Eva Innocenti, leather luxury bags created in an artisanal way

Eva Innocenti, leather luxury bags created in an artisanal way

Eva Innocenti has become synonymous of elegance and quality thanks to her line of leather luxury bags created in El Salvador. Discover the techniques and history behind this brand!

In El Salvador there was no brand of luxury handbags and bags made with leather until Eva Innocenti arrived to change it. With more than 7 years in the market, this brand has become a benchmark of elegance and style for contemporary women who love to take care of even the smallest detail when dressing.

Discover the story of Eva Innocenti!


Eva Innocenti is love for craftsmanship

Eva Innocenti began as a small entrepreneur who had a dream that her leather luxury bags would become known in El Salvador and in the world, to expand the talent of the artisans behind the brand and demonstrate that she has a lot to offer to the industry.

Today, with more than 7 years in the market, the brand has become one of the favorites in the region thanks to its vision of slow fashion for handbags and accessories, and its constant support for Salvadoran artisans, who are in charge of creating by hand, and with local inputs, the most sublime pieces of the brand.


The proposal of the heart of Eva Innocenti

The brand seeks to empower and inspire women in every way and in all areas of their lives. For this reason, Eva Innocenti creates leather luxury bags with a unique, elegant and sophisticated personality, knowing that the right accessory can transform the perception we have of ourselves.

Eva is personally in charge of the creative process of her brand, from the design to the quality control of the final product, in order to maintain her high level standards in each of her pieces, without exception. Only with dedication and attention to detail could these beautiful bags be created that are functional, elegant, highly durable and world class.

In addition, Eva names each of her bags in honor of the women who have caused a positive impact in her life, as this reminds her of all the path she has traveled and the support of the people who have always been with her to fulfill her dream. In each bag there is a story that is told with the heart of Eva Innocenti.


Leather luxury bags for every day

Eva Innocenti bags are modern and versatile, which allows you to use them on any occasion and at any time of day. Its style is elegant and sophisticated, so if you are a person who enjoys wearing a big bag at the office, going out for brunch with your friends or on a casual weekend walk, this brand has the ideal model for you.

Eva Innocenti has a wide range of leather luxury bags, all of them created by artisan hands from El Salvador. In this way, they not only deliver high-quality products, but also bags that are representative of slow fashion.

The Cami 2.0 bag is one of the brand's favorites as it has the ideal size to take it with you everywhere and to put your cell phone, antibacterial gel, keys and your cards into. If you are a woman with busy days and need to carry only your basics with you, this bag is for you.

On the other hand, if you prefer bags with more sophisticated designs and perfect to take to the office for an important meeting, you will love the Emilia bag. It features a wide trapeze design and a natural tagua seed handle to retain a handcrafted style. It's the perfect definition of a statement bag!

Finally, if your style leans towards something more aesthetic and vintage, the Amelia shoulder bag will be your best companion. Its size and shape remind us of the small bags that were fashionable during the 90s and that are now making a strong comeback. In addition, you can find it in shades of lavender and quetzal green to use the colors of the season!


Eva Innocenti has arrived to revolutionize the world of luxury bags, not only in El Salvador, but throughout the world.

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By Diana Mendoza

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