Ola Azul, Colombian bathing suits that connect you with nature

Ola Azul, Colombian bathing suits that connect you with nature

The connection between the sea and fashion is authentically felt in Ola Azul's Colombian bathing suits. Discover their friendly beachwear proposal with your style and the planet!

The tranquility that the sea offers us is difficult to find elsewhere. However, Ola Azul has managed to capture the essence of this beautiful landscape and capture it in each of its swimsuits and beach accessories to make you feel free, fresh, and comfortable at all times.

Ola Azul is an innovative brand that presents a harmonious proposal within the world of beachwear, which has led them to participate in world-class events such as Expo Dubai, SwimShow, and Swim Collective.

 Don't stay out of this exquisite experience and discover everything that Ola Azul has to offer you!



A Peaceful Rise: The Beginnings of Ola Azul

Ola Azul was created in 2019 as a family business project headed by Marcela, Carolina, and Juan Pablo, all of them cousins ​​with the same dream: to create high-quality and exclusive swimwear and beachwear products, taking care of the environment, social responsibility, and sustainable fashion.

Marcela, Carolina, and Juan Pablo are aware that a single detail can make a difference, especially in the world of fashion, which is why from day one they have carried out a meticulous selection and inspection of each element and process of their supply chain.

With this, they create quality Colombian swimsuits, on trend, with materials, designs and creative processes that offer their public a completely renewed experience when going to the beach.



Love and respect for the sea in all its forms

Ola Azul takes the love for the sea to a level where design, quality, and inspiration are taken into account, but also ecology, purity, and respect.

For this reason, 80% of its swimwear collections are made with ecological polyester, which uses PET and recycled nylon for its creation. In this way, waste from nature is eliminated and iconic pieces are created for an unparalleled style of sustainable beachwear.

In addition to this, all its packaging is made with recycled materials such as multi-use plastic and ecological canvas fabric.

As if this were not enough, Ola Azul's commitment to keeping its main source of inspiration (the sea) clean has also had a social impact. Through their #AzulImpact project, in alliance with the Tortugas Foundation, they donate a percentage of each sale to community and educational initiatives for the care of marine diversity and sustainable development in Colombia.


Ola Azul must haves

Although Ola Azul is a brand that is committed to respecting nature and keeping you connected with it, it also has the firm purpose of providing its clients with never-before-seen Colombian bathing suits, with modern designs and textures created by them.

Here we present our favorites!


Cassia Kimono



A kimono is such a beautiful piece that it could only be used in an equally beautiful landscape: the sea. The Kassia Kimono is an option full of elegance, tranquility, and femininity. Its neutral tones, accompanied by pink and yellow, allow you to combine it perfectly with any look. You can wear it over your swimsuit or as an accompaniment to an outfit with shorts.


Azalea One Piece



Caribbean quirkiness is captured in this swimsuit. Azalea is a tribute to the authentic Colombian landscape, as it brings together vivid elements such as the orange color, fruits, and flora representative of this region.

It is perfect for those people who are not afraid to stand out from the rest!


Florence swimwear



The essence of a carnival can be present on the beach with the Florence swimsuit. Its multiple colors inspire joy, spontaneity, and energy, everything you need to have a fun time on the beach.

Its puffy sleeves, halter neck, and knots on the back make it an iconic piece in beachwear fashion. We love it! Now that you know the fashion and social purpose of Ola Azul, what are you waiting for to integrate this brand into your resort outfits?

Find its complete collection of Colombian swimsuits and beach accessories only at On Post!


By Diana Mendoza

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