Naos, fashion loungewear that reminds you of the importance of rest

Naos, fashion loungewear that reminds you of the importance of rest

Naos is a fashion loungewear brand that pays tribute to rest -which goes beyond sleeping- through comfortable, timeless and versatile garments.


In the current era, rest has taken a backseat. The accelerated, modern, and immediate have gained relevance and have led us to forget that pausing from time to time is extremely important.

For all those people who forgot how good it feels to rest, Naos arrives. This brand pays homage to the right speed and life slowed down at the right times, with its line of fashion loungewear ideal to be perfect "from sofa to street".

Take a moment out of your day and learn all about this brand here!



Naos: The rest you needed in your life

Naos is a fashion loungewear brand that was born 3 years ago with the firm purpose of paying tribute to people who have not forgotten to rest.

Manuela and Camila, creators of Naos, try to normalize rest, that magic of moments stolen from routine, and create a different space-time dimension that is still simultaneous to real life to turn rest into a choice.

For them, actions as simple as closing their eyes or breathing deeper are really meaningful, because a life with wonder and pauses is also very magical. These emotions are what they want to transmit to each of the people who wear their clothes and, whether they are at home or on the street, they can feel in a safe, calm, and harmonious place.


Being in balance with Naos

Being a Naos woman is being authentic, feminine, sophisticated, spontaneous and 100% natural. Her life is governed by assigning the necessary value to each of the things that surround her to find a true balance, but despite everything, she knows that rest and comfort are essential and immovable from her routine.

She has a very personal version of what she wears and detaches herself from the trend, which is why she tends to see beyond what is "visible" and deeply enjoys each of the experiences that her body allows her to feel: good fabrics, quiet spaces, the origin of the products, the precise smells, the harmonic sounds, that is, value details that may seem imperceptible to others.



Pieces created with intention

Naos products are made on a small scale to reduce waste and thus only spend on the strictly necessary resources. In addition, they use natural fibers such as linen, cotton, and rayon to continue their theme of harmony, rest, and especially comfort.

Their designs are timeless and can be used at any time of the day, so your rest will always be with you.

“Señales” dress: You can feel the peace of the sea in every fiber of the Naos Signals dress. Its roomy shape and rayon fabric will help you feel free all day no matter where you are.

“MiaRoma” jumpsuit: The freshness of a dress and the comfort of pants come together in the Naos MiaRoma jumpsuit to offer you the best of these garments. Its loose design will allow you to move freely during your most stressful days and remind you that every little chaos has its peace.

“Flight” pants: If you want to stay at home or take a relaxing yoga class, the Flight pants are your best companion. Wide, comfortable, and elastic to be able to free your spirit in those moments of relaxation that remind you of your true essence.



Translate the dream from the mind to reality

Pause, wonder and rest are essential to achieve your dreams. That has been the formula for Naos's success and the strategy that has helped them position themselves as a unique and purposeful brand of fashion loungewear in Latin America and the world – Good basics, endless options.

Their talent and love for moments of rest has led them to have great participation in various fashion events such as Colombiamoda, Vogue Talents Corner and trunk shows in Panama.

 When things are done with love and purpose they feel. Naos has used this formula in its favor to transmit the restorative rest that we all need in each of its loungewear garments.


Discover the entire Naos loungewear fashion line for women at On Post!


 By Diana Mendoza


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