Cindy Castro: Women's fashion with social and environmental responsibility

Cindy Castro: Women's fashion with social and environmental responsibility

Cindy Castro New York is a women's RTW brand that is inspired by Latin American cultural richness and gives it a new sustainable and social approach. 

Cindy Castro New York, is a contemporary women's clothing brand and was born with the purpose of creating social and environmental change in the fashion industry, using sustainable fabrics and helping communities so that their work is recognized and well paid.

Discover here the romantic and rebellious spirit of Cindy Castro!


Who is Cindy Castro?

Cindy Castro is an Ecuadorian fashion designer who managed to materialize her project in New York in order to highlight her Latin roots and support fair and well-paid work.

Her story has many key moments that led her to become the great designer she is today. She is an immigrant from Ecuador and she has seen how women were underpaid and treated unfairly in the U.S.

Added to this, from a very young age she showed her taste for fashion design and, despite the fact that in her family she did not have anyone who belonged to the fashion industry, they always showed her their support to achieve her dream.

Cindy studied Fashion Design at Columbia College Chicago and after finishing her degree she moved to New York, where she was able to start her career and make her way among big fashion brands such as Coach and Parker New York.

This was her opportunity to help communities and skilled workers in the U.S. and Latin America.


How was the Cindy Castro New York brand born and what is its purpose?

Cindy Castro's eponymous brand has only been on the market for a short time, but since it was launched in 2021 it has been growing favorably thanks to the support of its talented collaborators and the enthusiasm that Cindy has put into her brand.

After losing her job in 2021 due to the pandemic, Cindy saw in that event the opportunity to dare to materialize her dream of creating her own clothing brand with the purpose of promoting Latin American fashion and at the same time raising awareness about the impact that the fashion industry has on the environment.

She realized that many of the companies weren’t socially conscious enough about their fabrics and workers. During the pandemic, before vaccines, she even traveled to Bogota to meet the atelier, the workers to make sure her clothing was being made in fair conditions. She has a deep connection with her workers (with over 10 years of professional experience) and everyone who touches her garments from beginning to end.

For this reason, its clothing line is created in a sustainable way, with biodegradable, recycled and organic fabrics. These great virtues of its brand have led it to position itself in record time within the slow fashion industry and continue to grow and spread to more parts of the world.


A more sustainable world with Cindy Castro

Cindy Castro is a brand that goes beyond limits, that is why through each of its garments it intends to give the environment a break and teach people that ethical and sustainable fashion can also be modern and versatile.

The brand is part of the No Issue Alliance, with which they ensure that all their products have 100% compostable materials for the home, fully biodegradable and made from natural materials, such as plants.

An example of this is that its paper is printed with soy-based ink and is also 100% recyclable. Its boxes and other packaging are made with recycled materials to avoid excessive consumption and thus promote responsible social awareness.

Similarly, the brand has certified fabrics and exclusive prints that are better for the environment since they can decompose in 3 months.

Lastly, to ensure that their products are non-toxic and not harmful to people or the environment, they use OEKO TEX dyes, which have a health and safety certification.


Cindy Castro unites fashion with social responsibility

Cindy Castro New York's social commitment does not end with reducing its carbon footprint, they also seek to have a positive impact on a social level.

For this reason, the brand collaborates mostly with artisan women from Colombia and Mexico and with immigrant women from New York, in order to offer them decent working conditions, health insurance and a fair salary for their talent and work.


Cindy Castro New York is a brand that takes sustainability and social responsibility to the next level. The collections are a celebration of Cindy’s journey, her nostalgia of growing up in a small but green and rich town in Los Rios Ecuador and her life abroad, her travels, the people she’s met all around the world and the cosmopolitan life of her current home, New York City.

Get to know all its products at On Post and give it an opportunity to enter your closet in sustainable fashion!


By Diana Mendoza

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