Dominica, Colombian clothing with Latin essence

Dominica, Colombian clothing with Latin essence

The spirit of the Caribbean is more alive than ever with Colombian clothing from Dominica. Explore the world of colorful and cheerful fashion with this Latin brand!


The exotic soul and colorful landscapes of the Caribbean are masterfully captured in clothing from Dominica, a fashion brand that has managed to conquer the Latin market in a short time.

In each of their garments, they exalt the sublime of being women with a Caribbean essence and transform it into pieces that represent this feeling.

Discover more about Dominica below!


Latino DNA

Being Latina is much more than a phrase, it is a feeling, a way of seeing life. Dominica is very clear about this, which is why they have taken this multicultural mix as a source of inspiration and have transferred it to each of their garments, which are full of love, flavor, joy, and Latin color.

Dominica was created to keep the customs and traditions of Colombia alive. Its designs stand out for their daring figures, their volumes, and their extravagant colors that attract attention from any distance.

Latin fashion is changing the way of doing things and is renewing the global style with the essence and strength of the Caribbean!

What does Dominica mean for fashion?

For the brand, Dominica represents Latin women, mothers, grandmothers, and daughters who generation after generation have put soul, love, and color in everything they have achieved, resulting in a territory full of powerful and loving women.

The joy and spontaneity that characterize the Caribbean are also part of the meaning of Dominica and can be seen in every design.


Looks with Colombian essence

Dominica's garments make summer seem eternal since all its garments keep inside the warmth of a sunny day, the freshness of the waves of the sea, and the color of the flowers that adorn the streets of Colombia.

Discover our favorite clothes from Dominica and get inspired to put together your next Caribbean outfit!


An electric encounter with Isidra Dress

The extravagant is part of the essence of the Caribbean. Dominica knows this well, that's why in its Colombian fashion collection they included an incomparable garment designed for the most daring souls: the Isidra dress.



Perfect for a daytime party thanks to its electrifying lemon green color! It also has a fun design that includes waves, puffy sleeves, and an A-line skirt that will make you look much more stylish.


Unity is strength: Lorna short and Gracia Top

To achieve this look, we suggest combining the Gracia Top with the Lorna Short, which shares the same coral flower print.



The shorts have waves that help give volume to your hips and the top has a straight and discreet cut that allows you to visually contrast with the bottom part. Without a doubt, these garments were born to be together.


The greatness of Colombia with Pamela Skirt

The fuchsia color has become a standard for modern women, not only because it is one of the season's fashion colors, but also because of the strength and femininity that it radiates in each garment.



For this reason, we share with you the Pamela skirt, which is a beautiful A-line garment with waves that remind us of the waves of the Caribbean, which will make you feel powerful anywhere.

Without a doubt, it is a maxi skirt that you cannot miss!

The Latin DNA is more alive than ever with the exotic and tropical proposal of Dominica. Dare to wear it in your next resort outfits! Discover the complete collection of Dominica only on On Post!


By Diana Mendoza

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