The stylish way to wear a Long Coat

The stylish way to wear a Long Coat

A long coat can become your best friend during the fall winter, you can combine it with dresses, a skirt, jeans and without a doubt it is the basic element that will give an elegant and chic touch to your look.

Spend the coldest days of the year in the most glamorous way possible with a long coat, you will steal everyone's eyes in street style.


Long Coat a classic garment with a lot of style 

In the industry and history of fashion, there have always been garments that stand out and reinvent themselves through the years, and that the most current generations continue to wear but providing a touch of our personality to modernize them. Today I will talk about the long coat that personally is one of my favorite garments and that is a key element in the wardrobe.




Considered one of the most fundamental garments of the twentieth century to this day, it is still a must to cover you from the cold and look totally glamorous. The long coat stands out for being a chameleonic and versatile garment, since we can find it in different styles, designs and colors that are in trend for this season.

The long coat is a historical garment, it has been present at different times and has faced all possible fashions and styles. It was during World War II that the long coat became known and became part of the soldiers' uniform. From this moment the long coat became a unisex garment worn by men and women. In the 40s the designer Christian Dior popularized the long coat creating his first collection that modernized the style and silhouette of the modern woman.

Movie divas from Hollywood's golden age like Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo chose to wear the long coat making it a trend to wear it on special occasions. However, during the 60s it was radically changing the style of the long coat becoming versatile, adding prints, leather textures and slightly larger buttons to further accentuate the female silhouette.

Long coats are the best garments to keep you warm during the cold winter days, and also adapts to all body types. But remember that you must take into account your height to prevent it from looking bigger or being mistreated when wearing it.

By wearing a long coat you will perfect your outfit and turn it into something out of the ordinary, no matter if you wear pants, sneakers, a t-shirt or even a dress. It will elevate your outfit in minutes achieving casual and more formal looks depending on the occasion.




During this season brands such as Emporio Armani, Chanel and Zara have delighted us with their most recent collections of long coats.The first impression is the most important thing and if you want to highlight at all times today I will give you some tips to combine a long coat and create a sophisticated look with garments that we have available in our closet.


Types of Long Coat

The long coat is the most chic trend for the autumn winter season, you can create the best outfits without investing too much effort. The most classic colors are black, gray and camel. You can also find them with prints, today you will know them all!



Long coat with prints: This long coat will become your favorite if you want to add a different touch to your outfit, you can find it with floral and animal prints. The options are endless to look amazing.

Long checkered coat: This model of long coat has positioned itself as a basic and necessary garment, you can combine it with long high-heeled boots and a preppy style dress to be fashionable but without getting cold.

Long camel coat: If you are looking for a timeless model that you can combine with all kinds of garments is undoubtedly the long camel coat, it is considered as one of the most sought after for the autumn winter season.I recommend using it with wide jeans and ankle boots with this option you can go to the office in a pretty cool way.

Long leather coat: This long coat was very fashionable during the 90s and became more popular in the 00s when the movie The Matrix came out. If you are looking for a totally avant-garde outfit  this long coat is the best option, you can wear the entire outfit in leather with garments such as miniskirts or dresses.

The long coat is essential for this season. Do not hesitate to wear it and look like a fashionista!


The stylish way to wear a Long Coat

I love the fashion of long coats for two fundamental reasons: the first, because it allows us to wear layers and layers of clothing so as not to die of cold without being noticed and the second, because they are the perfect piece to create wonderful looks without much effort, since they only leave the footwear and accessories in sight. Today I will give you two recommendations of outfits to look fabulous, are you ready?

Black and purple: Without a doubt one of the combinations that I like to do the most and that will definitely look good to go to a party or meeting with friends.If you are a fan of cozy clothes, the long coat Puytu by Jenny Duarte It's for you! You can create a whole look in black with the Agnes by Lésem pants, the blouse with transparencies Floralia by Geraldine García and the ankle boots The Luciana Black by Elán.




Blue and charming: To spend the autumn winter season in style you can wear a dress and combine it with a long coat to create a casual look. For example, the black dress Full Moon by Anana Store Colombia and the long coat Yanqa by Jenny Duarte will make you look splendid in no time. You can wear knitted stockings with beautiful high-heeled sandals or boots, I recommend you wear the Danet by Peyola.



In On Post you will find the accessories and long coats you need to look fabulous during this season.


By Melissa Zanini 

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