Knitwear. 

The Zimmermann dress looks fabulous in any season, don't forget to start the autumn with a lot of glamour and the best style!Find the chicest dresses only in On Post!




By Melissa Zanini 

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