How to wear a black bodysuit like a celeb

How to wear a black bodysuit like a celeb

One of the advantages of the black bodysuit is its versatility, you will be able to add a formal and sophisticated touch to your look.

If you have a black bodysuit and do not know how to wear it, today we will talk about it and how you can create multiple looks with this incredible garment.


Black bodysuit the must have for the season

Many times we believe that a black bodysuit only works as underwear or that only dancers wear it, the reality is that the fashion industry every day reinvents itself and gives a different and unexpected twist to the most basic garments turning them into something truly incredible.

For a few years the trend of black bodysuit has been captivating us and we have seen it recently in street style. Supermodels and actresses such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Selena Gómez have joined this interesting style proposal, if you are looking for inspiration for your outfits you have to read this from beginning to end.

The black bodysuit was a garment that had great popularity in the 80s and 90s, it was worn by music divas Madonna and Cher in their concerts, although it is a lingerie garment you have many advantages when using it as part of your daily outfits. But what is a black bodysuit and why is it in trend? Basically it is a one-piece garment that covers the torso area and has a closure or buttons on the leg. We can find different models of black bodysuits, for example: with long sleeves, short sleeves, with V-neck necklines, with sequins, prints such as animal print, smooth and with lace.



The most common materials used for making a black bodysuit are mainly cotton and polyester,in some garments we can find linen. The black bodysuit is considered a very sexy, feminine and versatile garment that can be worn in spring and autumn depending on your personality and style. The wonderful thing about wearing a black bodysuit is that you can combine it with other formal garments and you can give a sophisticated and elegant touch to your look. It also adapts perfectly to different types of bodies and stylizes the figure.

Today we will teach you how to combine a black bodysuit for any occasion: party, work, an important appointment, sunday afternoon. Go ahead and let's get started!


Black bodysuit the best styling tips 

The black bodysuit is an essential garment of our wardrobe, you can use it with other garments, accessories and cooler shoes to look amazing every day of the week. We present some tips for you to combine it as an it girl!

Black bodysuit with silver accessories: By using a black bodysuit you will achieve a sophisticated look ideal for every occasion, depending on the style of body you wear you can combine it with silver accessories to make it stand out more. If you wear a black bodysuit with a V-neck you can use long earrings with crystals to show off the neckline,or if you prefer with a circular neckline you can use many layers of necklaces to give a more dynamic touch to your outfit.

Black bodysuit with skirts: If what you are looking for is a different outfit and at the same time very feminine, you can combine the black bodysuit with skirts, from the mini to maxi version you will look comfortable and with a glamorous touch. You can add a nice leather jacket or a cardigan in other colors such as pink, green or yellow so as not to have such a somber style.

Black bodysuit with jeans: Pants are always indispensable in our closet, if you are looking for a casual look you can combine the black bodysuit with the style you like the most like skinny, wide leg, cargo type or even leggings! Remember that you can wear all kinds of footwear such as ankle boots, high-heeled sandals and flats.



How to wear a black bodysuit like a celeb

If you love the lingerie mode trend and are looking for a more risky and elegant look change at the same time, definitely the black bodysuit is the best choice for you. Today we will give you some recommendations of outfits that will look fabulous both in the office and in a more formal meeting.

A Colombian brand that we love is Kadu because it has a wide variety of black bodysuits. With which you will create the best looks inspired by the glam of the 80s and the freshness of the 90s. Let's start with these fabulous outfits!

Contemporary and chic look: If you are looking for a beautiful and sexy black bodysuit, you can wear the Body Eva by Kadu sleeveless. Play with prints in other garments such as the B&W by Macondia miniskirt. You have two footwear options: the cute ankle boots like The Luciana Black  by Elán or the high-heeled sandals in black Danet by Peyola.



Don't forget to add accessories, the most trendy bags are the pocket style. You can use the bag Yäm by Näm and the earrings Triple Silver Star by Vivienne Guenoun, you will have an avant-garde and glamorous look ready to be used at any moment!

Look that will never go out of style: If you have a formal event in the evening, you can wear the Black Destination Pants by Naos and the classic black bodysuit with sequined Long Sleeve Bowie in Velvet by Kadu. Sequins bring shine and a lot of style to all kinds of garments and can be used in all seasons. 


You can wear the fabulous shoes Moon Night Pump by Galeanna with the trendy bag Dancer Black by For Public Display and the earrings Leonor by Las Meninas. If you want the outfit to be total black you can wear the blazer Clyde Charcoal by Lésem or if you prefer to use a white color wear the cardigan Nube by Iris Arco Knitwear and you will be the star of the night and you will capture everyone's eyes!

The black bodysuit is a must have that is in trend and you can look fabulous 24/7, find your favorite only in On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 

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