What can I wear with a Bustier Top?

What can I wear with a Bustier Top?

The comfortable version of the corset is the bustier top, do not lose sight of it and know how to wear it in your outfits together with basic garments from your closet.

Although we have talked about how the corset stopped being a garment that transforms and hurts your body, the bustier top has always been the comfortable version, with the simple objective of supporting the bust. Today we can find this trend of using the underwear as outerwear, being one of the sexiest and sophisticated proposals, tempting us more and more to try looks with it. 

One of the celebrities who has declared herself a fan of this garment is Kendall Jenner, who has given us a lesson on how to incorporate these garments in casual outfits and with a more elegant tinge.


The eldest of the Jenner sisters, inclined to monochromatic looks, simple but with details that stand out, dazzled with a black set of a bustier top of the brand Elsa Schiaparelli and flared pants, the flash is this outfit was taken by the golden cups and metallic style shoes in the same tone.

Actress Camila Mendes famous for the Riverdale series stunned us with a green outfit consisting of a bustier top and a green skirt on the red carpet of Do Revenge

Hailey Rhode Bieber, also showed us how to wear a bustier top, with jeans, blazer and ankle boots, a casual but sophisticated outfit. 

How to wear the Bustier Top with basic garments

If you are wondering how to wear this garment, here are some tips on how to combine the bustier top.

With an infallible basic, undoubtedly the way to introduce the bustier top in our outfits is in conjunction with garments that we know and that go well with everything, such as jeans, you will get a casual and sophisticated look.


Over a shirt, we could say that the return of fashion in layers came from the return of the nineties to the street style, that brings us to one of the proposals that we like the most, the bustier top over a white shirt, makes the look that we could call basic has a twist. 

The combination of wide leg pants with the bustier top, is a maximum styling, the balance it creates is flattering for all body types. Choose textures that complement or contrast. 

A chic and sophisticated look is the match of a blazer and the bustier top, as we have already mentioned, the contrast of these garments makes them work wonderfully together, whether you wear it with a mini skirt or with jeans. 

With a knitted cardigan, pair this sexy garment with a drape that you can wear with a drop shoulder, wear it with jeans or a denim skirt.


If you don't feel as comfortable with the type of underwear as underwear, the ideal is to look for a bustier top that only highlights the cups a little and in materials other than lace, for example.

Complete your Bustier Top look

Check out some of the garments you can find here to complete your looks with the bustier top.

The combination of a bustier top and a pencil skirt seems to us the perfect match to look sensual and sophisticated, Cosmo black skirt by Muna the Label is ideal for the cold season, its woven design will keep you warm, giving balance to the top, and you will not freeze, in black color, making it a basic but with small details in white that could simulate a night full of stars, together with bangs on the bottom, it is a garment that stands out. Pair this look with high-heeled sandals.

An outfit that combines sexy with cozzy is possible, besides wasting style, wear your bustier top with La Paloma Cardigan by Blanca Pukara, in a wraparound design, with a ribbon that adjusts to the waist, in red with white, brown and orange details, plus the bangs that adorn the wrists and the bottom of the sweater, make it the garment that will crown your look. Lucero open or semi-open to show the star of the outfit, add some ankle boots with fine heels. 

For the shoes we have considered these Danet heeled sandals with adjustable strap from Peyola, in black and suede, ideal for day to day wear. Wear them with ankle flare pants paired with a black bustier top, add a pop of color in the bag or in a monochromatic look. This outfit is as casual as it is ready for evening drinks. An excellent proposal for the pop of color you will need, is Mila Clutch - Pink by Eva Innocenti, with an intense pink tone, this bag has the ideal size, add it to your outfit to look chic.



Remember to always join trends that you identify with, or those that encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, you can start with small doses so as not to overwhelm you, wear the bustier top in conjunction with clothes that make you feel comfortable. Another one of our tips is not to venture to wear new pieces in special events, that is to say first familiarize yourself with the garment, get to know it, wear it at home and get used to it. 

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By Katia Garcia

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