Basic guide to choosing and styling Leather Jackets

Basic guide to choosing and styling Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have earned a place in the closet of it girls and celebrities as an infallible basic, if you still do not have yours because you do not know how to add them to your looks, in this article we will leave you the basic guide that will make you look like a fashionable rock star.

It's almost impossible that when autumn arrives this type of jackets make their appearance in the street style, in this season is when you have more opportunities to wear it, so it is normal that if you still do not have one of them, at this time you wonder if it will be a good idea to include leather jackets in your fall winter looks, the answer will always be, yes!



These versatile and chic garments have the quality to change, complement and highlight any outfit, depending on what you want to communicate. If you are still not sure, there is no better way to dispel your doubts than talking about the example, these are some different looks that celebrities have worn with leather jackets.

If there is an it girl who has a wide variety of leather jackets, it is undoubtedly Olivia Palermo, most of her looks with sophisticated touches, without leaving behind the casual ones. The socialite has opted for jackets with stud details, with cape style silhouette, classic and aviator style, in neutral colors to get the most out of them. 

Two of her outfits that we would like to remember, was when she wore almost a total leather look, wearing a black quilted leather jacket and a midi skirt of the same material, a turtleneck sweater of the same color, as a final touch, brown stilettos and a clutch bag.

On a second occasion, with a more casual tone Palermo wore a camel cape style leather jacket, with two-tone jeans, and metallic loafers, these are two ways to wear leather jackets in a different context. 

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, have gone for classic leather jackets, with a traditional and sartorial style respectively. In Bella's case, with a monochromatic black look, with pants to match the jacket, a turtleneck top, adding black and white stilettos for the differentiating touch. The contrast that Jenner makes in her outfit, is that she adds blue jeans, and heeled sandals with a fur detail. 


Basic tips for choosing and styling Leather Jackets like a fashion rock star

Choosing and styling leather jackets is easier than it seems, knowing the basic principles to select and combine them, nothing can go wrong, here are some top tips to find the ideal jackets for you to wear them like an expert.

  1. Look at the design, go for timeless silhouettes, those with pockets, snaps, and collar with lapels, is an excellent choice for your first leather jackets. Do not forget to take into account that it must fit perfectly on shoulders, sleeves and waist.
  2. A neutral color, you may be a colorful person, but if you are betting for the first time for jackets like these, it is best to bet on the black color, it is basically elegant, so you can create countless looks.
  3. Details, as we mentioned in point one, consider leather jackets with basic details, snaps on collar and shoulders, lapels, metal zippers, are the necessary touches for your first jacket, save studs and prints for the expert level.
  4. Do not forget the objectives of the jackets, if it is true that you are looking for style, you are also looking for a leather jacket to fulfill its principle of covering you from the cold, go for those that keep you warm and are not uncomfortable. Wearing clothes that go with you and make you feel confident, will make you look better.

Trendy looks with leather jackets:

Now that you know some tips to choose your leather jackets, we will share with you some ideas of trendy combinations to inspire you and make you feel confident wearing them.

With dresses, this combination is a win-win, even more if you opt for midi dresses, not that they go bad with the mini, but this season the below the knee size is the most flattering for the low temperatures. Go for short jackets to balance your outfit, you can wear this look with cowboy boots, chelsea boots or stilettos.

Baggy pants, baggy silhouettes continue to boom, therefore, wearing leather jackets in casual outfits with jeans is an incredible idea, go for straight cut pants, footwear also depends on the mood with which you find yourself, but having a garment such as a jacket of this material you already have the chic touch. 

Total look, you may think that creating a total leather outfit is a risky proposal, but you just have to lose the fear, whether you prefer a skirt or pants of this material, you can not fail, plus they are on trend, your look will look impeccable, worthy of a fashionista.


Leather Jackets at On Post Collection

If you are already decided to buy leather jackets, but you don't know where to go, here are two of the options you can find in our collection and as a bonus, garments to complete your outfits with them. 

Balanka has for you, the basic leather jacket that you need in your closet, Ara has lapels, minimal metal details, which makes it fit in the timeless designs that we mentioned above. Its length is perfect for wearing with high and mid-waist garments.

As well as the classic jacket, Balanka also offers us the next level, MARCELA is a jacket, long, crossed, with lapels and studs, it will be your best option when you already feel that you dominate the looks with leather jackets.

Like Kendall, bet on wearing DANET by Peyola, with wide leg jeans, a turtleneck top and your leather jacket, add a trendy bag, the baguette type is an ally that will get you out of any trouble this season. 



For an infallible look with leather jackets, opt for a basic set with a white blouse, TATIANA SHIRT by Guadalupe Design, with long sleeves, buttons at mid-breast neck, and a small Perkins collar, you can create multiple outfits with it. 

A detail that can not miss, are the accessories, without falling into the biker style, add discreet jewelry when wearing leather looks, Essence ring Silver by Mim is great to give a shiny touch to your hand that will match the details of your leather jacket.

On Post has on-trend clothing and styling tips for you!


By Katia García

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