How to style a black dress for summer

How to style a black dress for summer

Who said that black cannot be used in the hot season? Follow our tips and discover how to wear a black dress in summer!

The summer heat begins to transform the outfits we see on the streets! Coats, pants and scarves give way to dresses, to airy and light fabrics so you can feel fresh even on sunny days.

For a long time we have thought that light shades are the only ones that can be used in summer to better cope with high temperatures and that black shades should only be saved for winter, but today we want to tell you that this has changed!



Black dresses are a great option to turn this idea around, as they will not only make you feel comfortable, they will also help you create thousands of looks thanks to their versatility and innate elegance.

Follow these tips and discover how to wear a black dress in summer!

Use the black dress of the correct fabric

Black dresses are perfect for any time of the year, but the material with which they are made is not.

For these hot months, the recommendation is to choose for dresses made of light and flowing material fabrics such as cotton or linen, as these will help you feel free, comfortable and always fresh despite having an outfit in dark tones.

Black, long and loose dresses are a great option for the beach and the city, since their versatility will allow you to combine them with sandals or with a pair of heels to give them more elegance. If this look is your favorite, we recommend recreating it with the Tierra Dress by Maygel Coronel.

On the other hand, if you want to wear a black dress with a more flirtatious, fun style and for a casual event, the Black Clement dress by Pamela Stevenson and Full Moon dress by Ananá will be your best option.


And if this summer you have planned a formal event or a romantic dinner, we recommend you use your black dress with a plus, such as balloon sleeves to be able to perspire freely and look spectacular. A perfect example for this occasion is Cindy Castro's Cameron dress.

Soften your black dress with neutral tones

The color black is strong and very imposing on its own, and although there are times when this is the style we want to project, there are times (such as summer) where we want to wear a softer and more comfortable look.

To create this effect of softened elegance in your summer outfits, we can use accessories in neutral tones that make the look less serious and add more light and contrast to your outfit.

You can add to your black dress a bag in a sand tone and made with the crochet technique for your casual outfits. A great option is Camila Mesar's Minca bag. Elegant, light and with the perfect size to carry your basics with you.


Another way to add neutral colors to your look is through a chic pair of sandals, reflecting your friendly, laid-back summer personality. Wear The Elisa Nude sandals by Elán to tell the world who you are!

If you want to take the black dress to the next level, we recommend adding the Ernesto Camel hat from Malau to your outfit. It's that easy to give your look a twist!


Combine your black dress with fun summer accessories

Take advantage of this time of year and explore new ways to wear fun outfits without much effort. It is enough to add small accessories such as earrings, bracelets or necklaces that have great colors or extravagant designs to break with the everyday.



We share our top 3 perfect earrings to combine with your black summer dress!

 - Lilac Coral Earrings by Jetlagmode

- Pink Shell Flower by Ojo de Tigre

- Spring Earrings by Las Meninas


Now that you know these tips, will you dare to take advantage of your black dresses this season? Find everything to put together your summer looks at On Post!

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By Diana Mendoza 

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