Jenny Duarte, a Peruvian brand that explores the 'Parisian style clothing'

Jenny Duarte, a Peruvian brand that explores the 'Parisian style clothing'

Jenny Duarte is a brand that, with more than 23 years of experience, has established itself as one of the favorites to create garments that pay homage to Parisian style clothing. Discover it!

French fashion has been one of the pioneers in this industry and one of the most loved. Its elegance, poise, femininity, and design are recognized all over the world, and thanks to the talent of Jenny Duarte, we can find this Parisian style in Latin America.

Discover the project that Jenny Duarte has created in Peru that pays homage to Paris, the capital of fashion!



Knowing the story of Jenny Duarte

Jenny Duarte is a renowned fashion designer from Arequipa, Peru who has taken her talent to a little explored but very enriching dimension such as the Parisian style in Latin America.

From a very young age, she discovered her passion for fashion, which is why she studied it at the Fashion Forum Fashion Design School in Paris. Upon graduating from it, she decided to return to her native country to return a little of the love that he had given her even at a distance from her.

In this way, she decides to launch her clothing brand, which has managed to connect the essence of Paris and Peru through avant-garde, timeless designs of the best quality.

In addition, this magical combination has allowed her to make known to the world the talent of Peruvian artisans who collaborate brilliantly with this brand.


23 years of experience in the Parisian style

Jenny Duarte is a brand inspired by the Parisian fashion style, however, for the creation of its garments, it rescues the talent and resources that its Peruvian land gives her. In this way, the brand does not neglect the interest in preserving its traditions and much less that of the environment.

Natural Peruvian materials are used in each garment - especially alpaca fibers and organic cotton - that meet high-quality standards.

While the haute couture lines are more oriented to the local market, seeking to develop the creativity of their artisans with the elaboration of unique pieces of singular beauty.


 Paris and Latin America united by fashion

Creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship can be felt in each of Jenny Duarte's garments, that's why today we want to share them with you!

Get to know part of its collection with us and discover the rest in our online store!




A coat cannot be missing in your outfits this fall-winter, as it will always work as the perfect accessory and as the quintessential anti-cold fashion garment.

This Jenny Duarte option in an emerald color is perfect for the cold evenings of the season, and its alpaca fibers will keep you warm 24/7.




With a combination of vibrant shades of fuchsia, pink, and coral, and exquisite hummingbird-inspired embroidery, the Q'inti hat is the perfect accessory to enhance any outfit.

And if that wasn't enough, this artistic piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans from Peru. With natural fibers such as baby alpaca yarn and merino wool.



Q'INTI mittens

If there is a delicate and feminine accessory, it is the gloves. We have seen them in countless movies and whenever they appear they are to show us their romantic and luxurious style.

If this season you want to keep your hands warm and in a very chic way, these gloves are your perfect option. Jenny Duarte manages to capture the French essence in a completely different and feminine fashion collection.


Discover everything this brand has for you at On Post!


By Diana Mendoza

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