For Public Display, bags and sustainable bathing suits for the modern woman

For Public Display, bags and sustainable bathing suits for the modern woman

For Public Display is a brand of sustainable bags and accessories for women that rescues the basic trends of all time and renews them with a modern style perfect for the beach.


Beach days just got more fun and edgy thanks to For Public Display's unrivaled style. With modern ideas and sustainable creation processes, this brand is the new promise of handbags and swimwear fashion.

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An opportunity to venture into the world of beachwear fashion

For Public Display emerged in 2019 when its creators returned from abroad to Colombia. Arriving in their native country, and after learning about new trends and styles from other parts of the world, they decided to share the beauty of global fashion with their compatriots.

To reach their goal, they decided to focus on creating sustainable accessories for women, specifically acrylic and metal beaded bags and wallets that gave their collection a special touch. In addition, each of its pieces is made under the slow fashion method, which reduces waste and produces a positive impact on the planet.

From that moment until today, the brand has had amazing growth that has led it to position itself as one of the favorites in Colombia thanks to its participation in various national fairs.




Sustainable fashion for everyone

For Public Display is a brand made for everyone. The meaning of its name means that anyone who wears its clothes and accessories will be highlighting their look uniquely and originally.

The brand wants everyone to be able to feel comfortable when creating new outfits with their clothes, but also feel safe with accessories that capture the latest global fashion trends. Always avant-garde with For Public Display.


Comfortable and fashionable with For Public Display

For Public Display wants to make its mark in the world of fashion with modern garments and accessories that highlight the beauty of each person. For this reason, its sustainable handbags has a risky style that encourages users to leave their comfort zone and go further to explore new areas of their personality that perhaps they had not discovered.

Are you ready to discover your most daring side with For Public Display?

Mila bucket bag longstrap: If your pace of life demands comfortable and functional accessories, the Mila Bucket Bag is your favorite bag. Its modern design, color and size allow you to take it with you everywhere and store everything you need for your daily routine.

Sabrina Pearls: If you thought you had to put aside your romantic style to be able to attend more formal events, you are wrong. The Sabrina Pearls gives you that feminine look that you like so much without losing sight of the elegance that characterizes you and that you need in important meetings.




Orla: Orla is a tribute to psychedelic fashion and simple but impressive swimsuits. This bikini is perfect for people looking to stand out on the beach with its modern, fresh and authentic style. You can wear it together or wear the top with baggy pants to achieve the beachwear style.

Silver Baguette: Silver Baguette is an artisan work that involves more than 10 hours for its creation, which is why it turns out to be a true work of art. Its plasti-metal beads give it a unique reflection so that your evening outfits dazzle. Perfect to carry all your basics with you!



For Public Display is a brand that seeks to bring new fashion trends to life in a different way and without altering our ecosystem, so we are sure that it will become one of your favorite options to go out for a walk.


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By Diana Mendoza


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