What To Wear With Red Pants: 6 Styling Tips

What To Wear With Red Pants: 6 Styling Tips

Right now, colorful pants are definitely a closet must-have. A great way to add color to your outfit, it’s no wonder colorful pants are in right now. Olive green, bright yellows, and rusty oranges are just some examples of the kinds of hues that are trending right now. However, one of the boldest and most timeless shades is the classic red pants. 


While red pants serve as an excellent statement piece, you might be wondering just how to best style these with other items in your closet.

Join me as I review the ins and outs of red pants and my favorite ways to style them!


What Shade of Red Are Your Pants?

The classic red pant that typically comes to mind is the bright red pants. These bold pants never fail to turn heads. However, other shades of red, like maroon or a muted rusty red, also fall into the “red pants” category.

You can typically style all red pants similarly, but keeping in mind the shade of your pants ensures all other articles of clothing or accessories work together flawlessly.



What Are the Most Popular Pant Silhouettes? 

Just like with the shade of red pants, the style also varies. This is true for all bottom pieces; the shape of your pants is vital when styling an outfit. For example, with pants with wider legs, you may want to go with a more form-fitting top.

I’ve curated a list of some of the most popular pant silhouettes:



A tapered pant is one in which the leg holes gradually narrow or taper as the pant nears the ankle. This style is both flattering and widely popular now. Sometimes referred to as slim pants, tapered pants are a neutral style of pants that are subtle yet powerful.

This shade is similar to cigarette pants if you’re looking for a vintage twist.


Wide Leg

After the hold that skinny jeans had on society in the early 2000s, loose-fitting pants are finally coming back, and I’m here for it. The wide-leg pant is fitted at the waist, and the leg widens as it reaches your ankle.

These pants can be made out of thicker fabrics that accentuate the shape of the leg or out of softer fabrics that create a flowy, elegant, and almost skirt-like appearance.

Love this? Try bell bottoms for a flared pant that offers plenty of flair.




The Capri pant, also sometimes known simply as cropped pants, generally ends between the knee and the ankle. These cropped pants can come in both slim fits or wider-leg fits. The length of these pants is what sets them apart from the others.

Different variations of the capri pant include culottes (which feature a wide leg) or Toreador pants (made famous by matadors).


How To Style Red Pants

Understanding the different shades and styles that red pants come in is an essential part of planning how you’re going to style them. The most important part, however, is pairing your pants with other clothing items and accessories.

I’ve come up with six tips on how I style red pants:


White Always Looks Great

White tops are one of the most timeless articles of clothing, and the combination of red pants with a white top will always be a perfect pair. The neutrality and brightness of the white contrast well with any shade of red and allow the bottoms to stand out. 

There are so many types of white tops out there; your options are nearly limitless. A white cropped top is a great summer choice. A white button-down tucked in or tied is a stunning look paired with red pants. You can even get more modern with an off-the-shoulder white top.



Black and White Patterns

Any black and white pattern looks great with red bottoms. Stripes, polka dots, and gingham are some black and white patterns that come to mind. A black and white striped top with red pants is a certified iconic duo, but with the popularity of gingham soaring, I would suggest trying that pair if you haven’t already.

Tops aren’t the only way you can incorporate black and white patterns into your outfit. Outerwear, such as a cow-print jacket, is a fantastic way to pull all of these colors together while being on-trend too.

You can accessorize with checkered jewelry or belts to incorporate the black and white theme on a smaller scale. You can even incorporate the two colors separately, with a white top and a black bag, for example.


Belts Are Key

Adding a belt is a wonderful way to accessorize and break your outfit into separate components; top and bottom. A belt divides the two halves of your body, breaking the look up. You could take advantage of this effect on the eye to color block your getup. 

A white button-down tucked into red pants with a flattering belt, like black, is a classic look. A belt with a colorful pattern that incorporates shades of red is an easy way to add pattern and color while complementing your pants. Belts are not only a functional tool to add to your outfit but a great way to accessorize and add layers.


Consider Crop Tops

There are a lot of reasons why a cropped top could and would pair well with red pants, especially in warmer environments. You could create a matching set by pairing your red pants with a red cropped top for the perfect vacation look.

Pairing pants with a loose-fitting cropped top creates a casual yet trendy ensemble. A tight-fitting crop top creates a refined and form-fitting look when paired with any style of red pants, but I specifically love the look with wide-leg pants.


Graphic Tees: Yes, Please

One way to wear red pants casually would be with graphic tees. With the rise in popularity of vintage clothing, graphic band tees with red incorporated in their logo pair perfectly with red pants. An excellent way to include more art in your outfit would be a printed tee with art or patterns on it. 

If you love a more minimal aesthetic, a simple graphic tee adds detail without overwhelming the eye. A simple graphic tee is an effortless way to add a bit of pattern while keeping things austere.



Dark Red Pants for More Formal Attire

You can dress red pants up or down in many different ways, but I tend to stick to the rule of thumb that brighter reds are more casual, and darker reds can be more formal.

If you’re looking to incorporate red pants into a more formal vibe, I’d recommend a dark red, like a merlot. These colors look luxurious on textures like silk and leather. 


Red Hot Fashion

There’s no doubt that red pants are iconic. They’re bold, they draw the eye, and they tend to be the star of the outfit. Styling these pants is quite versatile, and you can get creative with the end result.

I loved talking about my fav ways to bring red pants to the forefront of your wardrobe, and I hope your inner fashionista agrees! It’s time to celebrate this red hot trend that’s not going anywhere soon.



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