Daniela Millán, handcrafted jewelry with Latin American energy

Daniela Millán, handcrafted jewelry with Latin American energy

Anything is possible if you focus your energy on it. For this reason, Daniela Millán has created a brand of handcrafted jewelry that makes you open your mind and heart toward your true power. Discover it!

Daniela Millán is a brand that knows that to love your surroundings, you must love yourself first. For this reason, each one of its handmade jewels is intended to give you the power and strength you need to fall in love with the last corner of your being.

If you are looking for a jewelry collection with soul, spirit, and contemporary designs, Daniela Millán will become your guide.

Get to know every detail of this jewelry brand only here!


The story of a handmade love

The passion of Daniela Millán, designer and founder of the brand, always lived inside her, even when she did not know it. That is why we see her relationship with the world of fashion as a small piece of jewelry that, link by link, became stronger and stronger until it became one of the most solid Latin American brands of the current era.

Daniela Millán is originally from Venezuela and, although at first she did not know that entrepreneurship was her true path, small details of her life led her to the point where she is now. And we deeply appreciate it, because thanks to her extraordinary talent, today hundreds of women can feel beautiful, confident and elegant with their handmade jewelry.



Daniela Millán's heart is Latino and artisanal

This handcrafted jewelry brand is proof that traditions and modernity can collaborate to create a new world full of colors, designs, textures and exclusive materials.

Daniela Millán's proposal focuses on handmade elements, using traditional techniques provided by talented Mexican artisans, who are responsible for filling the brand with a much more earthly essence.

For Daniela Millán, supporting its community is extremely important, for this reason, the brand works in collaboration with She’s The First, a foundation that empowers girls to be educated, respected and listened to.




The craft is now contemporary with Daniela Millán

This incredible brand of Latin jewelry is here to show you that artisanal techniques can fit perfectly in a dynamic, modern and increasingly demanding world.

Today we present a small guide that will inspire you to use Daniela Millán's models every day of the week. Discover it!


Monday: Hope chain

Start the week with this chain from Daniela Millán. Its golden color and its unique silhouette will be your best company to find the inspiration you need.


Tuesday: Euphoria earrings

The week begins to advance and with it your great style. Let these Daniela Millán earrings and their green color give you hope, joy and vitality. 


Wednesday: Hope earrings

Change is good and Wednesday is the perfect day to try something new, like the Hope Earrings. They will be the perfect match for your Hope Chain.


Thursday: Joy ring

Thursday is a day of elegance and the Joy ring is the key piece to achieving it. Let yourself fall in love with its unique and artistic design of it.


Friday: Wanderlust earrings

Finally, it's Friday! And if you already have plans to have fun, these earrings are perfect to complement your outfits in a flirty and fun way.




Jewelry has everything to do with energy. Choose your earrings, get the good vibes you are looking for, look good and feel great with Daniela Millán!

Find its complete collection at On Post!


By Diana Mendoza


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