Camel Coat: The garment that will elevate your looks

Camel Coat: The garment that will elevate your looks

The camel coat has been considered as the garment that elevates our looks, filling with color and able to combine with everything. 

If we talk about versatile garments, undoubtedly the most appropriate representation is the camel coat, this piece is to winter as dresses are to spring, essential, no matter what year we are in, this will be part of the trends in the cold seasons. 



The versatility and elegance that brings this neutral color is just some of its qualities, the ideal contrast that can be made with the camel coat is not of this planet, it looks great with everything, no matter what garment you combine it with, the characteristic style that gives your look makes it a basic closet. 

This type of pieces are ideal for the so-called capsule closet, if you are trying to create one and did not know what winter garment to include, the camel coat is an excellent choice, although it seems repetitive, it never goes out of fashion. 

Celebrities, it girls, even royalty have opted for the camel coat, proving that no matter what your style is there will be a coat that goes with it and frames it in trend.

The top combinations of the Camel Coat 

The ability to harmonize and give the appearance that your look was carefully thought out are other advantages that we can find in the camel coat, if you are still a beginner when creating looks with it, here are some combinations with which you can not fail.

One of the compositions that are a success are those where the camel color is worn in the same chromatic range.

Mono color looks, similar to the previous combination, the difference is that in these cases the pieces are worn in the same tone.

Striped garments plus camel coat, the best allies, we have already repeated that it goes with everything, but the striped conjunction makes it look like a mixture that had to be.

If we talk about the tone that goes great with camel, it is undoubtedly white, your look looks impeccable and full of light. Surely this is one of the reasons why this color is infallible in winter, where sometimes we find gloomy days.

Fall comes with leather garments that we can not resist, leather pants are one of them, if we add sneakers to this get a casual chic look. 

Sets with pieces that you thought impossible, the camel coat makes them work, wear it with a lace dress is a fusion that you should try. 

Wearing animal print garments is valid, you can combine it with leather garments.

With the rise of athleisure, topping your sport outfit with a camel coat will elevate it and make it look elegant. 


Camel Coat on trend

As you have already seen, this garment is essential to stylize your looks in winter, no matter what cut or design you are inclined, here are some proposals in trend, that if you still do not have your camel coat will be a great success.

One of the most classic cuts is the robe or wrap style, in a midi length, this is a design that we continue to see this season.

Crossed, this is another basic cut that we can find in coats, if you are one of those who like consolidated styles this is the best option.

A similar case to the previous ones is the trench coat, whose presence in winter trends is continuous.

American cut, this like the trench coat is a design that we can assure will remain in trend, if you still put some but to this elemental winter fashionista, this cut will end up convincing you, it is easy to include in your daily looks, especially if you are not a supporter of long and heavy coats. 

Puffer, a modern version, wearing the camel coat in this design will give your looks a trendy air.

Long XL, wearing a coat down to the feet gives a sophisticated and mysterious air, take a chance on proposals like this for days with low temperatures.

Short coat, the opposite of the previous one, with a length that could be a jacket, but with the qualities of a trench coat. 

Plaid, wear the camel coat with a plaid print will give the royal touch to your outfits.


Compliment your Camel Coat look

You already have your camel coat, but you are missing the pieces that create the best combination? Complement your look with the On Post collection, we have selected pieces for you to build an infallible outfit.

As we have already seen, one of the star combinations with this coat is with white garments to create a look in this tone. JUANA BLOUSE by Concepción Miranda has a Victorian air, its square neckline with puffed sleeves and elastic at the cuff, with decorative buttons detail, an excellent choice for an afternoon between weather.

For the bottom we have selected IZZIE PANTS from Lesém, these trousers also in white, have a straight cut and high waist that makes them a basic that will never be superfluous in your closet. 

Leaning towards footwear with animal print, which makes an excellent combination with the camel coat, PYTHON BOOTS by Galeanna, these booties are an excellent complement to the look we are about to create, a basic combination to which adding a print makes it more stylish. Add accessories plus your camel coat, and you have a look fashion on trend.

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By Katia García

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