Different Ways to Style a Floral Blouse

Different Ways to Style a Floral Blouse

Ideal to wear to go to work, a family meal or even to go to your favorite coffee shop, a floral blouse will elevate your look in minutes.

A floral blouse will definitely make you look chic on even the coldest days of the year if you love flowers. Take advantage of the garments that the On Post collection has to offer for you to create the best looks. 


Floral Blouse a wardrobe staple

Blouses for women are the perfect complement to combine with any other garment and we can wear it on different occasions from an outing with friends, an appointment, a formal and informal event. Blouses have had their importance since time immemorial being worn in different cultures and historical periods, were considered garments that denoted status within society and also showed originality in terms of their designs and ornaments.



This autumn winter season wearing floral prints is valid, the floral blouse is a huge trend this season, if you’re going to add a single statement blouse or top to your wardrobe this trend is it! First of all, you’re gonna wear it a lot, simply because it works with a variety of pants, but also because it is such a simple way to dress up your denim a bit and is also pretty easy to accessorize! Say goodbye to the boring blouses in your closet and add a floral blouse for a romantic and fresh touch, for the next holiday season.

Floral blouses are a very beautiful, feminine and timeless trend, one of the advantages of wearing this blouse is that you can create different styles. But you should keep in mind that there are floral prints that can be darker or lighter depending on the season in which we are.

In the fashion industry, floral prints and blouses are always present in the most prominent collections and catwalks of haute couture brands such as Carolina Herrera and Chanel mainly. The floral blouse is a trend that will never go out of style and is considered an essential garment that you should have available in your wardrobe.

Most women own at least one garment with floral details, and this reminds us of the beauty of nature and the outdoors. We must remember that being outdoors and in contact with nature undoubtedly improves our mood and reduces stress. Wearing a floral blouse, you feel more positive and energetic.

Today you will know the best ways and style tips to combine a floral blouse, I am completely sure that you will fall in love with the options that On Post has for you.



 Types of Floral Blouse

By wearing a floral blouse you will give a twist to your outfit and you can combine it with other basic garments to create a winning combination. From wide-legged pants to miniskirts with any of these garments will look amazing, consider the following floral blouse tips and styles that best suit your personality.



Floral blouse with buttons: You can choose it from the color you like, if you want to go to the office with a floral blouse I recommend using a neutral color like beige or white to have a casual look, you can combine a pair of earrings with pearls, a blazer and you will end the week as a diva!

Floral blouse with transparencies: Transparencies are a super sensual and chic trend, you can look for a floral blouse with this texture and choose it also with some kind of neckline.The important thing is that you feel comfortable with this garment and get the most out of it, you can combine it with a coat and a two-piece suit, it will be a glamorous combination.

Floral wrap blouse: This floral blouse is considered one more basic of the list of those garments that we should never miss. With this garment you will achieve a casual and comfortable look.


How to combine a Floral Blouse? 

If you have many blouses you can combine them in this way, to be ready on any occasion. Consider these options to match your floral blouse in the most iconic way possible!

Floral blouse with jeans: Both garments are versatile and together they make a look that always stands out, you can wear different types of jeans depending on your taste and style. A floral blouse with transparencies and discreet ornaments are the ideal choice to attend a casual event. 

Floral blouse with formal pants: If your routine is to go to the office and you want to look amazing with your work team you can wear a floral blouse with formal pants, flared or palazzo. These designs are the must of the season!   

Floral blouse with skirts: You can wear a floral blouse with  a miniskirt or a pencil skirt, choose different materials such as denim, leather, transparencies or a smooth model. Use your imagination to always look amazing! 


Different Ways to Style a Floral Blouse

This season do not hesitate to wear a floral blouse, that's why I bring for you these options of outfits that you can create to look spectacular 24/7.

Outfit 1: To achieve a casual look and wear it in the office, you can wear the floral blouse Natalia Wrap by Cindy Castro New York with the maxi skirt Fauna Sagrada by Infinita. The floral print combines in any situation and if you are looking for a discreet print you can look for it in neutral colors such as beige and with small flowers.



Complete the look with the high-heeled sandals Leda by Peyola, and as you already have many prints on the blouse and skirt I recommend you not to wear too many accessories.You can wear small earrings like the Vösh Studs by Vösh Designs along with the golden flower ring Violet Pearl by Daniela Millan, you will look fabulous and everyone will want your outfit!

Outfit 2: If you want to achieve a catwalk look with a floral blouse, I recommend you wear the GAIA T Shirt by Daniella Batlle and combine it with the beautiful wide leg pants Destino Verde by Naos.




So that you do not get cold during this season, a coat will be your best ally. You can wear the coat Sumaq by Jenny Duarte and create the perfect mix with The Catalina by Elán white ankle boots, add a little shine with earring Circus Pastel by Las Meninas. 

This holiday season do not stop being trending and subscribe to the NewsLetter of On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 

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