How to style a Midi Skirt for fall

How to style a Midi Skirt for fall

The midi skirt, is one that has a certain length, goes below the knee and reaches the ankles without exceeding them, this garment is your infallible this fall.

Both its classification and its name has to do with its length regardless of the material, it is the intermediate between a mini and a maxi skirt. The bom of this garment was in the First World War, as women performed tasks that were intended for men, but at that time they were in battle, for these activities comfortable clothes were needed, these were simple skirts, buttoned, rigid in evasé cut. 



Over the years the midi skirt has been pointed out as a basic garment because its length makes it wearable in any season of the year, the materials in which we find it are so varied that it is easy to combine with any type of footwear, its versatility makes it adapts to all styles, and you can wear it to all occasions.

On-trend combinations with the Midi Skirt

If you don't like to say goodbye to skirts in the coldest season, one of the basics in your fall closet is undoubtedly a midi skirt. Here we will share with you the most trendy combinations for this garment, take note and look like a true fashionista.

One of the trends that you can not fail to consider, besides being easy to wear is the sweater, traditional or daring, for an unconventional combination a leather midi skirt with a knitted sweater, ideal to wear it to work and not fall into the conventional, add some high boots and look chic. Another option with a leather skirt are oversize sweaters in bright colors, go for a tube cut.

Boots with midi skirt are another of the proposals that we can find in the street style and catwalks. While denim gives us that casual look, a denim midi skirt in combination with ankle boots will make you look elegant, go for the triangular tips.



With Cowboy boots, no doubt these shoes have been installed in the best outfits for fall, for this option we recommend adding stockings, if your midi skirt has a slit these will give a sensual touch to the outfit, without showing your skin, this set plus a cardigan, will make you look like an expert in the field.

Another tip for wearing a midi skirt is to pair it with a basic jacket, whether you choose denim or leather, it will give it the stylish twist you need. See how Dakota Johnson pairs a flowy skirt with ankle boots and a denim jacket. 

Sarah Jessica Parker is another of the celebrities who showed us how to wear the printed midi skirt with another print, with a plaid skirt with a schoolgirl vibe paired with an animal print shirt and black heels.

Priyanka Chopra left us a compilation of outfits with midi skirt that can be worn both in summer and autumn.

This garment continues to fulfill its purpose, besides making us look fabulous with creative outfits, the midi skirt is a comfortable and chic option to go to work, so personalities like Olivia Palermo chooses it for a busy day. 


Style your look with On Post

As you already know, the midi skirt is a must in this fall season, remember to consider materials that you can also use in summer. Know some options of this and garments to style it.

The movement that ruffles bring to a garment can give that extra joy that some days we need, inviting us to have fun, the Nicole midi skirt from Paralia, may look summery, but we certainly see you wearing it in winter too. With an amazing wrap around design with ruffles all around and leg slit, it will look amazing in boho chic looks, add high-heeled boots.

Xia Skirt by Concepción Miranda is a more formal proposal, with a wraparound design, leg opening, with neutral colors ideal for a basic. Wear this midi skirt in outfits where you are looking to look sophisticated and sexy. Combine it with high heel sandals or stilettos.

The next Sientochenta garment, Blenda Blouse is the perfect compliment for your midi skirt this fall, with an incredible draped neckline in the back, long puffed sleeves, you can wear a sexy detail, without being cold, the olive green color is easier to combine than you thought, wear it with orange or lilac accessories, it also goes very well with neutral colors like black or white.



The animal print always accompanies us in these seasons, so combine your midi skirt with this pattern is a success, the Ambra platform sandals by Peyola, will look great in a look with pleated skirt, we recommend colors like black, beige, and a leather jacket.

If you haven't considered it yet or you weren't sure about opting for it, consider having a midi skirt in your closet, you can take advantage of this garment in any season, plus the variety of designs and materials in which we can see it makes it easy to find the one that is ideal for you.

Find options for your autumn outfits and trendy garments at  On Post!

By Katia García

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