How to style the White Floral Dress for this season

How to style the White Floral Dress for this season

The white floral dress, which reminds us of the warmth of spring in the coldest season. Its romantic print is part of the Cottagecore, a trend that went viral on TikTok, and is characterized by inviting us to enjoy simple things, connect with nature, country life, etc.

Beyond the trend that is dictated, this garment has become a basic, so you can wear it also in autumn, learn to take advantage of it you have a blank canvas, better said a flowered one. Plus, if romantic and vintage style is your thing, you can't wait to have it in your closet.


How to choose a White Floral Dress?

A point to take in consideration if you are going to buy a white floral dress is to visualize outfits in different seasons of the year, besides buying clothes in a conscious way you can experiment with adding trendy touches, going back to the basic principle that less is more. 



We could say that one of the first 'difficulties' to choose a floral dress is the print, there is no perfect design, it's all about styles, your task is to focus on those that catch your attention, combine with other garments in your closet or with colors that you feel highlight your qualities, part of the 'construction' of your style involves to know yourself well and be comfortable.


How to give a trendy touch to a White Floral Dress

As we said before, while we have basic pieces we can play around adding seasonal accessories, wearing a look like a pro. Here are some examples of how to change the vibe of your white floral dress.

The choice of shoes in your outfits makes a big difference, you can go from summer to winter in one switch. Considering that temperatures are not so low yet and pantyhose are not necessary, you can venture to take out your mini dress and wear it with boots. If you're into vintage style, wear a seventies look with long white boots or Cowboy boots. 



In combination with sneakers we get a more casual facet of the white floral dress, ideal if your dress is formal, and you are not willing to renounce it, try this comfortable option. For an office look, mule style loafers or chunky ones with socks, very nineties' schoolgirl, will make you look chic. Add a formal bag if you don't feel comfortable with the schoolgirl shade.

In colder weather, it's a good idea to layer, wear a top with a neckline and long sleeves. Another option is to wear your white floral dress with cardigans or blazers in neutral shades. 

Experiment with contrasts, carry a purse in a different color than the print, preferably in a solid tone. Add a belt and change the style of a loose dress. Match the color of the flowers in the pattern with accessories such as earrings or a purse.


Style your White Floral Dress with us 

The Tatiana dress from Lavi by Majo Lavi, is ideal for autumn, this long dress with a large floral print gives us comfort. Wear it with stilettos in a vibrant color, it can be red or mustard. If you plan to go on vacation to a destination with higher temperatures, wear this dress with the Bubble White Sandal, flat sandals from Galeanna, for a more monochromatic look.   




Another option for a white floral dress is Esperanza Dress by Concepción Miranda, this beautiful wrapped mini, with long sleeves, kimono style that might look very spring to you goes amazing with Elán, The Catalina's Cowboy style ankle boots, with studs and a silver star detail. Rock them together!

Following the monochrome, with this soft bomber jacket from Iris Arco Knitwear you won't get cold, Nube will look amazing with a slip on dress, more fitted or if you love your look to have volume, this garment is for you, it also looks amazing with jeans.



The combination with the knitted fabric we mentioned above, is an outfit that you should take into account if you want to wear your white floral Munay Cardigan dress from Andiamo Concept, this crop sweater will be your infallible for the winter seasons.



Remember that when looking for your own style there are no rules, you can only take into account some tips that will help you to style your looks and little by little you will be making clear what your stamp is. Versatile garments such as the white floral dress allow us to experiment, showing us that it is not necessary to have quantity but quality. Play with your creativity and find your own style. Consider this when buying your clothes to achieve a sustainable closet.

At On Post you will not only find trendy garments, also accessories  to complete your looks like a fashionista.


By Katia García

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