How To Style a Blazer: 10 Ways

How To Style a Blazer: 10 Ways

One of this season’s hottest outfit staples may genuinely surprise you. It is none other than a good old-fashioned blazer. You heard me right! One of this season's best accessories to any outfit is a blazer.

For years, blazers were donned by our favorite corporate girl bosses, but blazers aren't just for the office anymore. They are a stylish outfit staple that can complete any look. If you are new to this trend and not sure where to begin, don’t sweat it: That’s what I’m here for. 

I’ve got all the best tips and tricks to style a blazer and make it work for any outfit or occasion, in and out of the office.

Let’s dive in:


Basic Blazer: 10 Unique Ways  

1. Pair It With Matching Trousers 

You can never go wrong with a matching set, and a cute matching blazer and trouser combo is a great way to achieve a stylish and professional look. No matter what the season or occasion is, this is always a flawless way to style your blazer.


For the warmer months, I recommend something solid-colored and soothing for your matching set, like the Lesém Clyde Pant and Coat. In the fall and winter months, you can never go wrong with a houndstooth or plaid combo.

If your work environment is more professional in nature, try a neutral, gray, or black blazer. I recommend keeping your trousers more on the tailored end for a professional look. Opt for slimmer cuts as well to maintain a professional appearance. This look works well for work settings and even a job interview.

2. Style Tip: Do a Half Tuck 

An easy way to style a blazer without having to worry about adding any other articles of clothing is a simple half-tuck. This look is especially good when you are wearing an oversized blazer with your outfit. 

Simply tuck the bottom hem of one side of your blazer into the top of your bottoms, and voila. You have an effortless, chic look that is stylish and will have people wondering who taught you how to look that good! 


3. Style Tip: Go for an Oversized Blazer

When people say, “Go big or go home,” I can’t help but think about blazers.

One of the easiest ways to complete an outfit is with an oversized blazer. Much of the time, the oversized blazer trend is in reference to a feminine presenting individual wearing a more masculine blazer. So instead of it being form-fitted and shorter at the hem, it’s boxy and big and essentially “oversized.” 

One of my favorite ways to wear an oversized blazer is with jeans and a shirt. Consider wearing the blazer itself as a dress (cinched with a dramatic belt). Complete these looks with your go-to statement jewelry, and you’ve got yourself a 10/10 outfit in no time at all. 


4. Pair It With a Midi Dress

One of the cutest combos is a blazer and a midi-length dress. The midi dress can take you anywhere or to any occasion. It’s perfect for the office, cocktail hour, or wherever else the world may take you.


When you pair an oversized blazer with a midi dress, it gives you a chic look, whereas a belted blazer can help you look more vintage and classic. Whatever style you prefer, a dress is a great choice to pair under your favorite blazer. 

5. Pair It With Jeans

Arguably one of the best things in life is a great pair of fitted jeans. What better way to pair your favorite jeans than with a great blazer?

A blazer with jeans is the ultimate combo of casual and chic. Whether you prefer a light wash, dark wash, or black denim, pairing jeans with a blazer helps “dress down” any outfit while still being stylish. 

Pair this outfit also with a comfy t-shirt, your favorite sneakers, and a cute but casual baseball hat to top it all off. 

6. Style Tip: Shoulder Robing

Shoulder robing is a fun technique that can instantly make any outfit with a blazer look absolutely chic and stylish. It’s basically an adult, fashionable cape. Hear me out:

Drape your blazer over your shoulders without putting it fully on. You often see this kind of look in high fashion settings or other influential events. This method uniquely frames the silhouette and helps to dress up whatever outfit you are wearing. I highly recommend this next time you are wearing a blazer and want to switch things up a little bit. 

7. Pair It With a Sweater/ Hoodie 

With the cooler months ahead of us, it's good to know how to style any season or weather. A fab way to style a blazer in the winter months is either with a hoodie or a comfy sweater. This is the ultimate mix of Hollywood chic with modern street style. 

8. Pair It With a Mini Skirt 

If you are looking for an outfit that screams “I’m in charge” in the best ways possible, then you definitely want to wear a mini skirt and blazer combo. Channel your inner Elle Woods with a brightly colored blazer and a sleek and short mini skirt that says, “I mean business, and I look good.” You can't go wrong with a mini skirt in this scenario (or for tons of other events, for that fact).

9. Pair It With a Pleated Skirt

Another style skirt that goes flawlessly with a blazer of your choosing is a pleated skirt. Pleated skirts have striking texture and length and can bring something new to the table that isn’t a mini or a midi skirt.

Pleated skirts have a certain kind of level of class to them that the blazer helps to highlight and complete the entire outfit. Try finding a pleated skirt that is flowy and breathable so that the outfit doesn’t feel too boxy with the blazer and other accessories. It’s a very Clueless-style look — perfect for a touch of 90s nostalgia. 

10. Pair It With Leggings  

If you are hoping to be fully comfortable and feel effortlessly put-together together, look no further. You can easily pair your favorite pair of leggings with a blazer for an effortless casual Friday look.

Not to mention, this outfit can easily be thrown together with stuff that is probably already in your closet. It’s suitable for any occasion, whether it’s a casual day in the office, brunch with old buddies, or even just lounging around the house.

Blazing New Trails 

Blazers are great for a variety of outfits and events. 

No matter how you decide to style your blazer, I know that you’ll rock it. The bottom line is — you need to wear your blazer however makes you feel the best and has you walking into the function saying, “I got this, and I look good…” because, spoiler alert, you do.

You look stunning. Take that blazer and work it in the office, at brunch, or wherever else you go… thanks for joining me in talking all things fashion. 



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