Denim Skirt: Your best fashion investment this Black Friday

Denim Skirt: Your best fashion investment this Black Friday

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to acquire basic garments for your closet, although we can take into account the trends, the ideal is that you lean towards key and versatile pieces, such as the denim skirt.

Being the most stylized version of jeans, it is logical that this garment is renewed with each season, whether summer or fall is very likely to see it in the street style. 



The discount season, starting with Black Friday encourages us to go shopping, our recommendation is to review what you have in your closet, and make a list of items that you really need, another way to take advantage of the sales is if you are looking for an outfit for a specific event, or you would like to get a trendy silhouette of a garment that you already have, an example of this would be that you already have a denim mini skirt and for this season you are interested in a midi. 

We could list the many reasons why you should have a denim skirt, but one of the most important is how easy it is to combine, it works as a neutral garment with which we can play, add other pieces, accessories, and it will provide the balance we need. 

Celebrities and it girls have shown us how to wear the denim skirt, in different occasions and looks worthy of seeing in the street style in the fashion weeks.

Bella Hadid, has shown herself as a fan of the 2000s fashion, reviving outfits adding its essence. Such is the case of the outfit she wore, with a denim midi skirt, low waist, high boots, a plaid print ensemble, the Bella element, a translucent top with lace. 

Another contemporary Hadid model who also knows how to wear a denim skirt is Kendall Jenner. The eldest of the Jenner sisters, she wore a denim midi skirt, with a front slit, with a black lingerie top and mules of the same color. 


Three ideas of looks with Denim Skirt

Some people may still have their doubts about whether buying a denim skirt is a good investment, so we will share with you three looks that you can create with different versions of it, so you can be convinced that you need to add it to your closet. 

A basic but stylish look is to wear a denim midi skirt with a white top and high boots, add a trendy bag like the baguette style.

A long skirt with a white shirt, plus a leather jacket or sartorial blazer, boots with a thin heel and triangular toe. A sophisticated and chic look 

Boho, in combination with a blouse with puffed sleeves, lace-up, Victorian style, add heeled sandals with thin straps for equilibrium. Choose between a knitted tote bag to emphasize the Bohemian, or a cross body with rhinestone details will keep the balance.

The best matches for your denim skirt in different seasons are:

Summer: sneakers and sandals are ideal for hot seasons, with this denim garment is no different, you can also take a risk and wear combat or cowboy boots to look amazing with the mini version. 

Fall: for fall there is no better ally than high boots, although you can also achieve a stylish look with ankle boots or high-heeled sandals, in sets with midi or maxi skirt.


On Post collection products for Denim Skirt ensembles

Now, if you already have a denim skirt and you are looking for accessories to create incredible looks, in this section we will mention some products from our collection that go great with this garment, plus you can find them with tempting discounts.

For the summer or places with hot climates Amazonic Set by Patricia Trujillo will be an excellent ally for the denim skirt, it consists of a white chiffon top, with flower petals silhouette, joined by a ring detail in the center that frames a plunging neckline. 

As previously mentioned, denim garments have the ability to be a neutral base in our looks, so we can play with the mood of these with other pieces with more character, such is the case of Blue Pfeiffer Blouse by Nabel Martins, has a versatile design that you can wear in two ways, with a dropped shoulder, or as a sleeveless blouse, with a length that could look like a mini dress, in addition to having a small side opening, the electric blue color makes it a sophisticated piece. Wear it with a denim pencil skirt and high-heeled sandals, or high boots with a thin heel and triangular toe.



If you are looking for a jacket that adds personality to your look, M A N U E L A from Balanka is the best option, with an animal print design, cross silhouette with double buttons, it has an elegant tinge, if you are not used to looks with long or baggy garments, you can choose to wear a denim mini skirt, a basic white turtleneck top and high boots. 

On the other hand, if you consider yourself risky, a maxi skirt with a slit, platform boots, let this blazer be the protagonist of this outfit.

The ideal complement for a denim skirt this season are undoubtedly the cowboy boots, The Cayetana B&W from Elán, have a different design that will highlight all your outfits. With western details, such as stars, chains and items that you can take off or put on to wear them in a more stylish way. What we love most about cowboy boots is that they look amazing with short or long garments, so no matter what the length of your denim skirt is, you will look on trend. 

Consider these items that you can take advantage of and create stylish outfits with your denim skirt. Remember that if you will be shopping during these discount days, be conscious to buy only what you really need, go for quality and versatile items, this will guarantee that they will be in your closet for longer in good condition, happy Black Friday!

At On Post you can find trendy items, with excellent discounts, tips on how to style them or garments to complement your looks.


 By Katia García

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