Fall Alert: How to style Linen Pants like a fashionista

Fall Alert: How to style Linen Pants like a fashionista

The qualities of linen pants are countless, there are certain cuts that got better if it is in this material, learn some ideas to combine them. 

Linen garments are known for the freshness they bring us on summer days, a classic fabric that if you are careful will last for a long time, so it is unthinkable to save the linen pants for only one season, make the most of our pieces is an easy job knowing what other clothes can work. 



Generally the silhouettes that we can find of this material are usually rigid but light, however, it is also possible to get loose-fitting designs, such as wide leg pants, or the so-called paper bag, both models are in trend which makes them the perfect candidates to add one or another garment in trend to create fashionista looks. 

As a reminder, here are some of the advantages of linen pants: 

  • It is a sustainable material, being processed without chemical substances makes it one of the least environmentally damaging textiles. 
  • Durability, this comes hand in hand with the previous point, the more you wash linen the better it looks and feels, this means that you will not need another garment for a long time, creating a conscious closet. 
  • Comfortable, it is light, makes you feel free and fresh, and does not retain odors. 
  • Never goes out of style, this is one of the trends that pause and come back the next season.
  • The elegance it provides, its formal cut, makes us look elegant even at the beach. 

These are just a few benefits found in linen garments, if you are still hesitant to invest in them, we will share ideas to inspire you and create looks even in the coldest season.


How to wear Linen Pants in fall? 

As we have previously mentioned, taking advantage of your clothes is a feature that fashion experts have, talking specifically about linen pants that have many advantages, you can take it as a first step to style outfits that you thought were only exclusive to a season and become a fashionista. 

Gangster with style: One of the proposals that we have found most in the street style and catwalks are the garments with sartorial designs is, so wearing linen pants in this model in conjunction with a matching vest, a turtleneck top, ankle boots with triangular toe, an animal print coat, is a very fall and winning look. 

The outfit for the in-between time: The freshness of linen together with the basic garment on the rise, tank top, add an oversize aviator jacket, and high-heeled sandals, you will be cool but warm. 

Double trend: Wear linen pants, with a shirt of the same material in conjunction with a leather jacket and chunky loafers with sock, you will look chic. 

Vibrant shades: In autumn and winter wear bright colors to lift the mood is the most normal, wear linen garments combining coats, or even sweatshirts with intense dyes such as pink or orange. 


Linen Pants you'll find at On Post

Find your next pair of linen pants and the clothes to match them in our On Post collection. 

Meet and fall in love with the Orix linen pant from Morena del Rey, with a wide leg paper bag design, its beige color makes it a perfect basic, a hand embroidered beaded detail on the bow that adjusts the waist. Definitely a piece you will want to have in your closet.

Pant Afrodita Lino from La Bikineria, whether you wear it in pink or olive green, these fluid and comfortable trousers will be your best allies for looks with sandals in summer or with sneakers on a fall day. 

Combine formal and casual garments to achieve a balance, such is the case of Grey Smiley Tee from Simples, this basic t-shirt will take the stiff tone out of linen pants. Wear it slim fit and with a knit sweater on top. The choice of shoes is up to you, this outfit will go great with heeled sandals, combat boots or sneakers. 



Give your outfit with linen pants the extra touch of sophistication with JANE BLOUSE by Cindy Castro New York, this beautiful draped champagne colored garment has long sleeves, slightly puffed, Victorian collar that buttons, fits from the waist with a brooch detail in the back where it meets the sexy back neckline, wear this blouse with pants in a similar tone and nude stilettos, you will squander elegance. 

Consider investing in clothes that last and that you can have with you for a long time, linen pants are an excellent choice, plus they do not generate such a big impact on our ecosystem. Create a sustainable closet with classic and basic pieces is a way to contribute, create it with On Post, find the aforementioned garments on our website, in addition to ideas and styling tips. 


By Katia García

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