Fabulous ways to wear a Satin Blouse

Fabulous ways to wear a Satin Blouse

Learn to combine a satin blouse you will get a sensual and sophisticated look with little effort. Remember that with this garment you can go to the office, to a romantic date, a brunch and with your friends to a party, the options are endless to look amazing!

The satin blouse is for all seasons too, keeping you cool in the summer months and making a perfect chic layering item in the autumn winter season. No matter the color, wear a satin blouse every day of the week.


What is a satin blouse? 

For many years the satin blouse has become a modern and totally timeless classic. You can wear them all year round and you will look like a diva in street style, fashion brands such as Hermés, Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs these brands have added satin blouses to their most recent collections, you can even wear the whole look with satin when wearing a two-piece suit or with wide-legged pants.



If you still have doubts about how to wear this incredible satin blouse, do not hesitate in my style tips, with them you will become a fashion guru. 

Satin has been used in different garments such as dresses, lingerie, blouses and pants, you can also find it in different styles such as spaghetti and straight with suspenders, long sleeves, V-neck, necklines on shoulders and back, also in current designs such as midi and maxi dresses. 

The satin has a great variety of colors and tones to create different outfits that go according to the season in which you are. The satin blouse is considered a timeless garment, the designer Geraldine García shows us a great collection of satin garments for women looking for a modern and romantic style. I invite you to know her personal brand and fall in love with the satin blouses of different colors that you can find! 

One of the advantages of wearing a satin blouse is that it can be very flattering to your figure, particularly when it is loose fitting and longline or ties at the waist. However, there are different styles of satin blouses that you can adapt to your own style and personality, are you ready to know them all?


Types of satin blouse 

With the satin blouse you will be able to highlight your curves and steal everyone's eyes, it is a garment that goes well with pants and skirts. Here are the most common styles of satin blouses with which you will create the best looks.

Satin blouse with buttons: You can choose it from the color you like, if you want to go to the office with a satin blouse I recommend using a neutral color like beige or white to have a casual look, you can combine a pair of earrings with pearls, a blazer and you will end the week as a diva!

Satin blouse with transparencies: Transparencies are a super sensual and chic trend, you can look for a satin blouse with this texture and choose it also with some kind of neckline.The important thing is that you feel comfortable with this garment and get the most out of it, you can combine it with a coat and a two-piece suit, it will be a winning combination.

The satin blouse is a must have that will highlight your other basic garments and is also necessary in your wardrobe to give a vintage and elegant touch to your look.




Fabulous ways to wear a satin blouse

One of the most timeless wardrobe staples is definitely a satin blouse, wearing this elegant garment is one thing but styling like an it girl is another. Today, I'll recommend some of my favorite outfits with On Post garments and accessories to be on trend this season.  

Lavender outfit: One of my favorite colors and that will always make you look fabulous is the lavender color, you can wear the pants Noah Silver Pants by Thea Studio along with the satin blouse Cherry Blossom by Zikomo. You can wear this look to go to the office in an iconic way, achieve the perfect match with the high heeled sandals Lila Alizee by Alta and the Cove Blazer by Daniella Batlle and the trendy bag Mini Minca Fucshia by Camila Mesar. You will fall in love with this look as much as I do!



Classic outfit: Satin blouses with bare shoulders is a trend that never goes out of style. I am totally fascinated with the satin blouse Greta by Geraldine García, its beautiful lavender color will give you that ultra feminine and chic touch, you can combine it with Izzie pants by Lésem. Accessories? Of course! You can never miss a nice pair of earrings, you can wear the Helecho & Bee Stud by Viviane Guenoun  and the silver ring Zirconia Crossed Silver by Iconique.

If you want to add a little pink color, you can wear the bag Cami 2.0 Fuchsia Crossbody by Eva Innocenti and the high heeled sandals Analía Gold by Alta! This outfit is definitely a great option to wear a satin blouse at every moment!



Do not hesitate to wear a satin blouse in your style routine, it will make you look sophisticated and elegant always!Find your favorite blouse only in On Post.




By Melissa Zanini 

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