What To Wear With Leather Pants: 5 Styles To Try

What To Wear With Leather Pants: 5 Styles To Try

When you hear about leather pants, what comes to mind? When I hear about leather pants, images of famous rockers like Elvis Presley, the Doors’ Jim Morrison, Freddie Mercury, and Joan Jett come to mind. 

But even though these icons of rock ‘n’ roll donned these pants a long time ago, leather pants have been steadily making a comeback (if they even left in the first place). Certain styles of leather pants have gone viral; celebs and models have taken to wearing leather pants both on the runway and in their everyday wear. 

Though they’ve been around a long time, leather pants remain in style. If you have a pair of leather pants yourself, or if you have been considering investing in a pair, then read on! I’m going to share some insight on how to style those iconic, timeless pants.

What Exactly Are Leather Pants?

Leather pants aren’t only in black and brown classic shades; I love them in bold colors and intricate patterns. They can be skinny, straight-leg, or flared, and their length can be full-length or cropped. It’s impossible to go wrong with any silhouette; these pants are movie-star-approved


When styling leather pants, remember that your pants are the statement piece. Therefore, you might want to keep the rest of your outfit toned down. However, some venues call for going all-out, like Stagecoach, Coachella, and more.

If you have a pair of leather pants (pleather or vegan leather included) and are searching for different ways to wear them, I’ve listed the hottest styles below:

Leather Pants and a Button-Down Shirt

The first classic leather pants outfit for you to try would be a white button-down shirt and leather pants. It’s the perfect spin on the timeless “white shirt and black jeans/leggings” look, and both items pair perfectly together. It reminds me of a professional James Dean, who rides his motorcycle to work.

This crisp, white Italian Collar Blouse by designer Nabel Martins would pair beautifully French-tucked into a pair of leather pants. To add a subtle pop of color, a pair of brightly colored pumps would go well with this outfit, too.

Depending on the color of the leather pants, you can opt for another color button-down as well. A black button-down would work well untucked or tucked into these brown Camille pants from Balanka.

Leather Pants and a T-shirt

Another easy way to rock leather pants would be to pair them with a T-shirt. You can never go wrong with a white T-shirt, like this Camiseta Vandana Crudo tee by Sientochenta, which would pair nicely over a pair of skinny leather pants. You could even try tying a knot at the front of your T-shirt for a cute cropped look. The wide sleeves create drama in every pose you make.

For a subtle detail, pairing this Floral T-shirt from Pamela Stevenson with a pair of red or brown leather pants would be a perfect, adorable combination. The beautiful floral details on the sleeves are just enough of a fun detail, but they won’t take away from the real statement piece of your outfit: the leather pants. It’s an outfit that speaks to the beauty of nature while also representing big city fashion moments.

Leather Pants and a Cropped Top

If you love wearing crop tops, then I’m happy to tell you that they go great with leather pants! Wearing a cropped blouse or tank top with high-waisted bottoms of any material is a universally flattering look that you can easily rock. 

For a fab date night outfit, you could try pairing one of Anana Store Colombia’s Praia Crop Top in “terra” print with some high-rise black leather pants. This outfit would shine with some gold accessories and a chunky heel. It’s feminine and masculine together, creating perfect synergy.

For a monochrome look, this Eliza Blouse by Concepión Miranda would be the perfect sexy yet stylish top to match your black leather pants and some black pumps. The sleeves have a Renaissance air about them but are still completely modern.

Leather Pants and a Sweater

Since fall and winter are right around the corner, I’m going to review how to match your favorite knits with leather pants. Fortunately, knitwear goes great with leather and can be used to make an outfit more comfortable and fashionable — a win/win.

I’ll start by saying that a chunky knit sweater has always been one of the best pieces in a fall/winter wardrobe. A white top will always work with leather pants, and that goes for sweaters, as well. This Pom Pom sweater by Iris Arco Knitwear is a darling piece that would look great, half-tucked into a pair of black or brown leather pants. 

If you’re the type of person who just lives to wear cardigans, then pairing this chunky, mossy green Musgo cardigan over a neutral-colored top or bodysuit with black or brown leather pants is the perfect cozy-yet-cool look for the colder seasons. Made of alpaca yarn, it’s soft and luxurious, a delightful complement to buttery leather leggings.

Leather Pants and a Jacket

In the colder months, especially in winter, you probably like to wear jackets and coats. An oversized brown peacoat is an excellent layer to wear with black leather pants, especially if paired with a chic ankle boot. 

To make a subtle fashion statement, this cow-print Manuela jacket by Balanka would be perfect to wear over some black, skinny leather pants with black or white boots. 

Now that I’ve covered some leather pant styling options, it’s time to chat about the “biker chick” aesthetic. It can be a joyful and freeing way to pump up your everyday apparel.

For example, you might want to try pairing this cropped Triana jacket with bedazzled front pockets with a pair of high-waisted black or red leather pants for a unique spin on the modern biker gal.

Or take this gorgeous deep red Camille leather jacket and wear it over an oversized knit and black leather leggings with a knee-high boot when the weather turns chilly.

Own It With Confidence

The fact of the matter is that leather pants are one of the most fun and exciting pieces of clothing you could own. They’re bold and daring, and yet they can be paired with a lot of classic wardrobe items like T-shirts, blouses, crop tops, sweaters, etc. 

Even though I mentioned earlier how leather pants are usually the main attraction of the outfit, you may find that you like adding other statement pieces to your outfit (i.e., funky jewelry, bright-colored details on your tops). If that’s the case, then you do you! Remember, your style is what you want it to be, and you should wear whatever makes you feel excited and confident.

If you have been wondering how exactly to style leather pants, be encouraged! The options are never-ending for you to enhance your style by rocking those leather pants.



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