INFINITA, unisex style with Colombian roots

INFINITA, unisex style with Colombian roots

INFINITA is a unisex-style brand that seeks to connect with people through original textile illustrations that reflect the joy of living in a world of unlimited possibilities.The beauty of life is that everything is possible if you put your mind to it.

INFINITA is a brand that has adopted this thought as its own and has transmitted it to each of its fashion creations.



INFINITA has a social and environmental commitment in its DNA. For this reason, their creations and designs become paths that lead to the creation of a better world through fashion and are also a constant tribute to the wealth of Colombia from different perspectives. Discover a brand with magic and without prejudices!


An infinite world of possibilities

INFINITA is a brand that was born from the deep desire to translate art into fabrics and, in turn, into garments that connect the visual, the color, and the illustrated narrative with unique stories where everyone could feel identified.

INFINITA'S unisex style is the representation of the majesty of the universe, of the exploration of multiple possibilities from fashion, and the desire to show abroad the beauty of the Colombian territory and its importance to the world.



Fashion for everyone

INFINITA is the immensity of the soul, the transformation, the continuity, and the evolution represented through sustainable and inclusive fashion.

For this reason, each of its collections has original textile illustrations, which tell stories differently, emphasizing a fun, colorful, authentic, and genderless style.


A new era of love, color, and energy

INFINITA'S designs stand out for including never-before-seen textile illustrations, which are out of the ordinary and start a new path of self-discovery and sustainability. It should be noted that their garments are also made with the best quality recycled polyester to give them a long life longer.

Get to know some garments from its collection and let each one of them invade you with its vibrant energy!


Infinito Love

The power of love is infinite. For this reason, these pants, through a pink color and a textile illustration 100% designed by INFINITA, pay tribute to one of the most beautiful and strongest emotions in the universe.

Its flames reflect the passion that lives within love, the doves remind us of the peace that true love makes us feel in the heart and the eye graphics are a clear representation of how we connect this feeling through our eyes.



Madre Luna, Padre Sol Negro

The sun and the moon are the strongest duality in the universe, practically indestructible.

One cannot live without the other, that's why these INFINITA pants keep them connected with an original textile illustration, full of color, figures, and stellar stories that you can gradually decipher.


Top Alas

You don't need wings to fly, just this top from INFINITA! Its design is completely cheerful and colorful, which reminds us of the beautiful representative carnivals of Colombia.

In addition, its silhouette and ruffles create the perfect illusion that with each step you are flying toward a world full of freedom, peace, and love.



Kabukimono Identidades

This textile illustration is born from the deep admiration for the Afro and Palenquera women of Colombia. Admiration for its culture, colors, way of seeing life, maintaining its roots, unique beauty, authenticity, and strength.

Hence, this garment not only serves to demonstrate your fresh and modern style but also that it is a banner where the history of each of the women belonging to these communities stands out.

The love and passion for fashion are infinite. Join a world of limitless possibilities and let creativity drive your style today!


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By Diana Mendoza


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