Different ways to style a Sherpa Jacket

Different ways to style a Sherpa Jacket

Why the sherpa jacket is a must-have this season, it's essential to create the best looks and stay warm at the same time.

A sherpa jacket fits easily into our style and fits any plan we have. This is always a hit, and it's perfect for chilly weather.


What is a Sherpa Jacket?

The most anticipated season for all fashionistas in the world has arrived, autumn winter is when we can wear our best looks in street style and we give diversity to the outfits with coats, sweaters, scarves and the indispensable Sherpa jacket. If you are looking to look comfortable and warm, the Sherpa jacket is a good option to achieve a casual style and totally in trend.

Surely you are wondering what a Sherpa jacket is and why it is one of the most sought after during this season. Today you will know a little about this chic jacket that has been worn by it girls like Zendaya and Selena Gómez.



The Sherpa jacket is part denim trucker, part fluffy wool, and completely astonishing. The impeccable style and cozy warmth of a Sherpa are rivaled by none. Sherpa jackets are the hot new trend right now, and it is easy to see why. Who doesn’t want a piece of upper wear that is functional and modish at the same time? But before we look at what makes Sherpa such a great material for fashion, and how you can incorporate it into your daily life? We must understand what Sherpa is.

Sherpa belongs to the category of synthetic materials, gaining popularity thanks to the imitation of leather on the front. This material is used to sew various products such as blankets, sweaters, coats and the famous Sherpa jacket, since 2017 the Sherpa trend was present in more than one collection and catwalks of important designers such as Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs.

The creation of the Sherpas began in the nineteenth century in Britain, the cloth is named after the peoples living in the territories of India and Nepal. Sherpa jackets have been very popular among the famous fashion houses and have become a unisex garment, as previously mentioned by Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Drake and Brad Pitt they have joined the trend of wearing this iconic jacket in different colors and events.

You can find Sherpa jackets in colors such as black, white, beige, brown, green and gray. Sherpa on its own is not very warm, but once we throw an outer fabric layer into the mix, the whole story changes. If paired with fabrics like cotton, polyester, and denim, the Sherpa jacket becomes extremely insulating and ideal for really cold temperatures. Today you will know the best style tips to wear this jacket in the most chic way possible during the winter season with the coolest accessories from On Post.


How to wash a Sherpa Jacket? 

A Sherpa jacket is a garment that needs special care for the materials and fibers that are made. If you have one or more today we will tell you how you can preserve your jacket to the moment of washing it. 


  • Sherpa jackets are not to be washed often.
  • Don't leave it for a long time inside the washing machine because it may lose its original shape. 
  • It is not advisable to leave the Sherpa jackets dying in the sun, they lose their color. 
  • Pour 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of mild detergent into the washing machine. Do not use a detergent that contains fabric softeners, or bleach, these ingredients can ruin the softness of the Sherpa jacket.


If you are going to wash your Sherpa jacket, you need to roll it up in a large towel and exert pressure so that it does not lose its shape, and preferably you have to wash it by hand at a temperature of 30°C.


Different ways to style a Sherpa Jacket

With the Sherpa jacket you will have to achieve a comfortable style, one of the advantages of wearing it is that you can combine it with basic garments and other more formal, with both styles you will steal everyone's eyes in street style.Today I bring you some recommendations of outfits that you can wear this season, are you ready?

Urban look: If you want to spend an afternoon of fun with your friends in a bar and you want to look comfortable but with a totally chic style for winter I recommend you wear a Sherpa jacket in white with the pants Nasqua by Sientochenta, and if you add a nice asymmetrical top like Dinora by Dominica I'm sure you'll love the outfit! There is nothing more comfortable than wearing Chelsea-style boots and they are the hottest trend for the autumn winter season, when using them you will have that vintage and punk touch that steals hearts.



I recommend wearing The Renata by Elán and if you want to create a perfect combination, use the Lavender Sport Bag by Maralgui. What if we add accessories? Focus on the Sherpa jacket, you can wear a simple necklace like the Bee Pearl Necklace by Viviane Guenoun and the Earcuff Itzia by Calista earrings. No doubt you will have a good time with your friends and you will look amazing with these clothes.



Romantic look: Another option you can do with a Sherpa jacket in denim or gray, is combining a boho dress. If you love this style as much as I do, you can wear the Maka dress by Daniella Battle with a pair of white ankle boots such as The Catalina by Elán. Something that defines the boho chic style are the accessories and the more you wear you will have a different style, you can wear a nice hat in olive green like the Green Ernesto by Malau and look like a fashion-savvy guru.


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By Melissa Zanini 


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