Invest this Black Friday in Mary Jane Shoes

Invest this Black Friday in Mary Jane Shoes

During Black Friday you can find the best discounts and products to renew your closet.If you are looking for a different and flawless style we recommend investing in Mary Jane shoes to wear them throughout the year.

Learn about the origin of Mary Jane shoes and join this super chic trend to create the best outfits with the most incredible garments from the On Post collection.


Invest this Black Friday in Mary Jane shoes

Black Friday is here! It is a great opportunity to know the best discounts and start with your Christmas shopping. Remember that during this day it is important that you invest in basic clothes, shoes and accessories that you really need.




What is Black Friday? Is an informal name used to describe the day after Thanksgiving. It's often the busiest shopping day of the year because it kicks off the holiday season. This day can be crucial for the economy, especially for certain retailers.

Please keep in mind that Black Friday is all about sales and discounts hence, planning all your deals in advance will be an important step to prepare for this day. You must take into account that to enjoy the discounts you have to look in your closet at what clothes or accessories you have already worn out so you can invest in new clothes.

Mary Jane shoes are the best option to invest during this Black Friday, since their design is sophisticated and you can take them to work or for the next holiday season. If you love vintage style with Mary Jane shoes you can achieve it and when combining with other basic garments you will have a catwalk look. Remember that to go shopping this Black Friday you must choose a comfortable and warm outfit. Are you ready to go shopping in style?


What are Mary Jane Shoes?

Mary Jane shoes have a peculiar history, especially evoking our school years and a little our childhood days. This year Mary Jane shoes have become the protagonists of different collections such as Fendi and Gucci. If you want to wear them this season you should know a little about their origin and how you can combine them with other basic garments, they will elevate your look!



Mary Jane shoes have their origin in the 20s, at first they were worn only by boys and girls and are named after the classic story created by Richard Felton Outcault in 1902 Mary Jane was the sister of the protagonist Buster Brown, these flat children's shoes, patent leather and rounded toe were used to go to school, soon after, their great usefulness as dancing shoes such as the Charleston was discovered.

They still maintain their classic cut of closed front and strap fastened on the instep, but we can find them in all colors and models: velvet or synthetic leather, with geometry or glitter, in neutral or gold colors, with vintage aesthetics and of course with heels to stylize and enhance the figure. These iconic shoes combine perfectly with many styles and adapt to all kinds of tastes and looks.

What are you waiting for to wear Mary Jane shoes to create the best outfits for Christmas and New Years Eve?


What to wear with Mary Jane Shoes?

Mary Jane shoes are the sensation of the moment and if you want to look splendid for the holiday season you must have at least more than one pair in super combinable colors such as red, beige and black.Today I bring you some options of outfits that you can wear on different occasions, are you ready?

Pretty in pink: The barbiecore trend is one of the most beautiful to end the year in a colorful way and if you are looking for an elegant touch you can wear Mary Jane shoes in beige like the Brina by Peyola.



If you love the color pink but want to balance it with other garments, I recommend you wear the dress Soho by Kadu, when wearing it will highlight your curves with the square neckline and so that you do not get cold you can add knitted stockings and an Alpaca poncho like the Huaraz by Muna The Label.



As for makeup you can use shadows with glitter in different shades of pink, it will look spectacular! Complete the outfit with pink accessories such as the earrings Pink Imperial Lotus by Las Meninas  along with the nice and pretty bag Cami 2.0 Rose Crossbody by Eva Innocenti, Remember that you can wear other colors so as not to overload the pink, for example you can use fuchsia, purple, red or even green.

School days: Remember those days where you wore thick-soled school shoes? Again you can wear them but in a glamorous way with Mary Jane shoes in patent leather black or with double strips. You can choose them as you like and if you want to achieve a flirtatious and casual look, I recommend you wear the long sleeve shirt Cropped Long Sleeve T Shirt by Lhasa Fitwear and put on the dress Valle by Blanca Pukara so you will look warm and fashionable!

You can also wear the cardigan Leo Black & White by Muna The Label is a must for the winter season. To finish looking fabulous I recommend you use the mini crochet bag Barú by Camila Mesar with the earrings White Blossom by Jetlagmode. 



Take advantage of this Black Friday and buy Mary Jane shoes to be able to wear them on different occasions, you will not regret making this great choice.

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By Melissa Zanini


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